What plants keep mosquitoes away? 15 Aromatic flowers you NEED in your garden

by Maria Konou

Summer is a great season, but one of its negative aspects is the presence of all sorts of insects that can turn out to be quite annoying. Especially if they happen to be mosquitoes. Summer evenings outside are a priceless treasure, but they can also turn into a nightmare if mosquitoes circle around and bite you all the time. Sure, you can use mosquito repellents, but they are not always completely effective, and in some cases, they can harm and irritate your skin. That is why the best choice is to always deal with the problem in a natural way. If you have your own garden, yard, or outdoor terrace, you just need to plant one of the following plants, which has the ability to repel mosquitoes and annoying insects. They work like a charm, so you won’t have to worry about anything while outside. So, without further ado, let’s see what plants keep mosquitos away:

These beautiful flowers will turn your garden into a colorful, mosquito-free oasis

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Flowers that keep mosquitos away

These aromatic plants will not only keep you safe outside, but also make your garden space an oasis. Some of them repel mosquitos while attracting honey bees to pollinate your garden! Nevertheless, if you or someone you know gets bitten by these annoying insects, it is good to know what to do. So, make sure to check our article on getting rid of mosquito bites to find the best tips and tricks!

Petunias are just some of the beautiful flowers that can chase away insects 

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We all know and love lavender for its many beneficial properties, one of which is that it is a natural mosquito repellent. This flower contains essential oils that have a powerful and intense aroma. Moreover, it has the ability to calm the nervous system and promote sleep. It also has powerful properties in driving away unwanted insects because of its strong aroma that we all love so much. What’s more, you can also rub lavender oil into your skin as a natural repellent. Place a few pots of lavender on the terrace or porch, or plant it directly in the garden around the seating area. Make sure to see our article to find out how to grow your own lavender plant.

Lavender also has powerful properties in driving away insects because of its aroma

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American Beautyberry (Callicarpa Americana)

Callicarpa Americana has tiny white blooms that are not particularly that attractive, but the brilliant magenta fruit clusters make this small shrub stand out in the landscape. Beautyberries belong to the Lamiaceae family, which also includes numerous mints. The fragrant oils from crushed Beautyberry leaves repel mosquitos, and the berries can remain well into the winter, attracting and feeding songbirds and small mammals.

The Beautyberry is a unique, flower with a bright magenta color

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Nasturtiums are vining, edible flowers with colorful petals and lovely circular leaves. Unlike other pest-repelling plants, nasturtiums attract pests and pull them away from your other plants (or from you). Nasturtiums can help protect cucumbers, and tomatoes, as well as other vegetables from pests like aphids, beetles, and flies if you have a garden. Nasturtiums can trail across open ground in the garden, so space them out at least a few inches apart. Furthermore, their lovely blossoms are completely edible and can enhance the appearance of your salad.

Tip: Are you interested in how you can make your own organic pest control for your garden and home? Then take a look at our organic pest control remedies!

Nasturtiums usually come in yellow, orange, and red colors

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Citronella is a wonderful plant with a fantastic aroma, which is due to the natural essential oils in its composition. They have the power to repel mosquitoes, as well as some other insects whose presence you don’t want. You can grow it in the garden or in a pot at home.

Citronella is a super powerful plant for getting rid of mosquitoes

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Ageratum (Floss Flower)

This seasonal flower effectively repels mosquitoes with its fragrance. In the manufacture of some repellents, a substance extracted from this plant is used as an ingredient. However, it is not advisable to rub the skin with ageratum leaves. It is extremely easy to grow, unpretentious to the soil, and highly light-loving. Plant it near the summer kitchen or resting place.

These bright flowers will add a beautiful pop of color in your garden

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Petunias are perennials with extremely beautiful flowers. They are very easy to grow at home, on the balcony, or in the garden. Their blooms are long-lasting, colorful, and kitschy, and their indispensable mosquito repelling properties will make them even more adored by you. Petunias can also keep aphids away from your home, as well as beetles, worms, cicadas, moths, and fruit flies. It’s a win-win situation!

