60 + Inspiring Rustic Kitchen and Dining Room Designs

Von John Griffith / March 28 2018

‘Тhe kitchen is the heart of a home’- you have probably heard this old saying time and time again. We not only agree with it, but also believe that the same can be said about dining rooms. After all, no one can deny the significant role which these two areas play in our daily routines. Whether it is preparing a meal and sharing it with our loved ones, or sitting down for a cup of tea after a long day, kitchens and dining rooms bring a much-needed touch of coziness and warmth in our lives. Therefore, it is crucial to decorate them in a way that is not only tasteful, but also comfortable and inviting. And while there are definitely a lot of options to choose from, we feel that the rustic kitchen style is one of the coziest and most charming options you can go for. Brimming with vintage elements and organic forms inspired from nature, it is both stylish and homey, sophisticated and relaxed.

A simple and cozy rustic kitchen

rustic kitchen in white, pale gray shelves, with cups and glasses, pans and condiments, several potted plants, milk and eggs, cooking dish with pasta

Characteristics of the rustic style

As we discussed in some of our previous articles, spending time outdoors can have a therapeutic influence on human health. It lowers anxiety levels and helps us feel calmer and sleep better. Rustic decor taps into these beneficial effects by by utilizing natural elements like wood and stone, and combining them with organic, asymmetric shapes. The result is a warm and cozy living space, that puts your mind at ease, and helps you unwind after a long day at work.

Similarly to shabby chic, rustic style encourages the use of vintage or distressed furniture items. Weathered wooden chairs, cabinets, tables and counters, mildly worn leather sofas or fabric settees, and vintage appliances, are all excellent examples of rustic decor. Statement pieces, handmade from recycled materials and reclaimed wood are especially popular, as are animal-themed decorative objects, like feathers and faux deer antlers. When it comes to flooring, it is preferable to use natural, rough stone tiles, massive floorboards or laminate.

Check out this video for some great tips on renovating your kitchen in a rustic style, with a modern twist:

Key rustic items for your kitchen

Although kitchens come in a vast variety of shapes, sizes and styles, there are certain indispensable furniture peaces and appliances that feature in almost all of them. Cupboards or buffets, kitchen islands and stoves are a familiar sight, which you can see in almost every home. But how do you choose the right ones for your rustic kitchen? Well, we have a few useful tips:

  • Kitchen Islands should ideally be made from solid, natural wood and have a vintage or shabby chic design. If you are prepared to splurge, there are some amazing options out there. But even if you don’t want to break the bank, you can still find gorgeous rustic solutions in stores like Target or sites like Amazon. We recommend choosing a light color palette for your kitchen, and opting for a statement piece island in a natural brown color.
  • Vintage Stoves can be really pricey but we promise you – they are very much worth it! Those made in the years following WWII were built to last. Not only to they look amazing, and add a lot of character and unique coziness to modern kitchens, but they also perform well and are much easier to repair than modern models!
  • Cabinets/Buffets are another staple, present in every kitchen. If you have opted for a rustic kitchen island or vintage stove, you can choose slick, modern cupboards for a refreshing, contrasting twist. If you prefer to be consistent with the rustic theme, however, go for weathered wooden cabinets, upcycled vintage cupboards, or a large, antique ornamental buffet.

The white tiles create a beautiful, contrasting backdrop to this gorgeous, statement piece kitchen island:

vintage wooden kitchen island, inside bright room, with white tiles on the walls, white cupboards and sink

Modern life and nature meet in this wonderful design:

Vivid blue kitchen with white tiles, and warm wooden details

blue vintage rustic kitchen cabinets, in room with grayish brown laminate floor, dark blue wall half covered in white tiles, antique chair and wall closk

And here are 35 clever DIY ideas for decorating your rustic kitchen:

This massive wooden table is a the perfect solution for spacious dining rooms:

large wooden dining table, with six matching chairs, in room with dark gray, rustic kitchen cabinets, decorated with hand-painted wooden plates, and cutting boards

Flowers – a great addition to rustic interiors

pink hydrangeas in a jar, on a dark green kitchen island, with light wooden top surface, rustic kitchen decor, dining room table, with eight white modern chairs in the background

Dining table, made from an upcycled wooden industrial reel – a clever, modern and nature-friendly solution

industrial wooden reel, transformed into a small dining table, with six white modern chairs, inside rustic kitchen, blackboard with white writing, covering the wall in the background

