Over 90 magnificent table decoration ideas + DIY instructions

by John Griffith

A beautifully decorated table creates a welcoming atmosphere and a festive mood. No matter what party you are planning, you do not have to disregard this detail. You need some inspiration? Scroll down and see our great table decoration ideas and instructions to make your own!

Table decoration ideas: DIY concrete like vases

table decoration ideas, cement vases, bouquet of succulents, bouquets of flowers, black candle holders

For this you need:

  • small cylinder vases
  • Paper with a concrete pattern
  • scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • flat brush
  • cotton swab
  • alcohol
  • ruler
  • pencil

DIY table decoration ideas

step by step, diy tutorial, table decoration ideas, glass round vases, cement like paper, glued with mod podge

That is how it goes:

  1. Clean the vase with alcohol and let it dry.
  2. Measure how much paper you need to decorate the vase. Cut out the paper.
  3. Cover the exterior of the vase with Mod Podge. Stick the paper to it. Let the vase dry.
  4. After drying vase, apply 2-3 more layers of Mod Podge. After each new coat, leave the vase to dry for about 1-2 hours.

Simple and effective decoration

table settings, bouquets of succulents, bouquets of flowers, table decoration ideas, cement vases

Napkin rings with flowers

beige cotton napkin, table decoration ideas, floral napkin rings, small glass, tree branches inside

For this you need:

  • floral wire
  • wire cutter
  • Flower tape
  • small succulent plant
  • small flowers
  • Cloth napkins
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • Hot glue.

DIY napkin rings

step by step, diy tutorial ,floral napkin rings, beige cotton napkin, table decoration ideas, side by side pictures

That is how it goes:

  1. Make a ring of flower wire with a diameter of 5-6 cm. Make sure it fits the napkin.
  2. Cut out a small piece of flower wire. Put it in the succulent plant and wrap some flower tape around its base.
  3. Wrap the flower wire around the ring. In the same way, attach the other flowers to the ring.
  4. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the ring and secure its end with some hot glue.

Present the napkins in style

beige cotton napkin, table centerpieces, floral napkin ring, made of succulents and flowers

DIY Centerpiece

silver metal bowl, full of white and pink, flower bouquet, table centerpieces, white table

For this you need:

  • 9-11 artificial flowers in three different colours
  • artificial green leaves
  • wire cutter
  • artificial moss
  • Floral foam
  • nice bowl

DIY centerpiece 

table centerpieces, step by step ,diy tutorial, pink and white, flower bouquet, styrofoam inside a bowl

That is how it goes:

  1. Shorten the stems of the flowers a bit.
  2. Put some floral foam in the container.
  3. Arrange the flowers in the bowl by sticking them in the floral foam. First, put the big flowers and then add the smaller flowers and the green leaves.
  4. Fill in the gaps with moss.

Pretty decor with flowers

ppink adn white, flower bouquet, table centerpieces, inside a metal bowl, on a white table

Candlesticks made of trees

colourful candles, on top of round blocks of wood, table centerpieces, painted in different colours

For this you need:

  • wooden blocks
  • acrylic paint
  • metal end cap with a diameter of 1.9 cm
  • golden spray paint
  • Industrial adhesives
  • saw
  • long candle
  • newsprint
  • brush
  • abrasive paper

Make candlesticks

blocks of wood, painted in different colours, centerpiece ideas, colourful candles, step by step, diy tutorial

That is how it goes:

  1. Cut the branch in pieces. Smooth the pieces with sandpaper.
  2. Cover your workstation with newspaper and spray the cap with golden paint. Let the cap dry well. If necessary, apply another layer of golden paint.
  3. Take a piece of wood. Dye it with acrylic paint and let it dry well.
  4. Glue the graduation cap on the wooden foundation.
  5. Put the candle in the end cap.

Colourful party decoration

colourful candles, small blocks of wood, painted in different colours, centerpiece ideas

Table decoration made of balloons

centerpiece ideas, orange white and yellow balloons, table runner, white table, wine glasses, orange white pumpkins

For this you need:

  • Balloons in 3 different colors
  • line
  • thread
  • flowers
  • Mini pumpkins

Tie balloons together

step by step, diy tutorial, centerpiece ideas, yellow orang and white balloons, table runner

That is how it goes:

  1. These balloons are very easy to do. Blow up the balloons. Tie them with the string.
  2. Put the table runner on the table. Complete the decoration with small pumpkins and pretty flowers.

