Stress-Melting Hues: 6 Colors That Banish Stress from Your Home

by Maria Konou

Colors have a huge impact on our general health and mental well-being. That is why it is important what shades you surround yourself with! Some can keep you calmer, more balanced and happier. In the same way, the wrong colors can stress you out and interfere with your rest and the relaxing comfort that your home should bring you. In this article, we will explore the most stress-melting hues that you can surround yourself with. They will relax you and promote a more grounded and serene environment. So, without further ado, let’s explore the colors that can help banish stress from your home:

Today, we will explore the colors that can help banish stress from your home

room colors that help with relaxation

Stress-Melting Hues: 6 Colors That Banish Stress from Your Home

#Beige & Cream

Earthy colors like beige and cream, from light to dark, are among the best hues for relaxation in your home. Not only that, but these shades are also some of the most versatile colors that you can pair with almost anything else. They are always in style, and they bring a sense of calm, grounded energy and tranquility to your home. These are also wonderful colors to enhance your home’s spaciousness, and help you relax after a stressful day at work.

If you want that cozy and relaxing feeling, opt for beige and cream shades

colors that banish stress from home


white is an absolute classic in the home design world. However, many people strive away from this shade because it tends to get dirty easier than other darker colors. Nevertheless, white is one of the best colors for bringing extreme calm energy to the nervous system, which helps reduce stress levels. If you want your space to look less cluttered and more organized.

White creates a relaxing atmosphere that always brings a sense of calm

colors that reduce stress in home


Green is one of the best colors for the home, according to Feng Shui. It helps promote good sleep and healing, while lowering stress and anxiety. In addition, green is the color of life and nature, which can be very calming for most people. The best hues you can choose for your home include sage, olive green, and emerald.

Green feels your home with ambience and healing energy

colors that help with stress


If you find the sea relaxing, then consider painting your home a tranquil blue shade. Blue has the undeniable power to calm the senses and add a dreamy feel to your space. Blue evokes an association of calm and timelessness that suppresses stress and stimulates the normal functioning of the nervous system. In addition, this color will help promote a restful sleep, so it is a perfect shade for the bedroom.

Create a sense of calm and tranquility in your home with soft blue shades 

home colors that relieve stress


Yellow is the happiest and sunniest color, so it makes sense that is one of the most calming ones as well. Fill your home with positive energy by painting your walls yellow or adding some yellow accents and decorations. This color also affects the brain and the nervous system, which promotes a more restful sleep. Softer, more muted yellow shades will add a dash of calm and joy in your space, while more vibrant shades will invigorate you with positive energy.

Yellow is a positive color that promotes rest and good energy

paint colors that help with stress


You might not consider orange a great color for the home because of its specific vibrancy, but you are wrong! Orange is a refreshing and invigorating color that brings good mood, lifts the spirit, and makes your home more inviting. Add hues like soft peach to add a sense of dreaminess in the space, or more orange shades to bring more warmth.

Orange is a positive color that makes your home more inviting and relaxing 

paint colors that reduce anxiety

These were the colors that can help banish stress from your home!

stress reducing colors for the home

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