90+ cool and fun baby shower ideas for girls

by John Griffith

Having a baby is one of the most life changing moments in a woman’s life. Just the thought of bringing another human being into existence is pretty extraordinary. Because of that, many new moms try to enjoy their pregnancies as much as they can. Yes, being pregnant can be frustrating, what with your ever-growing bump, your constant mood swings and cravings. However, it can also be a lot of fun. Gender reveal parties, baby showers, make sure you do it all. That way, you will have a lot more memories from your pregnancy. So, today, we have prepared more than 90 baby shower ideas for girls. You can also read our article on baby shower ideas for boys.

Cool and fun baby shower ideas for girls

ready to pop, baby shower ideas for girls, colorful balloons, dessert table, three tier cake on it

How to throw a baby shower?

  1. Set the date. A baby shower is usually held in the middle of the third tri-mester, 4 or 6 weeks before the baby is due.
  2. Comprise a guest list. Pick out who you want to invite. Back in the day these parties were exclusive for women. Nowadays, however, it is more and more common to invite the father, as well as your closest male friends.
  3. Pick a venue. Whether you would do it at your house, or you want to set a special place, make sure you have the number of people you want to invite beforehand, so you know how big the venue needs to be.
  4. Pick a theme. The most popular themes amongst baby showers for girls are: mermaid theme, Minnie Mouse theme, Heaven sent, etc. However, the theme can be decided according to you and your partner’s personal preferences.
  5. Sent out the invitations. Make sure you include the date, time and place. Moreover, if you are throwing the party for someone else, be sure to include their name in the invite. The invite should match the overall theme and should be sent out at least 3 weeks prior to the event.

Mermaid baby shower theme

mermaid theme, baby shower ideas for girls, purple and turquoise decorations, dessert table, large flower bouquets

6. Pick out the decorations. Of course, the decor should match the theme. You can also have some DIY baby shower decorations. Balloons, confetti, fun garlands, go crazy. The more colorful the party is, the better. After all, you are organising an event for a little baby. You need more colors. What’s more, lavish centerpieces are all the rage right now and you would need one for your refreshments table, as well as the gift table.

7. Decide on food and drinks. Just because the party is for a baby, doesn’t mean you can only serve finger food. A good dinner goes a long way and is definitely going to be appreciated by your guests. Cake and desserts are also a must. When it comes to drinks, it is a question of whether the mommy-to-be wants to have alcohol at the party or not. If she doesn’t mind then a few good cocktails and mimosas are perfect. If not, however, you can always go with the virgin versions of her favorite drinks.

8. Come up with interesting games. 2 or 3 games are more than enough. There are many ideas for fun games to have at a baby shower. For example, you can get a couple of baby dolls and a few diapers and get people to change the doll’s diaper while blindfolded. This game will bring lots of laughs for sure.

9. Provide party favors. Make sure your guests are going to leave your baby shower with a physical memory of it. You can style your party favor according to the theme of the whole event.

Colorful baby shower ideas for girls

colorful decorations, on a white wooden table, cake and donuts, cake pops, popcorn in a cup, baby shower ideas for girls

You are my sunshine theme

baby shower ideas for girls, you are my sunshine, blue cake stands, paper cup and plates, wooden table

Simple, yet beautiful example of pink decor for a baby shower

side by side photos, dessert table, baby shower ideas for girls, cake with pink frosting, pink satin bow

Under the radar Minnie Mouse baby shower theme

floral wreaths, arranged as the face of minnie mouse, dessert table, baby shower ideas, cake and cupcakes

Some greenery and pink flowers show simplicity and elegance

floral wreath, baby shower ideas, cake stand, cookies on it, small flower bouquets, love sign, white wooden table

Let your guests guess the name you have picked out and prepare a gift for the winner

fun game, name guessing, pink frame, baby shower ideas, pink hearts garland, small tulips bouquet

It is alway fun to play Bingo, especially when it is with a twist

baby shower ideas, baby bingo, fun game, coffee mug, pink jelly beans, pink pencil

Fun and bright colors for this party

bun in the oven, black chalkboard, cinnamon buns, in a blue tray, colorful decorations, baby shower ideas

Look at this gorgeous cactus made out of balloons

cactus made out of green balloons, green metal table, white brick wall, baby shower decorations, dessert table

Colorful llama theme

baby shower decorations, colorful decorations, white chairs, llama theme, colorful balloons, tassel garland

