Electricity and light planning for a perfect interior design

by dari

Have you ever actually considered the real effect of room lighting? Along with its general illumination purpose, it can be an exquisite eyecatcher that strongly influences the room atmosphere, and hence our well-being. Sometimes only through the right lighting could rooms fully unfold their aesthetic potential. And here good light planning is the key factor, because there are different lighting requirements, depending on the room function.

Light planning for a soothing room atmosphere


The best way to create splendid atmosphere at home is to combine different light sources. One can fully experiment with light intensities and use all lighting possibilities, in order to create spatial effects in the room. Even the lamp design is of great importance to enrich the lighting room-concepts: decorative chandelier, stylish classics as a reading and pendulum lamp, that catch the eye, could perfectly come of use. Its important to bare in mind that direct and strong light stimulates excitation, whilst warm and indirect light provides comfort. The latter is very essential for the atmosphere in rooms, where it was intended to relax. With such a “luminary mix” it would be easy to create the right mood in every room.

Ranging light and colours to achieve lux-levels


Brightly lit rooms with no mild lighting often tend to shine monotonous and uncomfortable. Furthermore nothing irritates the eye more than the direct looking at a bright uncovered light. Therefore it is advisable to set accent and indirect lighting and thus create dimly lit room areas. This will bring colour into play and exquisitely enrich room appearance. The “warm-white” halogen lighting is the best way to achieve it. The energy saving LED modules are easily adoptable to architectural lighting concepts, creating interplay of illumination and dynamic effects.

Light planning: Adopt light source to your room design


The small light-emitting diodes (LED modules) were once used only as signal lamps, but lighting designers have quickly recognized their actual architectural potential. They have been designing different luminaires with a large number of LED modules for several years now. One of the special advantages of LED light solution is the compact format, suitable for every narrow design concept. Since LEDs can not only emit white light, but also light with the entire color spectrum, they are used mainly as decorative lighting. Extremely economical and environmentally friendly, LED lighting is also crucial in the outdoor area.

If you happen to plan your individual room lighting and you need a precise electricity planning its always advisable to turn to specialists. We can offer you though a perfect light solution. With LED flex stripes you could easily fulfill your ideal lighting design concept.

LINEARlight LED for extraordinary bathroom effects


Individual illumination solution with LED modules