This dreamy combination of pastel blue and white evokes the fresh atmosphere of a carefree summer day

pale blue rustic kitchen cabinets, inside white room, with stone sink, and modern metal water tap, opened window and door, floor with beige stone tiles

Wooden beams add lots of warmth and coziness. Make them stand out even more, by painting the rest of the ceiling white

pans and baskets, and dried vegetables and herbs, hanging from the wooden beams of a ceiling, inside a room with rustic kitchen cabinets, small square table, with vintage green and beige chairs

Antique stoves bring a nice vintage touch to your kitchen

old fashioned black metal stove, in room with beige stone floor, pale gray walls, with dark gray brickwork details, shabby pale blue and brown, rustic kitchen cabinets

wire mesh shelves, covered with mugs, small jars and boxes of cookies, on pale pastel green wall, near counter with bread basket, planter with green herbs, and other rustic kitchen items

bread box with vintage design, and wooden dish drying rack, on white counter, near modern sink, smooth dark gray cupboards, and a matching shelf with plates, rustic kitchen decorations

Rustic kitchen with an industrial twist

modern and rustic kitchen combination, vintage wooden kitchen island and dining table, gray wall with wooden shelf, white vaulted ceiling

peasant style room, with light pastel green, rustic kitchen cabinets, and matching window panes, white lime plaster walls

stone sink basin, and antique metal tap, in rustic kitchen, with white cupboards, and white wall with beige stone brick details, small assortment of coffee pots

black vintage stove, and matching rustic kitchen cabinets, in room with white cupboards, light brown wooden floor, and pale gray sofa

We love this simple, Mediterranean style kitchen

ivory and white kitchen, with shabby chic dining table, and cream-colored vintage chairs, vaulted ceiling and pale beige rug, country kitchen décor

country kitchen décor, floor with brown and beige stone tiles, pale gray walls with brickwork details, shabby chic wooden counters, and an antique stove

A cozy outdoor kitchenette with dining area:

shabby chic rustic kitchen cabinets, with chipped beige paint, in a garden kitchen, with stone tiled floor, round table with purple tablecloth, three metal chairs, with dark cushions

teal wall with large mirror, near wooden dining table, country kitchen décor, with three candles, flowerpots and crockery, white ceiling with wooden beams

contrasting walls in navy and beige, one with four square wooden shelves, the other decorated with various photos, images and drawings, country kitchen décor, round wooden table, with four modern white chairs

Isn’t this rustic natural stone sink just gorgeous?

natural stone sink basin, containing seven green peppers, vintage tap with running water, country kitchen décor, stone covered walls, simple white shelves, and a wooden dish drying rack

yellowish-green decorations, in a room covered in white wooden planks, wooden dining table and matching bench, acid green vintage chair, country kitchen décor, antique light brown wooden door

room with asymmetrical walls, covered in lime plaster, dark wooden ceiling with several large beams, country kitchen décor, antique sink near a small open window, dining table and chair

Vivid colors give a modern interpretation to your rustic dining room or kitchen

vivid blue walls, and a fireplace, inside a dining room, with light brown wooden table, matching bench and chairs, country kitchen décor, bowls and plates, mugs and glasses

red country kitchen cabinets, near vintage dark brown wooden cupboard, in room with brown walls and floor

chairs in pastel blue and yellow, near small square wooden table and bench, inside a room with white brick walls, ceiling beams and wooden floor, pale grey and white, striped country kitchen cabinets

bright room with glass doors, pale gray walls, beige and dark green, vintage country kitchen cabinets, various rustic decorations

Chic Victorian-style design

rustic country home décor, beige laminate floor, vintage wooden kitchen island, white cupboards and an antique stove, gingham curtains and two framed images

marble surface in white and gray, on blue kitchen island, decorative plates and potted flowers, large stove and massive wooden floorboards, rustic country home décor

set table with white tablecloth, several wooden chairs, covered with lambskin throws, rustic country home décor, six decorative plant and flower wreaths, hung on a pale gray wall

minty green country kitchen cabinets, with a matching kitchen island, vegetables and canned preserves in jars, four hanging lamps, walls covered with wooden planks

Stunning rustic kitchen island, and two stools made from untreated wooden sticks

brown and black country kitchen cabinets, and a shabby chic wooden kitchen island, with two hand-made stools, inside room with wooden beams, and beige stone floor

modern metal tap, on white sink, inbuilt in a light brown wooden counter, rustic country home décor, potted plant and several wooden cutting boards

