Living room paint color ideas to freshen up your interior

by John Griffith

Summer is the season for renovations. Lots of people use the good weather to turn their houses upside down, clean them out and refresh them. If, however, you are one of the lucky people and don’t really need that many things done, you might be looking to just freshen up your home. One of the easiest ways to do just that is to repaint your walls. Many people often undermine the difference a color can make in your house. So, if you are ready to take some risks, a new and bold wall color might be just the thing you need. So, check out our living room paint color ideas along with some tips and tricks on how to accessorize your new color and how to make your home even more modern and trendy. Don’t be afraid to try a bolder color, it is definitely going to pay off.

Try bolder colors to turn your living room into a modern and trendy space

black metal coffee table and side table living room color schemes wall painted in green grey sofa wooden floor

Living room paint color ideas for every taste

If you are on a budget and are looking for an easy way to freshen up your home, a color change is just what you need. However, before you start, there are a few things you need to consider first. The first thing you need to think about is your furniture. If you have furniture in specific colors and are not looking to change them, then your walls should be coordinated with them. What’s more, you need to think about a color palette that will fit your interior design style. Another important thing is to consider how big the room is. It is well known that darker colors shrink a room, while lighter colors make it seem bigger and airy. Which is why, it is very important to pick a color in accordance with how big the living room is. Now, grab a tool kit and start painting.

Navy blue is the color of 2020

blue wall navy blue sofa wall art neutral color palette small white coffee table with vase with white flowers

What is the most popular wall color for 2020?

Well, that would be blue in all of its shades. Navy blue is Pantone’s Color of the Year, after all. That is why, blue has been everywhere. So, if you are looking for ways to turn your home into a real life Architectural Digest photo, then try blue. It might seem like a risky color, but it can look so beautiful when properly accessorized. First of all you can stick to blue in different shades. Lighter walls, darker blue furniture with some white or neutral accents. Another option is to bring even more color into the room. For example, although it may sound weird, orange is a color that goes perfectly with blue. Try it, we dare you.

This mint green is so beautiful

blue carpet on tiled floor neutral color palette mint green walls cathedral ceiling with exposed wood beams mint green sofas in front of fireplace

What is the best color to paint a living room?

Blue, of course, is not the only color you can try. There are so many more that you may not have even thought of. So, here they are:

Mint green walls

Mint green is just such a fresh color. It is so vibrant and fun and will bring so much character into your living room. Which is why, you shouldn’t be afraid to try it. What’s more, this particular shade of green is so reminiscent of summer, it will no doubt bring the feeling of the hottest season into your home.

This is such an understated color, which, however, brings so much character into the room

black wooden rocking chair with small wooden side table best living room paint colors white and light pastel pink wall tall window

Salmon pink / Pastel pink

Pink can be a great addition to your home. If you are looking for a statement, then salmon pink might be just what you need. It will make your living room feel fun, vibrant and full of life. On the other hand, if you are into minimalism and are looking for something a bot more understated light pastel pink looks absolutely stunning. It will fit right into the minimalism, but it will also bring some colors into your living room. Furthermore, it will definitely be your accent and will catch the eye of any guest who walks through your door.

If you are a risk taker, then mixing two vibrant colors is something you will definitely love

books on wooden table in front of grey sofa with red throw pillows living room wall colors wooden wall in red wooden ceiling in purple


Purple in all of its shades is extremely beautiful. It also looks very stylish and modern. It will be a great addition to any room with tall walls and big windows. What’s more, if you are willing to take a few risks, you can pair it with so many different colors. Try red or green if you are looking to make a statement. Otherwise, you can tray gray or neutral colors for a more understated look.

Why not try a warm color, which will remind you of a sunset sky every time you enter your living room

candles on wooden dining table with wooden chairs white table runnerliving room paint color ideas orange wallOrange

Orange is one of the warmest colors. Every single time you set foot into your living room you will feel like you are surrounded by a sunset sky. The perfect pairing for orange is usually neutral colors, since it is so vibrant. However, you can always try something different and pair it with navy blue, for example.

Bring the nature inside with a gorgeous shade of green

dark grey sofa in front of pastel green wall colors that go with grey white carpet on wooden floor


If you are a lover of nature, then green is just the right color for your living room. You can pair it with gray, neutral colors or even purple and pink. Don’t be afraid to try different color combinations. Take risks and claim the rewards.

What do you think of this color palette?

dark grey corner sofa with white and pink throw pillows living room paint colors black and white wall with black and white photo art white grey carpet on wooden floor

Living room paint color ideas in Black / White / Gray

I mean, need we say more, these three colors are staples of the living room paint color ideas. Because they are neutral colors, they can be paired with any type of furniture you like. What’s more, you can add lots of small details and accents around the room, which is going to make it look super trendy.

Don’t be afraid to try different color combinations

blue and green armchairs coral velvet sofa colorful carpet on wooden floor living room paint colors wooden wall with blue green orange red glass decorations

What colors make a living room look bigger?

If your living room doesn’t have a lot of natural light and is not very big, there are some rules to follow. First of all, your walls need to be lighter. Using lighter colors on your walls, makes the room feel brighter and airier. There are the usual ones, of course, like white, beige and light gray. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t bring some color into your room. So, whether you pick blue, lilac, pink, green, etc. just make sure they are in a lighter shade.

