Gorgeous Christmas wreath images to inspire you this festive season

by John Griffith

When we think of the holiday season, Christmas wreaths are among the first things that come to mind. Colorful and festive, these decorations create an atmosphere of cheer and coziness, and have thus become a beloved winter classic. If you would like to have a truly unique wreath this Christmas, why not try making your own? Most DIY options are cheap and easy, and will lend a truly unique touch to your front door. To better illustrate this point, we have collected 80 gorgeous Christmas wreath images, including a few simple (but very effective) tutorials! Most of our suggestions require only a handful of materials, some of which you probably have laying around at home. In addition we have plenty of wreath-related information to keep you entertained! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Christmas wreath images don’t get any more stylish than this

christmas wreath images, green wreath covered by a mossy texture, and decorated with twisted wire, featuring red and white faux berries, hanging on a grey armchair

Gorgeous Christmas wreath images to inspire you

Have you ever wondered how Christmas wreaths came to be? Although wreaths have been used for a variety of ceremonies throughout the ages, it wasn’t until the 16th century that they became associated with Christmas. In the 19th century wreaths became very popular in Germany, where priests began using them as tools to teach children how to count the days until Christmas. According to the original tradition, a wreath was put up on every house’s front door a month before Christmas day. Then, a white candle was added to the wreath on every Sunday until Christmas, while a red candle was placed for all the other days. This is why Christmas wreaths are sometimes also referred to as “Advent wreaths.”

A beautiful and classy mistletoe wreath

mistletoe leaf wreath, decorated with small white blossoms, and mistletoe berries, with a silky maroon ribbon, attached to a white wall, christmas wreath images

Why are Christmas wreaths so important

Nowadays wreaths are no longer used for this purpose. Instead, we look at them simply as an aesthetically pleasing festive decoration. As a result, they have evolved and undergone a lot of changes. You can now find wreaths made of paper, plastic, and even candy, as well as traditional pine varieties. Candles, which were a huge fire hazard in the past, have been replaced by cheap and safe string lights. The innovations don’t stop there, however! The traditional round design has also gone through some alterations! Square, rectangular, and even triangular wreaths have made an appearance in recent years. And, of course, more and more people are opting for DIY Christmas wreaths. After all, what better way to express your unique creativity, than a handmade festive decoration for your front door?

A fast and cheap DIY idea that looks simply amazing

Now we invite you to enjoy our Christmas wreath images gallery. And if you are looking for more great Christmas ideas – keep an eye on our web page – we have some great articles on festive food, makeup, and others, with many more to come!

Isn’t this paper star design lovely?

stars made from colorful patterned paper, stuck onto a wreath, decorated with pins and buttons, a sheer red bow, and a black and white ribbon, christmas wreath images, hanging on a black door

Three-in-one Christmas wreath tutorial

A red bauble wreath with a fir sprig and pine cones

red and silver christmas tree baubles, stuck together to form awreath, decorated with pine branches, red berries and pine cones, christmas wreath images, on a white door

Want to make it yourself? Here is the tutorial:

coathanger made of metal, twisetd into a hoop, and decorated with red, and silver christmas baubles, and some pine branches, pine cones and red berries, stuck to the hoop with glue

Which of the designs is your favorite?

collage with six images, the largest one depicts a glowing fireplace, with a mentel decorated for christmas, featuring garlands and stockings, and a round green wreath, with silver and gold motifs, christmas wreath images, the other images show five different wreaths

Another beautiful customized mistletoe suggestion:

the felton family, etched on a round wooden tag, attached to wreath, made from mistletoe branches, christmas wreath images, green leaves and white berries, dusted with fake snow

Who said wreaths need to be round? Triangular designs are just as beautiful!

triangular christmas wreath, decorated with pine branches, red faux berries, and various ornaments, christmas wreath images, next photo shows a round wreath in gold, with small leafy branches, and three family photos

let it snow, written in black, on three round wooden tags, stuck onto a wreath, covered in red tartan fabric, and white gauze, christmas wreath images, five snowy christmas tree figurines in the middle

christmas wreath, made from a wooden hoop, decorated with a christmas tree figurine, a small polar bear toy, with a red scarf, a sleigh and a pair of ice skates, a little red bird, a prig of holly and pine leaves

