Gender reveal ideas for the most important party in your life

by John Griffith

Finding out the gender of your baby is a big deal. Especially if it is your first child. Fortunately, we live in a time where technology has evolved so much that you can find out your baby’s gender as early as your second trimester. However, there are many people who choose not to know before they have actually given birth. If, however, you are not one of those people and you are super excited to find out whether you are going to have a boy or a girl, then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to show you some awesome gender reveal ideas for the most important party in your life.

Gender reveal ideas for an awesome party

man and woman, fighting with pillows, gender reveal ideas, blue confetti in the air

How to plan a gender reveal party?

  1. Pick a venue and set the date. Naturally, this is the first thing you need to do. You can find out your baby’s gender at the mid-pregnancy ultrasound, which is around week 20 of your pregnancy. Therefore, the party needs to be around that time. The venue doesn’t have to be very big, as it is normally a small party, consisting of your family and closest friends. Your home might actually be the perfect spot.
  2. Pick a theme. Gender reveal themes vary a lot. There are the usual ones, which everyone uses, such as: bows or bowties, touchdowns or tutus, moustaches or lipsticks, etc. However, you can always pick the theme according to your and your significant other’s preferences. Some people throw parties with themes, such as: Luke or Leia, Harry or Hermione, Guns or Roses, etc.
  3. Send your invitations. Nowadays, invitations come in many different forms. Of course, the old school method of sending them through the post is great. If, however, you are looking for something more contemporary, opt for e-mails or creating a social media event. Make sure to invite everyone at least a month prior to the party.

Planning a gender reveal party can be very easy if done right

man and woman, standing in a field, man holding, pink smoke bomb, gender reveal ideas

Ideas for gender reveal decorations:

  • Blue and pink. This one is probably the most obvious choice. Get everything in blue and pink, including the cake, sweets and candy.
  • Dessert table. Dessert tables have become quite a trend recently. It seems like they are everywhere and every type of party has one. So, don’t be afraid to go crazy with the desserts. Cake, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, go all in.
  • Banners. Fun banners are all the rage. From bachelorette parties to gender reveal parties. There are the simple ones, such as: “He or she, what will it be?”, “Boy or girl”, “What will it bee?”, etc. But you can also come up with your own fun banners to make your guests smile.

Gender reveal ideas and cool decoration tricks

gender reveal ideas, dessert table, with cake and cupcakes, sweet popcorn, different candies

What are the most popular gender reveal games?

  • Old wives’ tales. This is probably one of the most popular ones. We have all heard these old sayings. For example, if you are craving only sweets then you will have a girl. Write down on a board some of these sayings and circle the ones, which relate to you. After the reveal compare the results and check if the old wives were right after all.
  • Wear your guess. Leave a few clothespins or necklaces, colored in blue and pink and let your guests wear them, according to their guess. You can also create a beautiful memento for your baby by letting your guests write down their predictions on a onesie or a framed sonogram.
  • Time capsule. Create a time capsule for your baby by letting your guests write down hopes, predictions and wishes for your baby. Seal them in a box and gift it to your child when they turn 16, for example.

Blue and pink decorations are very popular

cake and cupcakes, with blue and pink frosting, gender reveal ideas, pink and blue sneakers, cake topper

What are the most popular gender reveal ideas?

  • Gender reveal balloons. There are a few different ways to use balloons to reveal the gender of your baby. One version you can try is filling a box with either pink or blue balloons and release them all at once. Another one is popping black balloons with either darts or arrows. They should be filled either with confetti or powder, of course in either pink or blue. That way, once you manage to pop the balloon it will reveal your baby’s gender.
  • Gender reveal piñata. Another very common way of gender reveal. Fill a piñata with either blue or pink candy and go crazy with it. As soon as it breaks, you and your man will know what you are expecting.
  • Gender reveal smoke cannon. Smoke cannons have become very popular in wedding photoshoots. Now, you can also use them to reveal the gender of your baby. You can also opt for confetti. Do we need to say that you need either blue, or pink smoke cannon?
  • Gender reveal cake or cupcakes. Fill the cake with either pink or blue candy, or simply dye the layers. Once you cut it, you will know.
  • Gender reveal silly string. You and your husband can stand in the middle and have your guests surround you. Arm them with some silly string and let them go crazy with it. So, you will either be covered with pink or blue silly string.

