7 Effective Decor Ideas for Living room Walls

by John Griffith

If you have a robust social circle, you probably have lots of regular house guests. Quite naturally, the living room is the designated area for the guests in the house. Its appearance directly reflects on your personality. A well maintained living room points to a disciplined personality and a tardy one signalling in the opposite direction. 

Good comfy sofas, a fireplace, and a coffee table are usually a part of every living room. Maybe a record player can add to its charm further. An excellent Persian rug never hurts the overall look. It’s all good as long as everything gels together. 

While you have the floors covered, it’s equally important to keep your walls at least partially occupied. Bland walls are a big no-no in the living room. There are several ways in which bare walls can become decorated masterpieces. Let’s dive in to learn a little more. 

1. Art Work

A few pieces of carefully selected art can make your walls look special. You can adopt the minimalist approach by choosing one large painting. You can also opt for multiple art pieces on your wall but creating a balance can be a tough ask. 

Art is expensive, so you should have a high budget if you take this route. Some costs can be cut obviously by opting for work by lesser-known artists. You must also be careful in your selection of artwork as you do not want the whole room overwhelmed by it.  

Make sure that you do not hang the art at a spot that has direct sunlight, or is under a light source. Colors in an artwork can fade away much quicker when receiving more exposure to light.  

Art work makes your home look very stylish

décor ideas for living room large blue corner sofa orange throw pillows art work on the walls

2. Add Shelves

Adding decoration pieces on shelves on a wall is a classic idea that works well. You can have different kinds of shelves that look well with the wall. Metal, wood, and even plastic shelves can be used. 

Wooden shelves with funky colors always brighten up the room. Unusual shapes and varying shelf sizes also help. Ideally, get them custom made in a shop as per your liking.

Adding small plants, some classic books, a few framed family pictures, and some antiques is a great way to fill them in. You can also try anything else that you prefer. The shelves and decoration pieces are great if you have a budget in mind.  

Shelves with a few planters or framed photos are perfect for any home

wooden shelves hanging on white wall with two plants on them décor ideas for living room

3. Family Pictures

It’s your home, right? Why not put up some or lots of pictures of yourself and the family. You will feel the happy vibes from the good times like family vacations. Besides, fewer options for wall décor look as good as photos of you and your loved ones. 

Creating a good balance is essential, though. Generally, the main wall with small to medium-sized pictures looks fantastic. A few smaller frames around the house are a good idea too. Only have a few larger ones as too many of those can be a bit of an overkill, especially with the heavy frames.  

Decorating with your family photos is always a good idea

two split photos hanging on black wall decor ideas for living room fairy lights on the wall

4. Canvas Prints

Just having family pictures on the wall can look monotonous and one-dimensional. You can add photos of city skylines, open landscapes, and long winding roads to them as well. 

Split canvases are the ideal solution for having these customized photos on your walls. You can even add jokes or your favorite quotes; they all add to the décor. 

Canvas prints come in different sizes, so you’re not restricted to specific dimensions. They’re light on the pocket and offer a lot of flexibility, making them a fantastic option for wall décor. They gel in nicely with some of the other commonly used décor options.

Canvas prints give your home so much character

split canvas of underwater photo décor ideas for living room hanging above two red chairs round table

5. Hanging Mirrors

Mirrors on the wall are a classic décor choice and come in all sizes and shapes. They especially go well with lighter-colored walls. The designs you choose are entirely up to your taste. Round mirrors grouped together really lift the appearance of the wall instantly. 

Look for the various available options and see which ones suit your place the most. A few things to avoid are hanging too many large mirrors on the wall; they can be a little overpowering. At the same time, make sure that the mirrors do not reflect sunlight from the windows directly into the eyes of the room’s occupants. It can be a huge problem.   

You can also use mirrors to make the room look bigger. A window style mirror creates an illusion of a much larger space. If you do not have a fireplace, you can use a large mirror as a center of attraction instead.

Mirrors make your home look more spacious

large round mirror on white wall décor ideas for living room next to large plant leather bench

6. A Basket Wall

Grouping a bunch of baskets on the wall can surely grab everyone’s attention. It’s an excellent décor option for living rooms. Baskets come in all forms, materials, and sizes. 

The bamboo stick baskets are generally great because of their intricate designs and lightweight. You can use baskets made from other materials as well.  

Putting the baskets together in a manner that looks good is the real challenge. Usually, baskets of similar sizes look well together. You can opt for circular and compact or an abstract and well spread out design. 

Some people even like to place the baskets randomly on the wall, which also works well. As long as the baskets are a part of the décor and not its entirety, they will look amazing.

Give your home a boho vibe with these baskets

lots of baskets arranged on white wall with different patterns décor ideas for living room above gray sofa

7. Have Some Plants

Plants add greenery, and are a pleasure for the sore eyes. They are known to lessen stress levels. Small plants placed on the shelves on a wall and even on the floor is a fantastic idea. You can also hang them or put them from the ceiling. 

Just make sure that they do not pose a risk of physical injury such as being too thorny or a medical condition, such as aggravating allergies. Having some plants with flowers always adds more color indoors. If you have some with a pleasant fragrance, that is a bonus. 

A bit of mix and match helps when it comes to the plant types. You can experiment a bit and find the combination that works best for you. A combo of different sized plants usually results well.

Add plants for a natural feeling

good vibes only neon sign photos around it décor ideas for living room lots of plants in the living room

A Final Thought

You can use these ideas individually or collectively to decorate the walls in your living space. Take your time and think about the elements you want to incorporate into your wall décor and go for it. 

Often a combination of the different options looks beautiful as it is very original and unique. Your décor does not need to be expensive, but it should always be trendy and good to look at. 

Once you focus, you will achieve a trendy look for your walls, and your entire home will look fantastic. It’s surely worth the time and effort.

John Griffith

John Griffith is a young, passionate journalist. Writing has been John’s hobby ever since he was a boy. He has worked in some of the UK’s most successful news portals over the course of his professional career but found his forever home at Archzine.