A beautiful suggestion in pale pink and gold

rose gold pearlescent christmas baubles, silver and gold ornaments, stuck together to form a christmas wreath, with a sheer ribbon handle

classic christmas wreath, made from fake fir branches, and decorated with red and gold baubles, and large red faux berries

thin brown branches, twisted together to form a christmas wreath, decorated with fir leaves, small red berries, little pine cones, a big red bow, and red and gold baubles

How cute is this peppermint candy wreath?!

multiple peppermint candies, white with red stripes, stuck together to form a christmas wreath, decorated with a large, red ribbon tied in a bow

glowing string lights, decorating a christmas wreath, made from pinecones, and little green leaves, with small berries, on a white surface

striped red and white wreath, decorated with three baubles, covered in red glitter, three holly leaves, made of green felt, and a large striped bow, christmas wreath

Origami wreath? Why not!

paper christmas wreath, in two shades of green, folded origami style, and decorated with a red, paper bow on top

christmas wreath ideas, multiple paper shapes, in light and dark green, pink and red, stuck together to form a wreath, with a coral pink banner, reading merry christmas

autumnal oak leaves, in light brown, a small deer figurine, and two lit tea lights, decorating a wreath, made from thin branches, featuring small green leaves, christmas wreath ideas

We love this cheeky and creative idea!

washing lines made from striped, red and white yarn, featuring small red and white clothes, hanging on miniature pegs, christmas wreath ideas, on a wreath covered in black and white checkered fabric, and decorated with a large red and white bow, and pine leaves


three examples of christmas wreath ideas, multicolored wreath with faux flowers, a gold-colored wreath, with a small church figurine, a multicolored wreath made with washi tape

pine cones in different shapes and sizes, cinnemon sticks and small red berries, dried orange slices and lotus pods, on a wreath made from pine leaves, christmas wreath ideas, red ribbon with a plaid pattern on top

A clever yarn wreath suggestion

how to make a wreath, with faux yarn balls, hand holding a styrofoam ball, wrapped in a few strands of brown yarn, several completed fake yarn balls, and the finished wreath, decorated with knitting needles, christmas wreath ideas, you can try at home

simple wreath made from a hoop, covered with patterned, and plain washi tape, in different colors, and decorated with colorful paper flowers and buttons, christmas wreath ideas, on a red door

baubles in silver and gold, and different shades of pink, in various sizes, stuck together to form a wreath, christmas wreath ideas, sheer gold bow on top

Three classic designs

diy christmas wreath examples, in three photos, a classic fir leaf wreath with a bow, a thin wreath, made with christmas tree ornaments, a pine leaf wreath, decorated with pinecones

white yarn wrapped around a broad hoop, decorated with red, green and pale pink pompoms, three christmas tree figurines, miniature baubles on a silver chain, and a red bow, diy christmas wreath

birch bark star shapes, decorating a diy christmas wreath, made from thin dried branches, and adorned with small pinecones, covered in silver paint, dried orange slices, and faux red berries in different sizes

Use old Christmas tree decorations and baubles to create a unique and imaginative wreath!

sparkling baubles in red, and two shades of green, stuck together to form a diy christmas wreath, hanging on a white door

big bow made from sheer red ribbon, with green details, ona diy christmas wreath, decorated with candy canes, and baubles in green and red, white and gold

fake fir diy christmas wreath, decorated with black and beige christmas tree baubles, pinecones and a red and black, checkered ribbon tied into a bow, small black shapes, with the words merry and christmas, written in white chalk

Don’t throw cork bottle stoppers away! They too can be transformed into a beautiful Christmas wreath!