Cupcake gender reveals are quite popular

small cupcakes, with white frosting, gold glitter onesies, cake toppers, gender reveal ideas, blue bows

Unique gender reveal ideas:

  • Spray paint or paintball guns. Wear white t-shirts and start spraying each other. The color of the spray is going to reveal the gender of your baby.
  • Big brother or sister. If you already have another child or children, let them be the announcers. Whether you will give them a lollipop, which will slowly uncover pink or blue color, or you will let them pop balloons, make sure they are included. After all, it is a big deal for them as well.
  • Use your pets. If you have a dog, you can let it run its paws through a white carpet and leave pink or blue prints.

There’s something about the anticipation of popping these balloons

boy or girl, let's get poppin, black balloons, man and woman smiling, gender reveal ideas

Be creative and base your gender reveal party on the things that you and your SO love

man on a motorcycle, blowing pink smoke, gender reveal party, woman smiling

Don’t be afraid to take center stage and make it fun

man and woman, standing back to back, gender reveal party, golding nerf guns, wearing blindfolds

Cute decorations are all the rage

decorated cookies, gender reveal party, twinkle twinkle little star, baby boy, baby girl

Now watch these kids be hilariously disappointed by the reveal

Suspend a box from the ceiling and let it shower you with balloons and confetti

baby is a, black box, full of pink balloons, pink confetti, gender reveal party, woman standing underneath

Cute invitations are irreplaceable

gender reveal party, diaper shaped invitations, blue and pink, baby footprints, pink bows

Make sure you have some fun games to keep your guests entertained

gender reveal games, blue or pink, what do you think, scratch cards, jar full of confetti

A super cute cake is very important

small cake, with white frosting, white teddy bear, cake topper, gender reveal games, blue and pink decorations

Smoke cannons make for some pretty awesome photos

pink smoke, pink confetti, gender reveal games, man and woman standing, in front of a fountain

dessert table, gender reveal games, pink and blue cupcakes, sweets and candy, boy or girl

burnouts or bows, two tier cake, gender reveal games, pink and blue table cloth

oh joy, is it a girl or boy, pink and blue balloons, gender reveal party ideas, question mark pinata

sweet popcorn, pink and blue candy, gender reveal party ideas, white cake frosting, sprinkles on top

Gender reveal cupcakes

gender reveal party ideas, small cupcakes, white frosting, pink and blue, baby footprints, made of fondant

DIY tutorial

step by step, diy tutorial, gender reveal party ideas, small cupcake, yellow frosting, pink on the inside

Another version of cupcake gender reveal with a small cute heart on the inside

small cupcakes, colorful frosting, blue hearts inside, gender reveal party ideas, step by step, diy tutorial

Gender reveal cake

small cake, with white frosting, blue candy inside, gender reveal balloons, white cake stand

DIY tutorial

step by step, diy tutorial, gender reveal balloons, small cake, pink and white frosting, pink candy inside

pop the belly board, black balloons, pink paint, gender reveal balloons

Let your little one be a part of the announcement

black and white, photo collage, little boy, gender reveal balloons, pink lollipop

blue and pink, baby shoes, on a white blanket, gender reveal balloons

gender reveal decorations, lots of people smiling, standing on a field, blue confetti in the air

man and woman hugging, wearing blue and pink caps, mom and dad, gender reveal decorations, baby sonogram

Bubblegum popping is a cute way of revealing your baby’s gender

man and woman, sitting on stairs, blowing bubbles, pink and blue, gender reveal decorations

photo collage, men and women, gender reveal decorations, reveal boxes, full of balloons

woman smiling, throwing blue glitter, in a man's face, gender reveal decorations

pink and blue flowers, dessert table, cake in the middle, cupcake trays, unique gender reveal ideas

beauty or beast, blue and yellow frosting, unique gender reveal ideas, red rose on top

