Attic Window Curtains – Ideas and Solutions to Inspire You

by John Griffith

Although often overlooked, curtains play a very important part in interior decoration, as they can positively transform a room’s ambience. For example, darker window coverings add a sombre, dignified note to any living space, while light, sheer curtains make a room seem brighter and more spacious. The color choice is also significant. Soft, warm shades create a sunny vibe, cooler tones help us unwind, and a shill, vibrant palette can really refresh a room, giving it a unique character. These rules apply to all rooms in your home, including the attic. If you have a sloping ceiling, chances are your attic windows are asymmetrical or of the skylight variety. Finding the right coverings for those might seem like an impossible task – but fear not! We have some amazing curtain ideas that go with every kind of window, and can transform your attic space into a cosy oasis.

Needles to say, regular curtain poles are not suitable for gable, dormer and skylight windows. Luckily, you can opt for short, individual curtain rods or rails. Attaching them to each separate wing of your window will ensure smooth opening and closing. Once you have taken care of the rods, you can pick the color and length of your curtains. If the attic room faces to the east, we advise you to pick longer, denser fabrics, which will protect you from the sun’s harsh rays in the morning. If it is north-facing, or there is a large building nearby that limits your light access, you should consider shorter, sheer or vibrantly colored curtains.

We have plenty of curtain ideas that will brighten up your attic

curtain ideas, living room with white walls, and wooden paneling, white sofa with multicolored cushions, blue carpet and large window, with white sheer white curtains, under pale cream dense curtains

Nowadays the market is full of all all kinds of great window solutions. You can find virtually every color, pattern and length imaginable. This can make choosing the right curtains a lengthy process. Nevertheless, we hope that our article is useful and points you in the right direction. If you need some visual inspiration, take a look at our gallery below – we have over 40 gorgeous curtain ideas for every kind of attic room!

Pale, unobtrusive window coverings always look great

curtain ideas,spacious living room with wood paneling, three windows with long, pale grey curtains, big sofa and fireplace, pool table and shelves

Lovely floor-length designs add effortless glamour

curtain ideas, dining room with large sloping windows, pale cream curtains, held with metal rod, wooden table with white leather chairs

Why not go for a soft, romantic and classy look inspired by times gone by?

curtain ideas, vintage looking room, wooden beams on ceiling, bed with white lace cover, window with pale grey and white curtains

A beautiful, understated and classy solution for gable windows

curtain ideas, bedroom with gable window, decorated with long gray curtains, smaller window with grey striped fabric blinds, white sofa and bed

Trendy curtains can create a lovely ambience in your child’s room

curtain ideas, child's room wit red car mural on wall, orange beanie chair, brown fluffy carpet, bed behind grey and yellow patterned curtain

Dark hues can be a great choice for the windows in your living room

window treatment ideas, large living room with sloped ceiling, three windows with dark brown curtains, sofas and a table

A characteristically minimalist Scandinavian interior, combining dark grey curtains, wooden elements and white textiles

window treatment ideas, minimalist Scandinavian style attic, wooden beams and floor, dark grey curtains, two mattresses with pillows and covers

Bright floral designs are a beautiful and refreshing idea and look great on sloping windows

window treatment ideas, bright room with two sets of windows, light green and blue floral curtain, black leather sofa and chair

Dark curtains create a classy, regal atmosphere, especially when combined with the right furniture

window treatment ideas, attic livingroom with six windows, decorated with white and violet curtains, white sofa and table

Here is a fun and unusual suggestion – floral sofa cushions and matching window coverings

window treatment ideas, white sofa with floral cushions, near wooden gable window, with matching curtains

window treatment ideas, attic bedroom with white wooden beams, and gable windows, red and white floral curtains, pale green and red furniture and textiles

If you don’t feel like attaching curtain rails to your sloping or skylight windows but nevertheless need some protection from the sun, you can always opt for blinds

bedroom curtains, bedroom with yellow and white walls, bed in warm colors, and windows with pale cream blinds and curtains

bedroom curtains, sloping ceiling with wooden beams, stone paneling and white shelves, wooden bed and floors, large window with cream-colored curtains

curtains for living room, brown leather sofa, small light wooden table, terrace door and small window, both decorated with vivid, light green curtains

bedroom curtains, classically furnished bedroom, with light bed and furniture, two sloping windows, with sheer white curtains

bedroom curtains, plain attic bedroom, with pale grey walls, asymmetrical window with off-white curtain, bed and night lamp

curtains for living room, wicker round table, and settee with cushions, large window with a combination of sheer white, and pale purple curtains

bedroom curtains, child's bedroom with desk and bed, two windows with blue and red patterned curtains

bedroom curtains, room with white vanity, bad with cream-colored patterned cover, brown settee and sloping window, with dark green and black patterned curtains, held with metal rod

curtains ideas, bedroom with patterned wallpaper, window with light green and white curtains, tied with decorative ropes, bed with green spread

curtains for living room, small white sofa and chair, mirror and TV, small window with plaster details, half-covered by long teal curtain

curtains for living room, red sofa with black cushions, small white table, several windows some with pale cream curtains

curtains for living room, light patterned sofa and settee, white glass-top table, wooden floor and staircase, big sloped window, with light brown curtains

curtains ideas, attic office with blue walls, white and brown desk and black chair, two desktop computers, vintage chair and asymmetric window, with pale grey curtain

curtains ideas, bedroom with white furniture, terrace door and windows, decorated with pale patterned curtains

living room curtains ideas, open gable window, with pale olive green patterned curtains, tied with decorative ropes, white wall and ceiling lighting

curtains for living room, two story windows, decorated with light brown and cream patterned curtains, bottom row windows have white blinds

curtains ideas, nursery with pale pink walls, skylight window with red and white curtains, wooden beam and crib, with toys nearby

curtains ideas, room with purple paneling, bed in white and purple, with many cushions, sloped window with light brown, gathered curtains and pale window covers

curtains ideas, bedroom with pale purple walls, wooden floor and purple rug, bed and sofa, two windows with black and white striped curtains

living room curtains ideas, sofa in dark colors and wooden table, terrace door decorated with two sets, of green and yellow striped curtains

living room curtains ideas, close up of attic window, with pale brown curtain, tied with tasseled rope, pale pink wall and white ceiling

curtains ideas, attic dining room, with wooden floors, small black table, and red an pale blue chairs, sofa and window, with grey curtains

living room curtains ideas, close up of small attic window, surrounded by wooden paneling, decorated with orange red curtains

living room curtains ideas, dark green antique desk and chair, black cupboard and brown carpet, two sloping windows with curtains, with purple and pink, and red and cream stripes

room with bed in pale and dark blue, small white round table and chair, sloping window with overlapping curtains, in pale blue and grey

attic room with slopped window, decorated with sheer cream curtains, held by iron rod, white desk and chair, and other furniture nearby

bedroom with sloped ceiling, covered with wooden planks, asymmetrical window with short, sheer asymmetrical curtain, pale brown bed

Add some glamour to your bedroom with this eye-catching shimmering design

bedroom with white walls and cream paneling, bed with shiny, pale brown metallic cover, window with matching drapes, and sheer cream curtains

living room curtains ideas, gable window seen in close up, with wooden framing, cream colored blinds, and gathered semi-sheer curtains in the same color

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