Table runner made of balloons

orange white and yellow balloons, table runner, centerpiece ideas, on a white table, wine glasses

Christmas plate decoration

white plates, colourful baubles, dining table centerpieces, pine cone, tree branch, inside a bowl

For this you need:

  • transparent christmas ball
  • Mini pompoms
  • flat brush
  • Acrylic paint in different colours
  • white cardstock
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • white marker

Creative decoration idea

colourful baubles, step by step, diy tutorial, dining table centerpieces, blue and pink, acryllic paint

That is how it goes:

  1. Decorate the cardstock with acrylic paint. It is best to apply the desired colours in succession. Let the cardstock dry well.
  2. Open the Christmas ball, place one of the halves on the cardstock and trace its outline. Cut out the circle and write the desired text on it with the white marker.
  3. Put some pompoms in the Christmas ball, put the circle and a few more pompoms in it. Close the halves.

Beautiful decoration for the best Christmas party

colourful baubles, dining table centerpieces, step by step, diy tutorial, white sharpie, christmas theme

Place the Christmas ball in the plate or decorate the table with it by inserting a few green branches

tree branches, colourful baubles, dining table centerpieces, step by step, diy tutorial, christmas theme

Table runner with hydrangeas

floral table runner, pink hydrangeas, green leaves, dining table centerpieces, wooden background

For this you need:

  • 2 Aralia leaves
  • 3 hydrangeas
  • 5 hydrangea leaves
  • 20 stems Soft lady’s mantle
  • 1,5-2 m linen cord
  • Flower shears

Beautiful and fragrant table decoration

candle decoration, white wooden background, floral table runner, pink hydrangeas, green leaves

That is how it goes:

  1. Place a hydrangea leaf on a Aralia leaf and wrap several lines of linen around it.
  2. Add 3 Stems Soft Lady’s Mantle and secure with a little more string of linen. Put a hydrangea on the garland and wrap the string around it. Repeat this step three times.
  3. Finish the garland with a hydrangea leaf.
  4. Moisten the garland before the guests arrive, so they stay fresh longer.

Spring decoration with pink hydrangeas

floral table runner, diy tutorial, candle decoration, pink hydrangeas, green leaves, white background

Garland of fresh flowers

pineapples and lemons, white and orange flowers, table runner, candle decoration, candles scattered

For this you need:

  • 30-40 flowers
  • Fishing line 1,5 m
  • needle
  • scissors

Tie garland

candle decoration, white and orange, table runner, step by step, diy tutorial, grey, cotton cloth

That is how it goes:

  1. Cut out the stems of the flowers to a length of 1 cm.
  2. Thread the fishing line into the needle.
  3. Start threading the flowers on the fishing line. If you are satisfied with the length of the garland, tie the end of the fishing line and cut out the rest.

Fast and easy

white and orange flowers, table runner, candle decoration, step by step, diy tutorial

Table decoration in grey, yellow and orange

dining table decoration, white and orange flowers, table runner, grey cotton napkins, table setting

Table runner with Aztec motifs

printed table runner, white plates, glass bottles, flower bouquets, dining table decor, wooden table

For this you need:

  • Linen in size of your choice
  • acrylic paint
  • sponges
  • scissors
  • tape measurer

Decorate fabric

patterned linen, table runner, step by step, diy tutorial, dining table decor, purple and turquoise paint

That is how it goes:

  1. Cut the sponges in various geometric shapes (a diamond, a large triangle, a small triangle, a square and an arrowhead).
  2. Draw the desired pattern on a piece of paper.
  3. Decorate the linen fabric with acrylic paint using the sponges.
  4. Let the table runner dry well.


wooden table, dining table decor, patterned linen, table runner, vases of flowers, flower bouquets

Over 90 magnificent table decoration ideas 

photo collage, side by side photos, table decorations, dining table decor, step by step, diy tutorials

For the following table decoration ideas you need no special occasions. These can be easily realised for family lunch on weekends or for dinner today

photo collage, fall table decorations, side by side pictures, table decorations, table settings

Just put flowers, greens and a few colourful accents on the table and let yourself be immediately surprised by the way the atmosphere changes

red and white table runner, red cotton napkin, in the shape of an envelope, fall table decorations

glass bottle jar, painted in white, fall table decorations, flower bouquets, painted colourful dots

blue and pink paint, glass bottle, painted in white, fall table decorations, painted dots on the bottle

photo collage, fall table decorations, flower bouquets, different vases, side by side pictures

Stylish wedding table decoration

kitchen table centerpieces, photo collage, table settings, table decorations, side by side pictures

DIY vases from glass bottles

glass bottles, painted in different colours, kitchen table centerpieces, white background, flower bouquets

glass pottle, painted in white, flower bouquets, kitchen table centerpieces, white background

step by step, diy tutorial, glass bottle, painted in white, kitchen table centerpieces, white background