Great example of an Old wives’ tales board

old wives tales, black chalkboard, wooden frame, unique gender reveal ideas, white background

black t shirts, pink or blue, mommy loves you, unique gender reveal ideas, white background

blue or pink, wear your guess, black frame, unique gender reveal ideas, pink and blue pearls

donuts and cookies, blue and pink frosting, gender reveal themes, oh baby, wooden trays

gender reveal themes, oh baby, cake topper, blue and pink frosting, silver tray

blue and pink balloons, blue tulle, fairy lights, gender reveal themes, wooden table, cake stands

small cupcakes, blue and pink on the inside, owl cake toppers, colorful frosting, gender reveal themes

boy or girl, dessert table, gender reveal themes, balloons and banners, we love you garland

gender reveal box, cake pops, baseballs and pink bows, white tray

BabyQ’s are also very popular

babyq invitations, gender reveal box, wooden background, pink and blue letters

two plastic baseballs, gender reveal box, filled with pink and blue powder

rustic decor, gender reveal box, blue and pink lemonade, wooden crates, paper straws

framed sonogram, gender reveal box, blue marker, blue table cloth, wooden wall

pink girl balloons, blue boy balloons, pink and blue tulle, gender reveal gifts, dessert table

paper plates and cups, gender reveal gifts, small cupcakes, pink and blue frosting

he or she, white background, gender reveal gifts, arrow piercing a black balloon, pink paint

he or she, cake topper, small cake, pink and blue macaroons, gender reveal gifts, pink and blue frosting

Hershey’s party favours

hershey's chocolates, blue he, pink she, gender reveal gifts, blue and pink bows

DIY stork piñata

gender reveal ideas for family, pinata in the shape of a stork, candy on the table, blue background

Step by step tutorial

step by step, diy tutorial, stork pinata, gender reveal ideas for family, photo collage

pink girl balloons, gender reveal ideas for family, he or she, carton box, heart shaped balloon

Create a memento for your little one

white onesie, little man, or little lady, we love this baby, gender reveal ideas for family, signed with pink and blue markers

pink and blue balloons, gender reveal ideas for family, pink and blue and cake, dessert table

welcome table, pink and blue onesies, gender reveal pinata, old wives tales board

old wives tales board, white frame, gender reveal pinata, wooden frame

photo collage, woman with white t shirt, blue dog prints on it, gender reveal pinata

two women smiling, gender reveal pinata, photo frame, in pink and white, lots of balloons

pink and white tulle, dessert table, gender reveal pinata, pink and white decorations

pink an blue, tulle wreath, team blue, team pink, unique gender reveal party ideas

Beautiful cake for a “pirate or mermaid” themed party

unique gender reveal party ideas, three tier cake, pirate or mermaid, pink tulle, what shall ye be

Fun party favours

pop it when she pops, small prosecco bottles, unique gender reveal party ideas, wooden table

rice bars, pink and blue frosting, unique gender reveal party ideas, wooden table, grey tray

white spray cans, unique gender reveal party ideas, pink and blue ribbons

team girl, team boy, gender reveal cake ideas, mickey and minnie mouse, small clothespins

touchdowns or tutus, two tier cake, gender reveal cake ideas, glass cake stand

Let your guests make their predictions in a fun and creative way

twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are, gender reveal cake ideas, blue and pink fingerprints

gender reveal cake ideas, twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are, white bow

blue and pink, button shaped plates, on the wall, gender reveal cake ideas, pink tablecloth

we wanted you to be the first to know, we're expecting, gender reveal smoke cannon

gender reveal smoke cannon, two metal bowls, pink and blue clothespins, wear your guess

“What will it bee?” theme

what will it bee, gender reveal smoke cannon, small cake, white frosting, yellow bees and sunflowers

what will it bee, dessert table, gender reveal smoke cannon, greenery wall, sunflowers and balloons

gumball machine drawing, pink and blue fingerprints, gender reveal smoke cannon wheels or heels, large banner, gender reveal ideas pinterest, white wooden wall

blue pink and white balloons, gender reveal ideas pinterest, large plastic boxes, filled with balloons

gender reveal ideas pinterest, white frosting, colorful sprinkles, sprinkle covered question mark, cake topper

woman kissing a man, wearing a white shirt, pink handprints on the belly, gender reveal ideas pinterest

pink and blue decorations, large black balloon, gender reveal ideas pinterest, dessert table

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