door in black, decorated with a diy christmas wreath, made from cork bottle stoppers, adorned with a small red bird figurine, fir leaves and red berries

fir cones and small red berries, on a diy christmas wreath, made from green leaves, and decorated with small silver baubles, and a large burlap bow

wreath ideas in two photos, a fir branch wreath, decorated with multiple, yellow and red, and a wreath, made from christmas tree baubles, in different colors

What do you think about this creative clothes pegs design?

pegs made of wood, decorated with paper decoupage, featuring green and red, and white patterns, clipped onto a round metal frame, to form a wreath, decorated with a large paper flower, wreath ideas

apples and pinecones, and small glowing string lights, decorating a wreath, made from different kinds of leaves, wreath ideas, on a white brick wall

details on five different wreath ideas, small glowing string lights, pinecones and tiny red berries, a large dark red poinsettia flower

Upcycled Christmas wreath with multicolored strips of fabric

ribbons in various colors, tied together on a round frame, to create a christmas wreath, decorated with a large red bow, featuring a silver button, wreath ideas, on a dark brown door

burlap festive wreath, decorated with fir cones, tiny red faux berries, snowflake ornaments and poinsettia flowers, made from red felt, wreath ideas, red tartan ribbon, tied in a bow

plastic fir branches in white, shaped into a christmas wreath, and decorated with small house figurines, wreath ideas, tiny red and green faux berries

Why not use tulle?

forest green tulle, shaped into a christmas wreath, decorated with white snowflake ornaments, wreath ideas, red pattrened bow, and red holly berries, with green leaves, made from felt

holiday wreaths, close up of a wreath, wrapped in beige string, and decorated with pinecones, red faux berries, cinammon sticks and a pale beige bow, with a large red snowflake ornament, all dusted in faux snow

a pair of holiday wreaths, one created by red, beige and kahki green yarn balls, stuck together, the other wrapped in white and red fabric, and decorated with red and white fake flowers

This little tutorial is super fun and easy!

eight images explaining the process, of creating a floral green wreath, making tubes from green paper, cutting them into strips, sticking the strips together to form flowers, and attaching the flowers together, to form a wreath

curled paper strips, in many different colors and patterns, stuck on a round frame, to form a christmas wreath, hanging on a white door, holiday wreaths

red and white, striped christmas wreath, decorated with small figurines, santa's reindeer sleigh, a little house, felt flowers in white, red and light green, holiday wreaths, a small deer toy, with a red scarf

How to make a festive wreath with ribbon bows:

polka dots and stripes, decorating pieces of red and white ribbon, tied in dense bows, around a metal hoop, to form a wreath, holiday wreaths diy ideas

many fir cones and pinecones, acorns and wallnuts, some decorated with gold spray paint, stuck together to form a wreath, holiday wreaths, placed on a snowy surface

ripped book pages, folded into cones, and stuck together, in two circles, to form a christmas wreath, patterned white and red bow in the middle, holiday wreaths, easy and fast

Another captivating design

rope tied around a wreath, made from round wooden shapes, perforated and tied together, holiday wreaths, decorated with pine leaves, small red berries, red baubles and a star shape, made from white birch bark

a pair of tiny bird ornaments, one white and one red, with plaid scarfs, decorating a christmas wreath, made from a plant, with small green leaves, adorned with red and white faux berries

nine diy wreath ideas, candy-themed wreath, made with felt, candy wreath with a red bow, silver leaves wreath, and many more

“May your days be merry and bright” – a beautiful message on a beautiful wreath

diy wreath made with burlap ribbons, with red and green motifs, decorated with tiny pinecones, snowmen figurines and holly sprigs, and a christmas tree shape, with a festive message

dolls and small decorations, in red and white, on a diy wreath, made from a red fuzzy garland, and hung on a white door

rocking horse ornament, on a diy wreath, made from twisted, pale cream fabric, decorated with pinecones, frosted faux berries, and many others

Which number is your favorite?

more suggestions for a diy wreath, ship's steering wheel wreath, painted in silver, santa wreath in red, with a black belt, and many others

the letter d, decorating a green wreath, made from faux pine branches, adorned with green and white, and bronze-colored baubles, clear plastic berries and pinecones, diy wreath

thin branches twisted together, to form a wreath, with lots of white, and red berries, in different sizes, diy wreath suggesions, pale gold bow on top

