60+ Vintage Wedding Dresses to Fall in Love With

by John Griffith

Delicate, beautiful and romantic, vintage wedding dresses add a touch of style and sophistication to any nuptial. Their designs often feature intricate embroidery and antique lace which create an atmosphere of demure sophistication, and transport your wedding celebrations to times long gone by.

The term vintage has come to encompass many different decades. There are elegant frocks inspired by the lavish 1920s, classy and chic gowns influenced by the 50s, whimsical and unique styles that evoke the free-spirited feel of the 60s and many, many more. If you’re having trouble deciding which fashion decade suits you best, why not look through our selection of vintage wedding dresses? We have plenty of gorgeous suggestions which are guaranteed to please even the pickiest of brides!

When it comes to vintage wedding dresses, the most popular choice is undoubtedly the “antique meets modern” bridal gown.

vintage wedding dresses, young bride with tied back hair, standing on quay in Venice near boats and a bridge, long white dress floating in wind, with lace details

It offers the best of both worlds by combining the romantic feel of the past with a dash of contemporary style.vintage wedding dresses, young brunette woman sitting on a gondola, sailing on a canal in venice, wearing long white frilly wedding dress with lace and embroidery

Inspired by classical continental Europe, these gorgeous styles blend tradition and innovation in an effective and effortless way.

vintage wedding dresses, blonde bride on a boat sailing on the river Seine, wearing long white figure-hugging wedding dress with applique details and lace

If you dream of a wedding with just a hint of vintage inspiration, why not consider one of these pieces?vintage wedding dresses, two brunette brides in long white gowns with sheer details and embroidery, lace and different accessories like earnings and belt

A glamorous mermaid bridal gown with plenty of vintage lace is always a good idea…vintage wedding dresses, two images of a bride facing forwards and backwards, wearing a long white dress with embroidery, lace and a cut-out back, near the staircase of an old building

…as is this delicate and chic dress which features gorgeous lace details, embroidery and pearls, and is certain to make you feel like royalty!vintage wedding dresses, three images of a bride facing forwards backwards and a close up, long gown with glittering beads embroidery and a bow, in a room with wooden floors table with flowers and curtains

Delicate and romantic, this glorious gown evokes Midsummer Night’s Dream and is the perfect option for a whimsical woodland wedding.vintage wedding dresses, blonde bride with flowers in hair facing backwards, wearing a long white bridal dress with lace back and buttons, holding a bouquet of flowers, dark forest background

The Roaring Twenties were a time of drastic change in fashion – they brought us the iconic and glamorous flapper style which is fondly remembered (and frequently revisited) to this day. Whether you want to party like Gatsby or just love the glitzy feel of the jazz age, you will love these 20s inspired pieces!vintage inspired wedding dresses, bride and groom sitting and hugging on a yellow couch, woman wears a 1920s style dress with embroidery beads and pearls and a hair ornament, man wears black suit, flowers in background

Transform your winter wedding into a stylish vintage party by pairing up your dress with white faux fur and a pair of chic gloves.vintage inspired wedding dresses, dark-haired woman with a head ornament, standing in front of a large painting of nature, wearing long glittering dress, diamond earrings and a white fur scarf

1920s inspired vintage wedding dresses usually feature lavish embroidery and exquisite head accessories.vintage inspired wedding dresses, bride with 1920s clothes hair and headband sitting in old-fashioned car and holding flowers

vintage inspired wedding dresses, woman with red lipstick and hair looking up, wearing vintage 1920s headdress and fail and bridal gown with lace beads and pearls, holding a large bouquet of differently colored flowers

These beautiful details will dazzle your guests and add a note of sophistication to your nuptial.unique wedding dresses, two images of a white wedding dress, one on a hanger with a close up on its beaded and embroidered details, one on a brunette woman looking down with hands on hips

