How to Easily Remove Any Stain From Your Sofa

by Maria Konou

A stain on the sofa is a problem that no housewife would like to face. The sofa is the centerpiece of the living room and is where people spend most of their time at home. That is why we need to deep clean it often enough so that it keeps its good looks and comfort. And if it used to be popular to cover this piece of furniture with all sorts of blankets and tablecloths to protect the upholstery from crumbs, stains, and animal hair, today this is considered rather bad. That is why we will offer you a few quick and easy ways to clean your upholstery without having to shell out money for dry cleaning. In this article, we will go over the most common stains and how you can easily remove them from your sofa:

Let’s see how to easily remove any stain from a couch or sofa

How to Easily Remove Any Stain from Your Sofa

#Fruit Stains

(ammonium or soap solution)

If your sofa gets stained with some fruit juice, try to remove the stain as quickly as possible. To get rid of the stain quickly, you should prepare a solution of ammonia and vinegar in equal proportions or mix a teaspoon of citric acid with a glass of water. Apply carefully to the upholstery, then dry the fabric thoroughly, and rinse well with water. If this solution seems too aggressive for your sofa, use a more gentle cleaning option – soap. As soon as the stain appears, treat it immediately, leave it for half an hour to work, and then dry it.

If your sofa gets stained with some fruit juice, try to remove the stain as quickly as possible

As soon as the stain appears, treat it immediately, leave it for half an hour to work, and then dry

#Tea and Coffee Stains


You have probably noticed that tea and coffee have powerful staining pigments and therefore leave stains that are very difficult to remove later. If you spill one of these beverages on your upholstery, first wipe the area with a microfiber cloth or paper towel to soak up the remaining liquid. Next, make a cleaner that will consist of soapy water and two tablespoons of vinegar. Wipe the surface of the furniture with it, then wipe off the residue with a damp cloth. Voilà!

Coffee leaves stains that are very difficult to remove later

If this trick doesn’t work, try one of the following:

  • A tea or coffee stain left on light-colored upholstery should be sprinkled with salt and then citric acid, previously diluted in water, should be applied to the area.
  • Dark particles from drinks are dissolved well by a mixture of glycerine and water – this makes the stain lighter.
  • For cleaning natural fabrics such as silk or wool, use pure, slightly warmed glycerine. Apply it to the upholstery with a sponge and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then remove the residue with water and a clean cloth.

Keep coffee and tea away from light sofas, especially 

#Wine Stains

(salt and alcohol)

If we are talking about the hardest alcohol to remove from upholstery, it just has to be wine! However, it is not actually impossible to remove it. First, sprinkle the stain with salt. Once the wine has been partially absorbed by it, remove the salt and wipe off the remaining dirt with a microfiber cloth pre-moistened with alcohol. You can also use citric acid or freshly squeezed lemon juice – these have proven great at dealing with red wine. If the stain is old, use undiluted lemon juice. Note, however, that this method is only suitable for light-colored furniture, as the lemon can discolor the fabric. There are actually so many helpful ways to use lemons in your household!

A wine stain is the hardest alcohol to remove from upholstery

You can use freshly squeezed lemon juice – it is great at dealing with red wine stains

#Stuck Gum


This method is probably one of the most popular hacks on this list. The gum itself, of course, doesn’t leave stains on the sofa upholstery, but sometimes it sticks firmly to the surface. And, there is nothing worse than a stuck gum. So, as soon as you notice gum on the couch, take a piece of ice or any frozen food and attach it to it. Wait for the gum to harden and then remove it with the dull side of a knife. Never use a sharp blade for this procedure since you can inadvertently damage the sofa upholstery.

There is nothing worse than a gum stuck to your couch

As soon as you notice gum on the couch, take an ice cube and attach it to it

#Grease Stains


If grease stains appear on the upholstery, first of all, you should wipe the place with a paper towel so that it absorbs most of the oil. Then you should sprinkle the stain with talc or cornstarch and leave it be for half an hour. Clean the upholstery of the starch residue, along with which the oily stain will disappear. That’s a neat trick, right?

There is a reason why you should eat fast food on the couch

Greasy stains are especially hard to remove from lighter-colored sofas

#Chocolate Stains (and many other stains)

(shaving foam)

Noticed a chocolate stain on your sofa? First, scrape the remaining chocolate off the fabric using a dull knife. Next, apply a small amount of shaving foam and leave it to work for about 10-15 minutes, so it can absorb well. You can then remove it with a paper towel or microfiber cloth, and the chocolate stain should be gone. Shaving foam can actually help with a lot of stains! It is especially suitable for stains on suede sofas, wine stains, and carpet stains!

Chocolate cake should be kept away from your sofa

Just apply some shaving foam to the chocolate stain and watch it disappear

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