We love this adorable candy cane DIY wreath!

how to make a christmas wreath, candy canes in white, with red swirly stripes, stuck together to form a wreath, decorated with a red circle, and a white snowflake, in the middle

Super easy and very effective!

four images showing how to make a christmas wreath, sticking a green fuzzy garland, decorated with faux snow, on a light beige cardboard hoop, and adding red and gold christmas ornaments

cutouts shaped like a child's hand, made from light green, and dark paper, and decorated with round red shapes, stuck together to form a wreath, decorated with a red and white ribbon, how to make a christmas wreath

Let it snow winter wreath tutorial

photo tutorial showing how to make a christmas wreath, white styrofoam hoop, wrapped in red tartan fabric, and white gauze, and decorated with small, christmas tree figurines

Dried orange slices and peels make great wreath decorations!

dried orange slices and peel, and cinnamon sticks, decorating a christmas wreath, made from fir, and pine branches and leaves

lots of christmas tree ornaments, in various shapes and sizes, glued together to form a wreath, hung on a pale blue door, with chipped paint

Easy as one, two three!

five step photo tutorial, showing how to make a christmas wreath, sticking pine branches, onto a white hoop, and decorating it with a red bow, and other red and gold ornaments

More wonderful Christmas wreath images:

an alternative way of making a christmas wreath, using rolled patterned paper, in white and red, with festive motifs and messages

roses in red, most likely fake, decorating a green wreath, made from faux fir branches, and adorned with small pink butterflies, and a red ribbon

Another great festive idea, utilizing pine cones

sticking lots of pinecones, onto a hoop, wrapped in white adhesive texture, how to make a christmas wreath, shown in four steps

several kinds of ribbon, white with multicolored polka dots, sheer red and thin sheer yellow, wrapped around a green wreath, made from faux pine branches

Rolled paper Christmas wreath tutorial

using strips of red, and light green paper, with white polka dots, to create a wreath, rolling the pieces of paper, and sticking them onto a white hoop, covered in white fabric, how to make a christmas wreath, with a red ribbon, tied into a bow at the top

Wreaths in gold hues are a festive favorite

gold wreath made from round, christmas ornaments in different sizes, and thin faux branches, with multiple tiny berries, all in gold hues

silver baubles and small, gold faux berries, decorating a green wreath, made from faux pine branches, adorned with mistletoe leaves

bells in rusty orange and borwn, decorating a wreath, made from pine branches, adorned with multiple red berries, and large bows, made of burlap, and a checkered fabric

Christmas wreaths in various shapes are becoming increasingly popular. Why not opt for a rectangular wreath this year?

unusual rectangular wreath, made from faux pine branches, decorated with small pinecones, and wrapped in a burlap ribbon, tied into a bow at the top

multicolored ribbons tied into dense bows, onto a metal hoop, to form a christmas wreath, how to make a christmas wreath, the easy way

Unusual but beautiful – a wreath decorated with cotton sprigs and a burlap ribbon

cotton seed pods on branches, with small green leaves, decorating a rustic wreath, made from thin, dried twisted branches, tied with a burlap bow

A charming handmade Christmas wreath with family photos – a wonderful idea!

framed family photos, stuck onto a black hoop, to form a christmas wreath, decorated with a large, red tartan bow, and a smaller, striped red and white bow

pine leaves and sprigs from other green, and dried plants, decorating a rustic-style wreath, made from thin, dried and twisted branches, and adorned with bows, and a pinecone

How cute is this candy themed wreath made of felt?

felt wreath featuring various shapes, of candy and sweets, gingerbread man and woman, lollypops and cupcakes, cookies and candy canes

Santa Clause is coming to town!

belt made from black cardboard, with a buckle covered in gold glitter, decorating a diy wreath, made fromred baubles stuck together, santa clause-themed decoration

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