Another fashion decade currently enjoying a surge in popularity are the 1950s. Glamorous and deceptively simple, the vintage wedding dresses inspired by this era evoke the effortless chic of timeless fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.tea length wedding dresses, smiling bride in calf-length white dress with sheer sleeves pushing a bike with a flower basket

tea length wedding dresses, auburn-haired young bride with knee-length white dress, with cream embroidery and sheer sleeves

tea length wedding dresses, two images of a bride facing forward and back, with calf-length white dress with sheer lace sleeves and back, blond hair in a pony tail

Tea length dresses are stylish and flattering.tea length wedding dresses, brunette woman in bridal dress and hat sitting on a grey couch, lace details and a pink rose on her belt, two bouquets of roses, grey background with small decorative tree

tea length wedding dresses, two images of a woman facing back and front, wearing a 1950s style tea length dress with lace and embroidery, small white cap with feather, standing in front of a retro car and a small plane

Whimsical and cute, they will transform your wedding into a memorable vintage themed event, especially if your spouse dresses the part too!short white wedding dresses, a man with glasses in white shirt and turquoise bow tie and overalls, and a woman in calf-length dress with turquoise petticoat and shoes, holding hands in front of a turquoise retro car

short white wedding dresses, young bride with simple white dress red shoes and red hair ornament, sitting on a window sill and looking at a young man in jeans, white shirt and grey cap

With so many variations to chose from, there is a perfect 1950s inspired vintage dress for every taste!tea length dresses, blonde smiling bride looking back, wearing a white dress with lace inserts and embroidery, hands on her tummy, balloons and brick wall in background

tea length dresses, fair-haired woman in simple wedding dress, with vintage-inspired hairstyle and a forehead tiara, leaning on a white retro car with bow, green fields in background

tea length dresses, bride with vintage 1950s dress red cap and silver shoes, leaning on an old white convertible car decorated with white bow, green fields and trees

tea length dresses, close up of a woman's body in white calf-length bridal dress with lace details and sheer sleeves, hands on stomach and hips and wearing white shoes, park in background

tea length dresses, bride in simple 1950s calf-length wedding dress, with white short gloves pearl necklace airings and hair ornament, holding a white purse,, vintage furniture and a dark curtain

If you are a fan of Classical Hollywood, you will love these exquisite styles!short lace wedding dress, blonde woman with hands in pockets looking down, wearing a white call-length wedding dress with lace and white shoes with bows, drawing of a city in background

short lace wedding dress, short lacy dress with sheer sleeves and embroidery in white on a simple mannequin, grey background

short lace wedding dress, dress with lace top and pink belt with flower, sheer sleeves and plain bottom, on a simple wooden mannequin, in front of a mirror with fairy lights in a room with other white dresses

You prefer a modern dress that gently hints at 1950s fashion? We’ve got you covered!short lace wedding dress, bride with loose brown hair, wedding a white and cream wedding dress with lace and nude shoes, holding a white and green bouquet, on a grey background

short white wedding dresses, bride in white knee-length dress with lace details and a head ornament with white flowers, holding a bouquet and a groom in black suit and red-striped tie petting a white horse near a field and trees

short lace wedding dress, african-american bride wearing a calf-length dress with lace and long sheer lace sleeves, with white sandals and a sheer veil on dark grey background

The Swinging Sixties and free-spirited Seventies are also a great source of inspiration for vintage wedding dresses. Whether you want to be a stylish mod bride or a beautiful hippie girl on your big day, there are loads of options to chose from.short white wedding dresses, woman in plain white calf-length dress and a head ornament, wearing white sheer tights and white shoes with straps, holding a bouquet of violet flowers, light blue and brown background

simple wedding dress, smiling bride in white long bohemian hippie dress holding a large green and white bouquet, five bridesmaids in white dresses holding flowers in background, old brick shabby interior

simple wedding dress, woman in long white dress with wide sleeves and an open back, leaning on a terrace made of stone with green creeping plants and trees in background, messy hair bun with ornaments

simple wedding dress, blonde bride looking down and holding her long white hippie bohemian dress with lace and embroidery, white flower tiara, light background

simple wedding dress, woman in long white dress with pleats and a lacy embroidered back, standing on a sandy shore in front of the sea, formal up-do with flowers in hair