Mad Hatter tea party inspired by Alice in Wonderland

garden party, mad hatter tea party, inspired by alice in wonderland, baby shower decorations, pink and blue decorations

Girls are the bomb – bath bomb party favor

girls are the bomb, bath bomb, party favor, baby shower decorations

DIY baby shower centerpieces

Hot air balloon theme

hot air balloon, party theme, colorful decorations, cupcakes and macarons, cake pops, baby shower decorations

party invitations, colorful decoration, baby shower themes, purple green and pink ribbons

baby shower themes, plate setting, little pumpkin, white napkin, pink and white pumpkins

mani thanks, party favor, nail polish remover, nail polish, nail filer, in a bah, baby shower themes

Some easy to make baby shower food ideas

candy jars, dessert table, side by side photos, baby shower themes, pink decorations, little bird theme

pink green and yellow decorations, tassel garland, little rabbit theme, cupcakes and candy, baby shower themes

baby shower themes for girls, honey jars, party favors, thanks for beeing our guest

Baby shower ideas

three tier cake, pink white and grey fondant, pink frosting, white cake stand, baby shower themes for girls

baby girl, transparent balloons, gold confetti inside, baby shower themes for girls, pink garland

yoghurt with lemon zest, blueberries on top, sun cake toppers, on blue cake stand, baby shower themes for girls

watermelon carved, as minnie mouse, filled with fruit, baby shower themes for girls, sliced fruits, white plate

a baby is brewing, beer theme, baby shower decoration ideas, brown and yellow decor, cupcakes and popcorn

large paper flowers, greenery decor, baby shower decoration ideas, cake pops, popcorn in a cup, white table cloth

sprinkle garland, donuts theme, donut balloons, baby shower decoration ideas, white wooden table, dessert table

Creative baby shower decorations

greenery wall, two tier cake, donuts and cupcakes, flower bouquets, baby shower decoration ideas, pineapples theme

tassel garland, rustic decor, pink brown and white, baby shower decoration ideas, water bottles, cinnamon buns

dozen cupcakes, pink frosting, baby footprints, in a white carton box, baby shower centerpieces

photo collage, baby shower centerpieces, hanging onesies, black chalkboard, flower bouquets

adding s'more love to our family, party favor, baby shower centerpieces, cookies with marshmallows

three tier, diaper cake, gold minnie mouse, cake topper, pink baby cubes, baby shower centerpieces

Baby shower themes

mermaid theme, baby shower centerpieces, purple and turquoise decor, dessert table, transparent balloons

blindfolded diaper changing, fun game, baby shower food ideas, baby dolls, wooden table

baby shower food ideas, cactus theme, wild and free, cupcakes on white plate, wooden table

side by side photos, colorful decor, large paper flowers, baby shower food ideas, dessert table

Cute baby shower themes for girls

sweet and savoury table, green and pink decor, congrats garland, baby shower food ideas, burgers and pretzels

colorful decor, in pastel colors, baby shower food ideas, burgers and pretzels, cupcakes and cookies, water bottles

girl baby shower, cake with white fondant, sweet pretzels, cupcakes and marshmallow pops

dessert table, sweet pretzels, cupcakes and cookies, girl baby shower, candy jars, pink theme

diapers arranges together, with a pink ribbon, girl baby shower, white table

diaper raffle, blue frame, fun game, girl baby shower, pampers packet, glass jars

name guessing, fun game, girl baby shower, pink paper balloons, inside a pink frame, tulips bouquet

sprinkled donuts, with pacifiers, on white plates, dinosaur baby shower

dinosaur baby shower, door decoration, roses floral wreath, pink tulle, hanging over the door

floral theme, dinosaur baby shower, pink and white balloons, table runner, made of palm leaves and pineapples

Girl baby shower

floral wreaths, on white wall, dessert table, dinosaur baby shower, cake and cupcakes, flower bouquets

about to hatch, colorful decor, dinosaur baby shower, dessert table, little birds theme, bird houses

when to have a baby shower, giuliana shea, dessert table, floral wreaths, cake and cupcakes, cake pops

potted cactuses, paper cactuses garlands, when to have a baby shower, hello little one

cloud made of balloons, paper rain drops, baby shower, gift bags, when to have a baby shower

hanging pink and grey onesies, three tier cake, cookies and strawberries, when to have a baby shower, candy jars

heaven sent theme, angel wings, white and gold decor, when to have a baby shower, cupcakes and donuts

how many kisses for the mommy to be, fun game, baby shower centerpieces girl, candy jar

