100 + Ideas for Gorgeous Shabby Chic Furniture and Decorations

by John Griffith

Stylish and classy, yet functional and inviting – shabby chic furniture is favored by many home owners and designers worldwide. The term shabby chic itself can refer either to heavily used vintage objects, revamped to look modern, or to contemporary furniture pieces, decorated in ways that makes them seem antique. Usually, shabby chic items are combined with modern objects and tastefully selected decorations. The result is cosy, sophisticated and unique – a look that is equally impressive and welcoming. Furthermore, since the shabby chic style relies largely on reusing old furniture pieces, it is a great choice for people who favor environmentally friendly solutions. It also leaves plenty of room for experimentation and artistic expression, as one can mix a variety of different styles, objects and colors, to create an truly personalized living space.

Stylish, charming, functional – shabby chic furniture is inviting and classy

shabby chic furniture, vintage chair with white chipping paint, antique pale blue and white cupboard, bed with white wrought-iron frame, and soft white bedding

Origins of the shabby chic style

The term shabby chic was coined by designer Rachel Ashwell in the 1980s. Ashwell, who frequently visited flea markets in her native England, loved collecting used furniture and giving it new life. When she moved to the USA in the late 80s, she opened her own store where she sold stylish flea market finds. Allegedly, her business took off so well, that she could barely keep up with customers’ demands. Soon, she was noticed by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and was even invited to host her very own TV show.

A charming example of a shabby chic kitchen

kitchen with white vintage cupboards, two white wooden shelves, shabby chic furniture, various mugs and plates, in pale pastel pink and teal

Characteristics of the shabby chic style

For the most part, the shabby chic style draws inspiration from 17 century European furniture and lavish French country house interiors. As a result, it usually features ornate antique objects such as carved wooden tables and chairs, engraved wardrobes and dressers, and large vintage beds with wrought-iron frames. It is essential for all items to show some mild to medium traces of wear and tear. If the furniture pieces are new, they are artificially aged, using special techniques. In such cases, decorative motifs are added subsequently.

Color also plays an important role. Although the objects look antique, they are usually in shades which were uncommon during the past. Usually, shabby chic furniture pieces are painted in bright white, turquoise, teal, red or pastel pink, for an edgy, modern look. For fabrics, the most popular colors are white or off-white. Some people use tea to color white fabrics in a pale beige shade, to make them seem older. Vintage floral patterns in pastel pink or blue are also very popular.

This nifty tutorial will show you how to make your own aged furniture:

Variations of the shabby chic style

Nowadays there are many different variations of the shabby chic look.  Although the “French country house” remains one of the most popular styles, there are also industrial shabby chic, rustic cottage shabby chic, contemporary shabby chic and many, many more. You can create your very own variety, by mixing shabby chic furniture with statement pieces of your choice.

Distressed table and matching chairs – create a charming homely atmosphere, with these simple shabby chic furniture pieces

dining room with long wooden table, in white and brown, with matching chairs, shabby chic furniture, green walls with many framed images

Shabby chic decorative objects

When it comes to decorative objects, the shabby chic style offers a wide selection of possibilities. A statement crystal or wrought-iron chandelier, for example, will add a lot of character to any room. Antique-style vases and photos in ornamental frames are also very suitable, as are floral curtains, potted plants and vintage, faded rugs, especially when combined with walls in pastel colors.

Whichever shabby chic style you are going for, make sure to choose objects wich are not only stylish but also make your home cozier. After all, even the most exclusive and unique statement piece is not as important as your comfort! You can find more inspiration and ideas ideas in our Home Decor section.

And here is the selection of shabby chic furniture ideas we have selected for you. Enjoy!

Pink, soft and cosy – the perfect shabby chic bedroom

pastel pink screen and vintage armchair, in bedroom with white walls, bed with pink frame, white bedding and pink floral cover with matching pillow, shabby chic furniture

This gorgeous bohemian shabby chic bathroom is the stuff of dreams:

bathtub in white, with golden ornamental legs, shabby chic furniture, on wooden floor with faded rug, and fluffy lambskin throw, near antique chair and various decorations

Adorable idea for a child’s bedroom

pale beige carpet, in a child's bedroom, white antique french sofa bed, with decorative elements, vintage armchair and small tables, shabby chic furniture, chandelier and old-looking chair