The table decorations do not necessarily have to be expensive. Put some flowers in a vase or jar and voila! You have already achieved the effect

photo collage, kitchen table centerpieces, table settings, flower bouquets, wooden tables

glass bottle, painted in green pink and turquoise, dining room centerpieces, flower bouquets

blue and pink paint, yellow flowers, glass bottles, dining room centerpieces, white background, diy tutorial

white background, dining room centerpieces, glass bottle, painted in gold, flower bouquets

dining room centerpieces, glass bottle, painted in gold, white background, flower bouquets, diy tutorial

ceramic deer figurine, colourful baubles, dining room centerpieces, grey candles, table settings

photo collage, fall flower arrangements, greenery and flowers, table runners, different table settings

Christmas table decoration with pine cones

marble countertop, fall flower arrangements, wooden tray, full of pine cones, candles in candle holders

step by step, diy tutorial, fall flower arrangements, marble countertop, pine ones, pine tree branches

wooden tray, full of pine cones, candles and pine tree branches, fall flower arrangements, marble countertop

floral table runner, step by step, diy tutorial, fall flower arrangements, side by side photos, wooden table

Party in the garden

blooming tree, garden furniture, flower bouquets, table setting ideas, garden design, metal chairs

monochromatic vase, bouquet of white roses, table setting ideas, metal swan figurines, framed drawing

glass vase, covered in monochromatic foil, table setting ideas, step by step, diy tutorial, white background

metal swan figurines, monochromatic vase, table setting ideas, bouquet of white roses, framed drawing

Effective table decoration that you can easily make yourself

emptied apples, filled with candles, red tulips, surrounding them, table setting ideas

black lace, table runner, table setting images, small glass vases, white rose in each one

rustic style, wooden table table setting images, potted white orchids, black and white photo

blossoming tree branches, blue mason jar, large white vase, table setting images, wooden white table

candle holders, white and gold, ceramic pumpkins, table setting images, wooden table, rustic style

table settings, long table, table setting images, wooden block tray, small jars, spring flower bouquets

champagne bottles, painted in gold, decorated with pearls, black feathers, dining table centerpiece ideas

dining table centerpiece ideas, red and white, christmas socks, used as napkins, table settings

long wooden table, metal tray in the middle, dining table centerpiece ideas, glass vases, flower bouquets

glass bottles, painted in gold, spring flower in each one, dining table centerpiece ideas, small candles

Beautiful table decoration ideas

flowers and green leaves, table runner, dining table centerpiece ideas, wooden table, rustic style

long black table, kitchen table decor, framed drawing and pictures, arranged on two, hanging shelves

two glass jars, lavender bouquet, flowers and lavender bouquet, kitchen table decor, wooden table

candle inside a glass, covered in lavender, wooden table, kitchen table decor, rustic style

How to decorate a desserts table

desserts tables, photo collage, kitchen table decor, table settings, cake stands, large cakes, colourful walls

fallen leaves, large glass vases on top, candles inside, kitchen table decor, wooden table and chairs

lemons and lemon tree branches, table runner, center table decor, wine glasses, table settings

long dining table, bouquets of roses, center table decor, table settings, white chairs, industrial style

map of the world wallpaper, purple wooden table, center table decor, wooden chairs, potted flowers, candle holders

mason jar, flower bouquet, table setting, wine glasses, center table decor, small macaroon favours

two pine cones, hanging from the table, tied with red and white, plaid ribbons, center table decor

dining table decor ideas, rustic style, glass jars and vases, full of white flowers, wooden block with moss

fallen leaves, hanging from the ceiling, wooden table and benches, flower bouquet, dining table decor ideas

wooden table and chairs, dining table decor ideas, plastic candle holder, flower bouquet, purple walls

small round, wooden coffee table, wooden tray, full of white pumpkins, dining table decor ideas, wooden crates

wooden blocks trays, candle holders, dining table decor ideas, pine tree branches, table runner

simple centerpieces, small glass jar, spring flower bouquet, white lace, table runner, table settings

vintage wooden table, vintage sofa, simple centerpieces, large bouquet of flowers, in the middle


square glass aquariums, full of candles, on a marble countertop, simple centerpieces

table numbers, made out of cork screws, simple centerpieces, baby's breath, small bouquets

Stunning candle decoration idea

tall glass vases, filled with water, flower petals and candles, spring flower arrangements, pink and purple flowers

vintage teapot, spring flower arrangements, on top of books, golden frame, glass candle holders

folded white cotton napkins, tied with paper and a tree branch, spring flower arrangements

small round side table, wooden board, candles on top, spring flower arrangements, white flower bouquet

wooden board, two glass vases on top, flower bouquets inside, spring flower arrangements

wooden grey table, metal white chairs, table arrangements, small sunflower bouquet, framed inspirational quote

metal tray, candles in candle holders on top, table arrangements, round glass vase, bouquet of hyacinth flowers

wooden table, white and grey plates and bowls, table arrangements, grey cotton napkins, wine glasses

wooden table, rustic style, metal and plastic, candle holders, table arrangements, christmas theme

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