Baby shower centerpieces girl

it's a girl garland, pink and black decor, pink and white tulle, baby shower centerpieces girl, three tier cake

it's a girl, wooden table, dessert table, rustic decor, purple pink and white balloons, baby shower centerpieces girl

the classic birth announcement, pregnancy tests, it's a girl, baby shower centerpieces girl, pink carton box

purple and turquoise decor, baby shower centerpieces girl, mermaid theme, dessert table

mermaid baby shower, love baby balloons, dessert table, large paper flowers, cake and cupcakes

Mermaid baby shower

purple gold and turquoise decor, mermaid baby shower, large flower bouquets, three tier cake

intricate decor, dessert table, mermaid baby shower, pink purple and turquoise decor, three tier cake

Minnie mouse baby shower

minnie mouse theme, black and red decor, mermaid baby shower, dessert table, candy jars, cake pops

flower bouquet, mermaid baby shower, cake and donuts, rustic decor, wooden table

minnie mouse theme, hanging bibs, baby shower decoration ideas for girl, pink black and white decor

baby shower decoration ideas for girl, oh baby, minnie mouse theme, minnie cupcakes, blue and pink decor

momosa bar, strawberries and raspberries, in white bowls, baby shower decoration ideas for girl, jugs of juice

oh baby garland, on white wall, rustic decor, baby shower decoration ideas for girl, wooden table

Baby shower decoration ideas for girl

once upon a time, white and pink tulle, dessert table, twi tier cake, baby shower decoration ideas for girl

white onesie, with different things written on it, framed in black frame, hannah simone, baby shower table decorations

baby shower table decorations, gold and pink decor, baby fox theme, large balloon arch, side by side photos

pink and white tulle, gold sequins, gold and pink theme, baby shower table decorations, three tier cake

small teapot, flower bouquets inside, on top of books, baby shower table decorations, white ribbons

Cute baby shower table decorations

pink umbrella, pink hearts garland, flower bouquets, in wooden crates, table setting, baby shower table decorations

pink and gold baby shower, water bottles, party favors, pink satin ribbons, wooden table

side by side photos, pink and white balloons, pink and gold baby shower, diaper cake, paper flowers

glass jars, full of popcorn, ready to pop, pink and gold baby shower, wooden table

Pink and gold baby shower

pink and gold baby shower, large balloon arch, pink tulle, gold sequins, flower bouquets, dessert table

rustic decor, pink and gold baby shower, turquoise cake stand, cupcakes and pie, fruit bowls

places to have a baby shower, rustic decor, wooden table, hanging decorations, cake pops

pink white and grey decor, wooden pallet, wooden table, places to have a baby shower, candle lanterns

Baby girl baby shower themes

colorful decor, paper garlands, flower bouquets, places to have a baby shower, table setting, dessert table

whole strawberries, covered in pink frosting, places to have a baby shower, on white plate

sweet as can bee theme, yellow tulips bouquet, places to have a baby shower, large lemonade stand

photo collage, minnie mouse baby shower, two tier cake, flower bouquets, sweet baby girl

sweet tea, party favor, deconstructed in a mason jar, minnie mouse baby shower, wooden table

black chalkboard, minnie mouse baby shower, pink nail polishes, in a wooden crate, party favors

three tier cake, with pink and white fondant, pink bows, silver cake tray, minnie mouse baby shower

side by side photos, colorful decor, cake pops, two tier cake, minnie mouse baby shower, turquoise cake stand

baby girl baby shower themes, twinkle twinkle little star, white and gold decor, dessert table

minnie mouse theme, baby girl baby shower themes, pink and white tulle, gold sequins, dessert table, three tier cake

two tier cake, white fondant, pink frosting, baby girl baby shower themes, small elephant, carton box

two tier cake, white and pink fondant, silver tray, baby girl baby shower themes

side by side photos, heaven sent theme, white tulle, fairy lights, two tier cake, dessert table, baby girl baby shower themes

diy baby shower decorations, yellow decor, wooden table, white chairs, hanging yellow balloons, table setting

write a message on a diaper, silly or sweet, diy baby shower decorations, basket full of diapers, fun game

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