Petunias are extremely long-lasting

what plants are good for keeping away mosquitoes

And they come in so many different shapes and sizes 

what plants keep mosquitos away every day

Monarda (Wild Bergamot, Bee Balm)

This beautiful perennial flower gathers our sympathy not only by its appearance but also by the fact that it is attractive to pollinators such as bees and hummingbirds (in their natural habitats) and at the same time repels mosquitoes. This is most easily accomplished if you shred Monarda leaves and use them as natural protection from mosquitos.

Tip: If you want to attract hummingbirds to your garden, make sure to see which flowers they love most!

The bee balm also attracts honey bees and butterflies

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Nepeta (Catnip, Cat Herb)

The mosquito repellent effect of this plant is due to the constituent nepetalactone, which according to studies can be up to 10 times stronger than the substance used in most manufactured repellents. It has not yet been established whether this ingredient or the scent of catnip repels mosquitoes. The other great advantages of this perennial plant are that it is easy to grow and that it attracts beneficial pollinators.

Who knew the cat-favorite catnip is also a mosquito-repelling plant

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If you are looking for a beautiful mosquito-repelling flower, consider planting Lantana. These anti-mosquito plants are also popular with pollinators, which means they will bring hummingbirds and attract butterflies to your yard. In warmer climates, Lantana can be cultivated as a perennial, but it is most often produced as an annual. It thrives in full sun and arid or semi-arid soil, though it may adapt to a variety of soil types. And, its colors are gorgeous!

Lantana attracts butterflies to your garden

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And they will look amazing in your garden, porch, and terrace 

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Tagetes (Marigold)

This easy-to-grow seasonal flower repels mosquitoes with its characteristic smell, which is due to the tertienyl and pyrethrum content of the plant. You can grow Marigolds in flower beds in your yard or keep bouquets of these flowers to protect yourself from mosquito visits. However, it is not advisable to place them on a dining table as their bright colors may attract wasps and bees. Beds of Marigolds are sometimes planted in strips in vegetable gardens between crops.

Marigold is a fiery flower that is great for repelling insects 

what plants keep away mosquitoes and flies

And they look like bright pops of color

what herb plants keep mosquitoes away

Herbs that keep mosquitos away

Make sure to see our guide for growing herbs indoors. You can use them for the preparation of delicious dishes, and dressings, as well as protection from insects!

A herb garden is all you need to chase away insects

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You may love the scent of basil, but mosquitoes definitely don’t like it. If you keep basil in a pot to make delicious dishes with it, you will have another benefit from this spice – it will chase mosquitoes away from your home. So, grow your own basil plant and enjoy its properties, as well as it as a pizza topping!

Basil is a well-known herb that everyone needs in their kitchen

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Lemongrass is similar to Citronella, and its aroma drives mosquitoes away. It is perfectly edible, and you can add it to a variety of dishes as well as tea, hot or cold. Lemongrass is widely used in Asian cuisine for making delicious dishes.

Lemongrass is a great plant to put near your fence

plants that keep mosquitoes away

Or keep close by in your kitchen!

what indoor plants keep mosquitoes away


Rosemary is a wonderful herb with a fantastic aroma that flavors our dishes and teas. It has remarkable health benefits, but also has the ability to drive away mosquitoes. You can grow Rosemary in pots on the balcony or even in your kitchen! This way you will have a permanent barrier against insects, but also have a fantastic fresh herb for your dishes at your fingertips.

The rosemary plant is great for getting rid of mosquitos

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It will taste amazing in dishes while repelling mosquitos, as well

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Peppermint is a tried and tested herb we use in our kitchens and drinks. It is a superb spice and herb with many health properties. Its pleasant fresh scent is great for humans but repulsive to mosquitoes. You can grow mint in a pot or in the garden to enjoy its wonderful properties and fresh aroma.

Peppermint is the freshest herb

plants to keep mosquitoes and flies away

You can keep it near your windows for protection

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Thyme is the last herb on our list of natural mosquito repellents. Plant thyme in the garden between stepping stones, where your footsteps will break part of the leaves. That will produce the mosquito-repelling oils! What’s more, thyme is amazing at getting rid of stink bugs, as well! Check out our guide for getting rid of stink bugs naturally, to see more organic remedies. Thank us later!

Thyme is also good for getting rid of sting bugs

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