What to Wear Today and Tomorrow – Chic Outfit Ideas for the Whole Week

by John Griffith

‘What should I wear today?’ is a question most of us are very familiar with. We wake up in the morning and spend ages trying to pick the right outfit, often ending up late for work. If you have ever been in this situation, or wondered what to wear to a dinner appointment or an important meeting, this article is for you! We have selected 100 beautiful looks that will add a touch of glam to your day. From smart outfits, ideal for formal occasions, to casual clothes perfect for work and play, we have the right solution for every day of the week! Naturally, you can find even more ideas in the “Fashion” section of our website. Scroll below to see our inspiring suggestions.

Refreshing casual clothes suggestion – denim shorts and a chunky oversized sweater

casual clothes, cara delevingne with red lipstick blond wavy hair, wearing khaki green sweater, and grey denim shorts

Romantic look with an edgy touch – maxi shirt combined with a black leather jacket

casual clothes, smiling woman with curled brunette hair, sitting on stone steps, and wearing coral red maxi skirt, black top and black leather jacket

To begin with, here is a universal suggestion that works well every day of the week and can even be worn for special occasions – a lavish maxi skirt, combined with a tasteful top. Ideal for a workday at the office, this look also works for outings with friends and even smart work dos. The key is combining your maxi skirt with the right shoes and top. Wear it with a pair of high-heels and you are sure to get noticed at a dinner party. Choose flats and a blazer, and you have a comfy and chic outfit that you can wear at the office or on a shopping trip.

Outfit ideas for the whole week – Monday: striped long-sleeved top and knee-length skirt with pleats

casual clothes, blonde woman holding yellow coffee cup, wearing black pleated midi skirt, and black and white striped jumper

Graceful and feminine, midi skirts are the perfect antidotes for those who suffer from the Monday blues! Plus, they are really versatile and can be worn in every season. Pair a knee-length skirt with high heels for an effortlessly chic office look, or choose boots and a leather jacket for a more edgy presence. Don’t forget to accessorize – a leather belt and an understated, stylish necklace are the ideal choice for the office.

Tuesday: a simple, yet elegant combination of dark skinny jeans, plain white top and a khaki green waterfall cardigan

casual clothes, brunette woman with white top, wearing dark grey skinny jeans, khaki green waterfall cardigan, and high heels

Our suggestion for Tuesday is simple yet very chic! Wear an elegant waterfall cardigan and high heels over dark skinny jeans and a plain top. Functional but also stylish, this outfit will make you feel comfortable and confident. During the winter the cardigan and heels can be swapped for an oversized coat and ankle boots.

Wednesday: wearing fun and glamorous accessories will help you  chase away the midweek blues

casual clothes, slim young woman with long blonde hair, wearing black and white patterned sweater, black skinny trousers, and a dark maroon felt hat

Most of us need a little something to boost our mood in the middle of the week. Use bold and eye-catching accessories, like a large hat or an extravagant piece of jewelry to add some extra spark to your Wednesday outfit. If you don’t have any meetings or formal events scheduled, go for a simple and cute look that combines comfort with style.

Let AnnaLynne McCord’s look, featuring a white shirt, black hot pants and over-the-knee boots, be your inspiration for Thursday

casual clothes, AnnaLynne McCord with white frilled shirt, black hot pants, black over-the-knee boots, and brown leather bag

After working so hard all week, it’s time to choose a confidence-boosting outfit that really makes you shine. Do like AnnaLynne McCord and go for a gorgeous white frilled shirt and black hot pants combination, paired with black velvet over-the-knee boots. Naturally, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing shorts, you can always opt for leggings or skinny jeans.

The gorgeous Miranda Kerr offers a great suggestion for a relaxed yet stylish Friday outfit – floral midi dress with oversized coat

casual clothes, smiling miranda kerr, wearing a black coat over her shoulders, with dark green floral patterned dress, and black leather bag

And finally – Friday! Follow the charming and stylish Miranda Kerr’s example and get in the pre-weekend mood with a cheerful floral or multicolor patterned dress. Wear with sandals or flats for maximum comfort in the summer and combine with a warm coat, scarf and tights in colder months.

