Couture lighting collection by Brand Van Egmond

by Maria Konou

Brand Van Egmond are celebrating 20 years of successful design work by creating these marvelous chandelier collection.

From Brand Van Egmond:


Sophisticated chic from the past combined with the most recent technologies… Coco brings fashion and design together in a spectacular ‘haute-couture’ piece with allure. Keep your eyes wide shut… can you handle a flirt with Coco?
The strings of black and clear crystals bring to mind antique jewelry of the 19th century and create an enchanting feminine silhouette. Deep jet black in contrast to clear crystals, this classic combination breathes the modest chic of ancient times. Yet this pure and elegant lighting sculpture is smooth and playful at the same time.

Timeless elegance: …that’s what Coco stands for.

Digital Dreams:

Beautiful dreamer, wake me up. Shine your personal light and show me my dreams, my illusions… my life. While writing their personal book ‘Lighting Sculptures’, William and Annet discovered the inspirational effects of photography.
A picture is like a painting… Using these ‘paintings’ in a lighting sculpture creates a very bare chandelier with a deep soul: Digital Dreams. The avantgardistic Digital Dreams embraces you…. showing all your personal experiences in an easy way.

Digital Dreams makes you feel you are on the move exploring new ideas. It sets your mind free in a visual way with its poetic frames. Surprise yourself and feel the rhythm of life… with its series of personal moods from past to present.

You inspire me… Tell me your secrets behind your pictures…

Maria Konou

Maria Konou is a specialist in the field of digital marketing and fashion. However, she has always had a way with words. That’s what led her to her dream job here at Archzine. She has worked in many different fields over the years, but according to her, being an author has been the most rewarding. Maria is a huge plant enthusiast, loves everything fashion-related, is very sustainably aware, and is always open to learning about new things.