Minimalistic rustic style with beautiful wooden details

large kitchen island made of wood, with marble-like top surface, featuring an inbuilt metal sink, and a plate with fruit, two stools and a decorative wooden board nearby, rustic country home décor, white walls and minimalist aesthetic

pans and bottles, in a kitchen with stone-covered walls, white lime plaster country kitchen cabinets, modern stove and wooden ceiling

Here are some more gorgeous natural stone sinks to inspire you

water from a brass antique tap, running over several dishes, inside a natural stone sink, rustic country home décor, lime plaster shelves, with cups and pitchers nearby

antique sink and metal tap, rustic country home décor, inside a room with industrial-style cupboards, vintage poster and metal breadbox, three lemons on a wooden dish

spacious kitchen with large dining table, worn wooden bench, and four chairs covered in beige cloth, rustic country home décor, white cupboards and appliances, various decorative objects

country kitchen decorating ideas, peasant style home, with modern pale green stove, and matching fridge, asymmetrical walls and rounded corners

 Brass kitchenware nicely compliments the warm effect of wooden furniture

brass pots and pans, hanging over an antique black stove, with gold-colored details, near wooden country kitchen cabinets, in white and brown
sofa in pale brown, with cushions in different colors, near vintage dining table, with matching chairs, country kitchen decorating ideas, white cupboards and large black stove

four red apples, on a wooden counter, with pale gray stone-like surface, country kitchen decorating ideas, in room with antique black stove, and shabby chic cabinets

Beautiful rustic stone floor

mink-colored cabinets, white sink with modern metal tap, inside bright kitchen, with white wall and ceiling, and beige stone floor, country kitchen decorating ideas

retro dining area, round wooden table, covered with red embroidered tablecloth, vintage wooden cupboard, country kitchen decorating ideas, white walls and beige floor

collection of cooking knives, inside room with white tiled walls, country kitchen decorating ideas, modern white table and matching chairs

baskets with bread and other items, on a brown tiled floor, inside a kitchen with pale orange walls, and brick details, country kitchen decorating ideas, vintage wooden cupboards and an antique stove

A harmonious blend of wood and stone

big window near a large sink, with antique metal tap, country kitchen decorating ideas, shabby green cabinets, and a stone floor

minimalist kitchen in white and ivory, with small fridge, modern stove and several cabinets, retro sink and chair, decorative plates and gas lanterns

massive wooden floorboards, inside open plan kitchen, with large kitchen island, stone-covered walls with shelves, and decorative tree in a large ceramic vase

three shabby chic stools, near a kitchen counter, inside a room with light laminate floor, metal fridge and white vaulted ceiling, with brown beams

Little rustic touches will give a lot of character to your kitchen

various white bowls, two lamps and a pale green pitcher, on two wooden shelves, above a vintage sink, inbuilt in a stone counter, vegetables in a large wooden dish

ceramic jugs and plates, and various brass pots, on wooden shelves, suspended over an antique sink, marble-like white and gray surface

see-through glass detail on floor, inside a rustic kitchen, with stone walls, and a ceiling made from sticks and wooden beams

No rustic dining room or kitchen is complete without flowers

small wooden table, with flower vase, and two grey and brown stools, inside white kitchen, with light brown wooden floorboards, rustic home touches

open window next to a stone sink, with retro metal tap, a bucket with flowers, and vases with fresh herbs nearby

soup dishes and mugs, bowls and jugs, inside an off-white cupboard, near large wooden counter, covered with various dishes and crockery, and a small square black metal table, with matching chairs

round metallic lamp, hanging from a vaulted ceiling, with wooden boards and beams, over an industrial style rustic kitchen, with fireplace and concrete kitchen island

ornamental hand-painted clay dish, on a gas stove, inside a white, mediterranean peasant-style kitchen, with religious artifacts, and other decorations

While natural stone walls are definitely beautiful, those on a budget can opt for realistic stone or brickwork wallpapers instead

high vaulted ceiling, enforced with wooden planks and beams, inside a large kitchen, with dark smooth floor, modern appliances and stone-covered wall

walnuts inside a basket and a large jar, near wooden box filled with eggs, and several gray plates, sandy-yellow stone wall, pale gray rustic cupboard

table made from natural wood and metal, with an industrial twist, and four retro chairs, in dining room with white walls, and pale green plaster details

worn wooden cupboard, near black antique stove, with a vintage cooking pot, beige stone tiled floor, brick wall painted white
multicolored rug on a wooden laminate floor, inside a shabby chic kitchen, with rustic vintage duck's egg blue cupboards, and a red kitchen island

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