Beyond Paint: What Your Living Room Color Reveals About You

by Maria Konou

Colors say a lot about our personalities, but also about our hidden traits and desires. Maybe you have a favorite shade that dominates your living room and makes you smile? But have you ever wondered what the color of your living room says about you? Beyond all the decorations and furniture, the actual color of the walls can reveal a lot about you. Maybe you opt for neutrals that make you feel grounded and relaxed? Or, you are bold enough to make purple the main star of your living room? Well, in this article, we will dive into the world of color and explain what your living room color reveals about you:

Have you ever wondered what your living room color reveals about you?

what does your favorite color reveal about you

Beyond Paint: What Your Living Room Color Reveals About You

#Yellow, Orange, Peach & Pink

When you surround yourself in these energizing and inspiring colors, you are invigorated. These cheerful and welcoming tones stimulate conversation and connection. If you like yellow, you are a ray of sunshine and an inspiration to others. You put an emphasis on positivity, and the sun definitely brightens up your mood. If your living room color is orange, you are warm and friendly and people are naturally attracted to your magnetic personality. If you love pink, you have a rosy personality and remain young at heart no matter what. You are delicate and harmonious, and not afraid to show off.

If you love yellow, you are an energetic person who always tries to stay positive

what does the color of your room say about you

A pink living room shows that you have a delicate and harmonious personality

what your room color says about you


The more bold and glamorous tones of ruby and other jewel tones shows that you are confident, creative and energizing. If you love red, you love life with a passion and strive to live it to the fullest. You have a lively, dynamic personality that always makes an impression on others. Your living room reflects that you have a bold and confident personality!

Red living rooms reveal that you are a confident and bold person

what your favorite color reveals about you

You are also creative and extremely passionate

what your living room color reveals

#Blue, Lavender & Green

Soft, cool hues are clean and fresh, and they remind us of the depth of nature’s wonders. From sparkly lake water to green grass and the bluest of skies, these hues are relaxing and serene. If you chose one of these colors for your living room, then you are grounding yourself in the colors of nature. If you like green, you are in harmony with nature, with a vibrant, affectionate and loyal personality. And, if purple is your color, you have a regal grace about you and are creative and unique. Finally, if you love blue, you are dependable and value balance and harmony above all else.

Cool blue hues are relaxing and serene, a gentle reminder of nature’s beauty

what the color of your room says about you

A blue living room shows that you are dependable and harmonious

how the color of your room affects you

Green in the living room shows that you have a vibrant, affectionate and loyal personality

what color should your living room be


Neutral tones offer a consistent, classic look designed to last over time, even as trends fade away. They are earthy and soothing, and you can never go wrong with a neutral design. If you like brown, you are a good friend who appreciates the simple things in life. If black is your color, you are artistic, sensitive, and also very attractive. And, if you like white, you are organized and logical, or you like your eccentric furniture and paintings to pop. And a love for gray means that you are open and willing to explore the many possibilities life has to offer.

Black shows that you have an artistic and sensitive personality

which color is good for living room

A white living room often means that you are organized and logical in life

what color good for living room

Now you know what your living room color reveals about you and your hidden personality! 

what color should living room walls be

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