Just look at this beautiful, lighter shade of blue

blue walls and curtains living room wall colors black sofa with white flowers print green glass coffee table

When painting a room two colors which wall should be darker?

There is another option if you are scared to cover all of your walls in a vibrant, bold color. And that is painting just one of them in the color of your choice, while leaving the rest either in a neutral color, or in a lighter shade of the color you have chosen. If that is what you decide to do, there is just one rule to follow. As we have already stated, darker colors make the room feel smaller. Which is why, the darker color should either be on the smallest wall, or on the wall that is opposite the window. That way, the natural light will fall right onto the darker color shade, preventing your room from shrinking.

Use a darker color on one of your walls to create an accent in your living room

what color goes with gray white corner sofa wall in beige and blue dark wooden floor wooden coffee table

Now browse through our gallery and find your living room paint color ideas

blue wall living room color schemes grey sofa with navy blue throw pullows wooden floor side table brass coffee table

blue walls wooden ceiling floor living room wall colors yellow sofa wooden desk bookshelf colorful carpets

blue living room decorating ideas best of add some brown vintage leather into your living room with the

brown orange armchair in front of fireplace glass coffee table neutral color palette walls painted in pink

Coral was Pantone’s Color of 2019

cabinet in dark pink on coral wall what color goes with gray red velvet armchair marble coffee table

coffee tables made of wood what color goes with gray light and dark coral walls light grey sofa with throw pillows in shades of pink

colorful armchair throw pillows on white sofa what color goes with gray mint green walls blue velvet armchairs

colorful wall art on white wall best living room paint colors light purple velvet sofa pink armchair wooden floor

colorful wall behind kitchen island orange wall on the side blue ceiling what color goes with gray pink sofas around wooden coffee tables

You can never go wrong with beige

beige walls colors that go with grey white sofa with white and pink throw pillows with leopard print glass coffee table on white carpet

best living room paint colors green walls brown leather sofa green velvet armchair wooden floor

black and red bookshelf and walls best living room paint colors yellow armchair black and white ceiling floor with black red white tiles

black and white wall art light pastel purple colors living room wall colors grey sofa armchair wooden coffee table in front of fireplace

colors that go with grey light turquoise armchairs ottoman with zebra print in front of fireplace very light green walls

coral wall white sofa with orange and red throw pillows colors that go with grey wooden bookshelf coffee table armchair

Trying vibrant colors yields gorgeous results

curtains in black and white neutral color palette walls painted in pink red and white striped sofa white coffee table

dark blue corner sofa turquoise wall with wall art interior paint colors white and black carpet on wooden floor orange ottoman

dark blue walls wooden floor with grey carpet living room paint color ideas blue velvet sofa wall art

dark navy blue walls with paper butterflies wall art interior paint colors navy blue sofa wooden coffee table and side tables

fireplace on purple wall room paint colors wooden armchair wooden floor tall windows open plan kitchen living room

Living room paint color ideas with shades of lilac

fireplace with black marble light purple walls colors that go with grey dark purple armchairs wooden floor

glass and wooden coffee table mint green walls best living room paint colors white sofa and armchair colorful carpet on wooden floor

glass on top of ottoman coffee table in front of white sofa two brown leather armchairs room paint colors beige brown walls

granite fireplace wooden sofas in front of it wooden coffee table interior paint colors walls painted in light coral

green walls white floor living room paint colors white armchairs tv cabinets white blinds on tall windows

green wooden walls cathedral ceiling living room color schemes light grey sofa brow leather armchairs wooden floor

This blue might be icy, but it looks super modern as a wall color

grey sofa beige armchair white wooden coffee table and side table living room paint color ideas turquouse light blue wall blue carpet

interior paint colors dark grey corner sofa with green throw pillows dark green walls exposed wood beams on the ceiling stone fireplace

light pastel pink walls white cathedral ceiling white sofa wooden armchairs arranged in front of fireplace interior paint colors

living room color schemes walls painted in blue white carpet on wooden floor grey sofa with orange throw pillows orange armchair in front of fireplace

Black is timeless and elegant in all of its shades

living room paint color ideas black walls and carpet orange velvet sofa turquoise velvet armchair colorful wall art

living room paint color ideas brown leather corner sofa with blue white and black throw pillows light gray walls wooden floor

living room paint colors purple walls with tall windows green corner sofa colorful armchair black wooden floor white carpet

living room wall colors light mint green walls with tall windows white sofa with turquoise white throw pillows white armchairs wooden floor

minimalist design light pastel green walls room paint colors wooden floor white sofa and armchairs tall windows with white curtains

neutral color palette black wooden walls bookshelf yellow sofa blue armchairs wooden coffee table brown leather armchair

red and white walls with wall art living room paint color ideas two black chairs red ottoman wooden coffee table

Colorful living room paint color ideas

room paint colors mint green walls yellow armchair white sofa with colorful throw pillows colorful wall art lamp shade

white armchairs blue ottoman in front of fireplace in purple living room color schemes blue walls colorful curtains

yellow velvet sofa living room paint colors white armchair coffee table with brass white carpet on dark wooden floor

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