Shabby chic with a modern twist

many framed images on a white wall, inside a living room with shabby chic furniture, two identical sofas in cream, with wooden armrests, table and armchair and various decorations

Delicate, feminine and romantic

white vintage bed with baldachin, vintage suitcases and two rustic lanterns, shabby chic furniture and decorations

It’s all in the details!

close up of an engraved wooden detail, on antique cupboard, unevenly painted in off-white color, ornamental metal handles

This small vintage cabinet is the perfect place for storing jewelry!

small wooden cabinet in pale green, with four tiny drawers and a compartment, shabby chic furniture, large gold bangle, and white flowers placed on top of it

Vintage floral patterns in gentle pastel colors are perfect for shabby chic living rooms

shabby sheek, armchair with pale blue fabric, decorated with grey and yellow floral pattern, near antique table in white and brown, with two matching chairs

cream shabby chic sofa, with floral cushions, armchair with a matching floral pattern, near white round antique coffee table, in living room with pale pastel pink walls, shabby sheek

modern shabby chic sofa with striped throw, and white cushions, armchair in grey patterned damask, ox skin rug

wooden table in vintage style, painted white and decorated with books and other objects, shabby sheek, rocking chair and vintage wardrobes, in white and brown

This beautiful coffee table made from vintage suitcases is great shabby chic furniture statement piece

bright room with two windows, cream curtains and wooden floor, pale beige shabby chic sofa, with several cushions, patterned cream colored armchairs, coffee table made of suitcases

Empty vintage frames as stylish decorations

antique green french sofa, with wooden legs and details, two white cushions and a white throw, vintage wooden coffee table, with legs painted white, lots of empty frames on the wall

round ornamental coffee table in white, near cream and beige colored chair, and matching shabby chic sofa, with two cushions, shabby sheek decorations

Vintage mirrored cabinet combined with a faded ornamental rug 

mirror covered cupboard, near cream shabby chic sofa with cushions, wooden stool with white furry top, faded vintage rug, shabby sheek pale pink walls

grey-brown antique-looking dining table, with four matching chairs, grey rug and wooden laminate floor, shabby sheek iron shelves, with various items

Blackboard dining room wall – a very stylish and creative idea!

blackboard wall decorated with white chalk writing, large wooden table, partially painted white, with matching white chairs, shabby sheek chandelier and decorations

floral wallpaper in white and pink, in living room, white wooden floor, beige rug and shabby sheek sofa, cupboards in pale green and off-white

Cosy and charming country kitchen with shabby a chic touch

spacious kitchen with tiled floor, old-fashioned black stove, round table covered with beige fabric, and six matching chairs, shabby sheek interior

large shiny retro metal stove, in shabby sheek kitchen with brown-grey walls, cream colored vintage door, white vintage round table, and brown chairs

bright kitchen with diningroom space, wooden floors and white walls, cream-colored furniture and appliances, shabby sheek curtains and potted plants

white kitchen with rough brown tiled floor, wooden kitchen island painted in white, shelves with various utensils, shabby chic decorating

White and green – a refreshing combination for your shabby chic kitchen

shabby chic decorating, round table with light green and white chequered tablecloth, two mismatched white chairs, brown wooden floor, white kitchen cupboards, and a vintage stove

vintage kitchens in beige and off-white, shabby chic decorating, one has a cupboard made from a wooden crate, the other has old cupboard with peeling white paint

Your dreams are sure to be sweet in such a charming bedroom

bedroom with pale blue walls, white antique furniture, and matching bed, covered with pale pink and floral bedding, shabby chic decorating, various cushions strewn about

cream-colored wooden cupboards, wardrobe and bed, shabby chic decorating, white bedding with blue floral cover, and pink fluffy throw

This antique vanity is fit for a princess!

vanity in antique french style, painted in white, and featuring an oval mirror, and a matching stool, shabby chic decorating, different flowers in vases and cups

wardrobe in vintage style, painted white and featuring a mirror, inside a room with cream floors, shabby chic decorating, clothes and duvets on a vintage chair

dressmaker's dummy in white and pink, near an ornamental, french antique dresser, shabby chic decorating, cream and pale blue wallpaper, white wardrobe and cupboard

