Best Way To Clean Windows: 5 Tips For An Easy and Effective Clean

by John Griffith

It’s finally time for some cleaning. With the onset of warm spring and summer days, many of us have started washing the windows in our homes. It’s a fact that during winter time, the glass on the windows turns into a dirty and dusty mess. Especially, if you live right in the middle of a busy road, or there’s construction going on near you. In such cases the windows tend to get even dirtier even faster. And they are a pain to clean. However, every smart homeowner knows how to make this tedious, but necessary process into an easier and quicker one. All you really need to know are the four main rules of effectively cleaning your windows. So, let’s take a look at the best way to clean windows in order to get them to sparkle as if they are brand spanking new.

Best way to clean windows is to follow these tips 

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Best Way To Clean Windows

Spring-cleaning is a necessary evil. While it may be annoying and tedious, it’s worth it, as you’ll be left with a clean, enjoyable living space. Whether you need to declutter your home, or reorganize your storage, there are plenty of things to be done. Windows included. So, instead of doing it the hard way and ending up with semi-clean windows, why not learn how to do it right? This way the process will go along much faster and the windows will stay cleaner. Here are the four main tips you need to follow for bright and shiny windows.

Instead of doing it the hard way, do it the right way

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Keep The Weather In Mind

This may seem silly, or way too obvious, but it’s very important. While you may think it’s better to clean the windows in bright and warm weather, the truth is actually quite the opposite. The best weather to clean your windows in is cloudy weather. That doesn’t mean to clean them while it’s raining, or a storm is going to come, but rather on a cloudy day with no prospects for rain. This is because in warm weather windows tend to dry faster. While this may seem like a good thing, it generally means you’ll be left with permanent and unpleasant stains which you couldn’t get to before it dried.

Cloudy weather is the ideal time to clean windows

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The Right Solution

There are plenty of cleaning window solutions on the market. However, all homeowners know that the best solutions are made right at home. One of the best solutions you can make is created with two gallons of water and just a tsp of dishwashing detergent. Another version you can do is water and vinegar. You can also use ammonia instead of the vinegar. Making your own DIY eco-cleaning solutions can be just as effective as store bought.

Use two gallons of water and just a tsp of dishwashing detergent

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Cleaning Tools

In order to get good results, you need good cleaning equipment. Sponges of all kinds of hardness can get the job done. And to wipe down the glass dry, we recommend using either microfiber towels or paper towels. These types of towels don’t leave any streaks behind. However, if the windows are very dirty, you may have to put in a bit more elbow grease than normally. You’ll need more than just a wipe down to clean those windows.

Microfiber towels are amazing

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Use Cool Water

If you do end up somehow cleaning your windows in warm sunny weather, here is what you should do. Make sure to use cool water for cleaning them. This will buy a bit of extra drying time and will help lower the chances of stains and streaks drying on the window. It doesn’t have to be freezing, but definitely keep it on the cooler side.

Cooler water dries slower

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The Overall Process

Okay, so let’s take a look at how the overall cleaning should go. First you much wipe down any dust that’s accumulated on the windows. This will prevent it from smearing on the windows when you start to wash them. After you’ve got rid of the dust, it’s time to start washing. Take your solution and start cleaning the windows with it with a sponge. The dirt will dissolve from the soap suds. After the solution is applied onto the window surface, it’s time to wipe it down. Do this from top to bottom or horizontally. Now all that’s left to do is wipe the window with a dry microfiber cloth or a paper towel. This as we mentioned will help to guarantee no marks are left. And that’t it! Repeat for all windows.

Follow the correct process for cleaning windows

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These were all the tips and tricks on the best way to clean windows that you will need to know. Now that once annoying process of cleaning the windows, will turn into a much more bearable experience. And you’ll have lovely clean glass at the end, practically so shiny you can see your reflection in it!

Now you can enjoy your clean windows

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