Unrestricted, freely flowing dresses with delicate lace details are the ideal choice for unique ladies who prefer a fairy-tale woodland wedding.simple wedding dress, young bride with curly dark hair and a small flower crown, with a long cream wedding dress with lace details near the back, one hand on a tree and standing near a woodland lake

unique wedding dresses, close up of a brunette bride with wavy hair and a glittering hair ornament, wearing an encrusted bracelet and a dress with lace details, a farm gate in the background

unique wedding dresses, auburn-haired bride in long dress made of tulle, facing backwards and walking in the woods, one hand holding a rose crown on her head, trees, leaves

unique wedding dresses, blonde bride with green leaf-crown facing sideways, in a white lace dress with unbuttoned sheer lace back, standing near a mirror

unique wedding dresses, blonde woman in long bridal dress with pearls and beads, holding her dress in one hand and walking through a yellow field looking down

If you are an old soul who dreams of a nuptial inspired by times long gone by, you will love these unique vintage wedding dresses inspired by Victorian times and beyond!unique wedding dresses, blonde woman sitting down with hands in lap, in a Victorian cream wedding dress with lace and sheer short sleeves, messy hair bun

unique wedding dresses, woman with tied back dark hair, sitting near a window and looking down in profile, wearing a pearl necklace and a vintage cream Victorian era wedding dress with lace and embroidery

bride with brown hair tied in a bun, in a long pale pink and cream dress with embroidery, sitting on a chair and holding her gown in both hands, near a set wooden table with green plants, plates, gases and candles

woman with brown hair in a fancy do, wearing a long vintage inspired dress with lace and sheer details, walking in a green field with thistles, holding her gown in one hand and a bouquet of white flowers in the other

three close-ups of a wedding dress with lace details, worn by a blonde young bride, with a white bracelet, holding a bouquet of white flowers

Wedding dresses featuring folk motives with a modern twist are also an excellent choice, as they allow you to make a bold fashion statement while giving a small nod to your heritage.smiling bride with free-falling shoulder-lenght blonde hair, looking sideways, standing in a yellow field, dressed in a white long partly see-through dress with lace, holding a colorful bouquet and wearing a flower crown attached to a veil

close-up of a bride in a lacy partly sheer dress, holding a bouquet with many different desert flowers in various colors

bride wearing long vintage lace dress, flower crown and veil and groom in black suit, both facing backwards, walking on a country road surrounded by trees,

long white bohemian wedding dress with wide sleeves, cutout lave back and long veil, worn by a brunette with a fancy hairdo, holding a man's hand and a bouquet of flowers, woodland background

If you are still having doubts about your ideal bridal gown, here are some more gorgeous vintage wedding dresses to chose from!semi close-up of a blonde bride in a white dress with embroidered top and plain bottom, with a simple hair knot, trees and bushes in background

close up of a blonde bride facing backwards, wearing her hair in a messy bun with white ornaments, and a white dress with button up back made of sheer lace

brunette woman with white hair ornaments in her hair bun, facing backwards and wearing a white dress with buttons and a sheer back and sleeves, guests in background

vintage inspired wedding dresses,young blonde bride looking down, wearing embroidered long white dress with lace sleeves and a hair ornament, brick wall and furniture in the background

young blonde bride in vintage lace wedding gown with open back, with white hair ornament, standing on an antique looking balcony with trees and plants in the background

vintage inspired wedding dresses, bride in long vintage embroidered gown with lace and wearing a hair ornament hugging a man in a light brown suit

vintage inspired wedding dresses, young woman with 1920s style hair and a white hair ornament, wearing a long white embroidered wedding dress with low back and lace details

smiling woman in loosely fitting bridal gown inspired by 1920s fashion, looking down and holding her dress in one hand and a bouquet of colorful flowers in the other, trees and a road

woman in flowing white bridal gown with lace and tulle, sitting on a moon-shaped ornament, hugged by a man in a dark grey suit, near a large vase with flowers, trees in background

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