The shabby chic bathroom – a paradise for relaxation

floral curtains in cream and pink, inside a bathroom with white wooden paneling, and smooth beige floor, white bathtub with silver ornamental legs, shabby chic decorating, sheer white curtains

striped multicolored faded rug, in bathroom with pink pastel walls, and white paneling, shabby chic decorating, antique chair and white bathtub, and large window, with sheer cream curtains

We love these stunning renovated shabby chic furniture pieces

country chic décor, off-white antique cupboard-turned-writing-desk, with black handles, near small ornate table, screen and empty decorative frame

teal antique dresser with mirror, country chic décor, two small drawers and two large ones, pink and white peonies in a silver-colored bucket

pale acid green chest of drawers, with a lamp, a framed photo and a and a candle, near round mirror, in large ornate black frame, country chic décor

matching small antique cupboards, in mint green, country chic décor, placed on a pale beige carpet, near a vase with white flowers

off-white decorative round antique cupboard, with small black round handles, country chic décor, on pale grey background

plates and cups in pastel pink, and in white with floral motifs, with matching jugs and teapots, country chic décor, white shabby wooden cupboard

duck's egg blue antique cupboard, with plates and jars, and other kitchen utensils, country chic décor, cream armchair with throw, lamp and wall clock

Subtle shabby chic Christmas decor

birdcage with vintage look, containing cristmas baubles, country chic décor, placed near a pine branch, on an off-white distressed cupboard, with brown top

milk jug with antique design, near white flowers, country chic décor, placed on small cupboard or nightstand, unevenly painted in white

desk unevenly colored in grey, with matching stool, covered in cream and beige striped fabric, country chic décor, a small bouquet of roses, magnifying glas and perfume bottle

country cottage furniture, two pale green and white identical cupboards, with three drawers each, antique renovated style, artworks and decorations

pastel turquoise antique cupboard, with ornaments and black handles, country cottage furniture

This antique chest of drawers is perfect down to the smallest detail

close up of ornamental details, on worn antique dresser, painted in aged cream color, country cottage furniture, white wooden floor

chest of drawers in antique style, painted in shabby cream color, country cottage furniture, on white floor, near goatskin rug, and floral wallpaper in white and grey

Soft, cosy and beautiful – perfect shabby chic armchairs and settees we wish we could own

rustic flower bouquet, placed on french sofa in turquoise, with ornamental engraved cream details, placed on a lawn, near books and dried plants

french sofa in vivid red, with buttons and brown legs and ornaments, cream cushion with three navy stripes, brown and cream wardrobe with duvets

hare print pale cream cushion, on off-white antique chair, with ivory-colored details, country cottage furniture, white background and wooden floor

Floral motives, vintage objects and a beautiful shabby chic chest of drawers

dresser in antique style, unevenly painted in grey-brown and pale turquoise, country cottage furniture, near vintage dressmaker's dummy and cowboy boots

nightstand table in coral pink, in antique style with small drawer, country cottage furniture, decorative painted wooden boards, lamp and other items

off-white decorative chest of drawers, with black handles, in french antique style, country cottage furniture, placed outside near a blossoming tree

We love this cool modern look of this revamped vintage cupboard!

record player in a vintage suitcase, placed on retro cabinet, repainted white and brown, and pale turquoise, shabby sheek interior

Don’t forget the flowers!

jug made from rusty metal, with curved handle, containing pale pink peonies, country cottage furniture, rough cream tablecloth, with three red stripes

And here are some more dreamy shabby chic interior decoration ideas

working desk in antique french style, with drawer and painted in white, matching white chair, country cottage furniture, storage baskets and decorative frames

worn leather armchairs, in warm brown, with shabby-chic cushions, off-white wooden floor, fireplace and mirror

natural wooden table, with four mismatched chairs, in cream and white, grey shabby dresser, shabby chic furniture, ornate crystal chandelier

Lush red antique sofa – a classy statement piece

throw in yellow and pale blue, on cream and red french sofa, settee cushion features a red, orange and green floral print

shabby chic sofa in pure white, with two multicolored floral cushions, and a pillow in cream, near grey country chic table, on beige textured rug

chair in white with ornamental, heart-shaped backrest, and floral cushion, shabby sheek look, beige carpet and curtains

rose patterned fabric in pink, green and white, on antique wooden chair, painted in white

Fantastic dressers with an antique touch

antique and vintage inspired vanities, in off-white, turquoise and peach, with various ornaments and decorations, vintage chic aesthetic

Just look at this amazing transformations:

before and after photo, showing dark brown wooden dresser, repainted in pastel turquoise, and decorated with a white graphic

old country house cupboard, decorated with ornaments, and unevenly repainted in pale teal, and dark brown

pastel lilac colored dresser, with a writing desk, repainted in duck's egg blue, and decorated with golden ornamental handles

clear glass flower vase, on grey desk with drawers, hand-decorated with white patterns, near window with teal curtain

hydrangeas in blue and violet, in a vase placed on antique dresser, with mirror and chipping white paint, near a small clock

faded floral carpet, under a cream-colored dresser, with ornamental mirror, and black wrought-iron handles, near dressmaker's dummy

books and a teacup, on pastel pink vintage cabinet, with shabby chic look, near bed with floral covers

fuchsia and pale pink flowers, painted on white antique chest of drawers, near a pale beige armchair, with wooden legs and armrests

distressed and worn beige paint effect, on large antique wooden cupboard, framed painting and vases

The perfect shabby chic sofa

golden legs and armrests, on white french sofa, with rough beige back, shabby chic aesthetic , cushions and vintage books

pale grey and white french sofa, with matching cushions, and white armrests and legs, on rough vintage wooden floor, near stool with flower vase

cushions in pale grey and pink, plain and patterned, placed on soft, pale grey modern french sofa, large mirror in white frame, and lamp nearby

bright blue vintage cabinet, with orange paint effect resembling rust, near dark grey unevenly painted wall, and various decorations

shelves made of wood and painted white, over an antique shabby chic kitchen table, with peeling white paint, black and white tiled floor, glasses and decorations

plates and glasses, on large cupboard in cream, with chipped paint effect, near a floral rug in black and green, red and blue, a wreath and several candle holders

four massive wooden planks, unevenly painted in cream, mounted as shelves on grey and white walls, teddy bear and baby shoes, photo in frame and piggy bank

Repaint old armchairs to create unique statement pieces

tutorial showing how to repaint old armchairs, in seven steps, pale pink worn armchair, transformed into fuchsia armchair, with reindeer print cushion

digital 3D illustration, depicting pale beige wall, with wooden paneling, coral pink antique table, with small drawer, and a shiny vase containing pink flowers

square antique shabby chic table, before and after it has been repainted, with dark brown and pale blue paint

set of white antique desk and chair, shabby chic style, photo in ornate golden frame, candles and round decorative mirror

three versions of vintage shabby chic interiors, large rough wooden table, french sofa and beige curtains, white antique chair, with pink pattern near pale blue vintage cupboard

antique decor in livingroom with white walls, cream and white wardrobe, pale beige vintage chair, and grandfather clock, white rectangular french sofa, with many cushions

Pale grey and light brown – the perfect combination of cold and warm tones

round white plates, on pastel grey dresser, vintage chic style, black wrought-iron chandelier, square wooden table with chairs

indoor plants and various decorations, inside a shabby chic kitchen, with vintage chandelier, and worn-looking antique furniture, with chipped white paint

several cushions in dark grey and white, on shabby chic sofa, near a white, antique kitchen table, with matching chairs

frilly white covers, on a big fluffy bed, near pale patterned, shabby chic sofa, and other vintage furniture

modern country chic dining room, with large white table, and matching bench, covered with shabby sheek cushions, beige fabric chairs

rough brick wall, inside a industrial shabby chic kitchen, white antique table with peeling paint, and matching chairs, various vintage kitchen furniture pieces

crystal chandelier hanging in shabby chic kitchen, pastel blue walls and pastel pink furniture, white ornamental kitchen island, many decorative items and a flower pot

bench swing painted in pastel pink, hanging from pink chains, near a small white antique ornamental table, with a white jug, containing pink peonies

Shabby chic chairs are a great addition to any home

wing chair in antique style, pale cream with pattern, and white armrests, partly covered in beige fabric

dark grey chair with cream stripes, graphic print on its backrest, black legs and armrests, vintage french style

antique pattern on cream fabric, covering a vintage wing chair, with ivory and beige detailing, white and beige cushions

gold and white wing chair, antique shabby chic style, with graphic print cushion, near grey ornamental table, decorated with glass bottles and a statuette, crystal chandelier and a large clock mural

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