Celebrate the weekend with a liberating bohemian outfit

casual clothes, blonde woman with sunglasses, wearing white boho-style top, distressed and torn pale denim shorts, and white sneakers

The weekend is a time of total freedom, when you can use your imagination and experiment. A carefree bohemian style, complete with embroidered floaty blouses and distressed denim shorts, is ideal for lazy summer days. A pair of flattering comfy jeans with a plain top or sweater are perfect for the autumn and winter, especially when paired with a scarf and hat. The possibilities are truly endless, but if you need some inspiration, check out our remaining suggestions!

Sunday is a day for rest and brunches with friends. This comfy and chic look is the perfect choice 

casual clothes, slim blonde woman, with grey skinny jeans, beige sleeveless top, pink and yellow floral scarf, and large purple felt hat

A charming tulle skirt with add some romantic glamour to your day

casual clothes, smiling woman with black and white striped top, black tulle skirt, and black and white sneakers, holding six black balloons

If you’d rather go for something more cool and dynamic, why not opt for a crop top combined with sneakers ans boyfriend jeans

casual dress code, young brunette woman with top knot, wearing cropped black and white striped t-shirt, and baggy ripped boyfriend jeans, with black and white sneakers and leather bag

Another cool and comfy idea for casual clothes you can wear during the weekend

casual dress code, smiling brunette with wavy hair, wearing light grey turtleneck sweater, and pale ripped jeans with rolled legs, sitting on the floor among vinyl records

A cool, edgy outfit

women outfits, grey woolen coat, over purple top, and dark pinstripe trousers with brown belt, on slim woman with blonde hair, holding newspaper

Wearing a little black dress is always a great idea

casual dress code, young woman with ombre blond hair, wearing black sleeveless mini dress, with subtle checkered pattern, leaning on black metal railing over water

Another gorgeous LBD suggestion

dress attire, smiling blonde woman with sunglasses on busy street, wearing tight black sleeveless dress, with cutout details, and holding black leather bag

casual dress code, blonde woman holding smartphone to her ear, wearing dark grey t-shirt, with ripped hem and sleeves, over beige mini skirt

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Heubl – a glamorous and stylish couple

dress attire, brunette woman wearing grey coat with leather details, over smart black dress, with tulle lace and studs, standing next to man in smart dark suit, with white shirt

Blake Lively looks flawless in smart or casual clothes, just like her partner Ryan Raynolds

business casual women, blake lively with long blonde hair, wearing shiny black skinny trousers, white top and a large, dark coat with red and white embroidery

Leather trousers are a cool and timeless choice

casual dress code, smiling blonde woman with wavy hair, wearing khaki striped t-shirt, and black trousers, with leather details, and leaning on black motor scooter

dress attire, white cropped top with floaty short sleeves, worn with striped midi skirt, and pale pink peep-toe mules, by blonde woman in sunglasses, holding small clutch

casual dress code, oversized black turtleneck sweater, distressed pale denim shorts, and grey suede over-the-knee boots, worn by smiling brunette woman

casual dress code, dark denim jacket with rolled sleeves, worn over a red and black striped jersey mini dress, by blonde young woman with sunglasses

business casual women, young blond woman, wearing white mini dress, with multicolored pattern, pale pink cape-style coat, and sunglasses

business casual women, black sleeveless top, dark blue jeans, and brown flat sandals, worn by woman in white fedora and sunglasses

business casual women, brunette woman with glasses, wearing soft pale cream chunky knit turtleneck sweater, over dark torn jeans, and brown suede over-the-knee-boots

Olivia Palermo dazzles in a black leather wrap dress

business casual women, olivia palermo with tied back blonde hair, wearing black leather wrap-over dress, with textile sleeves and belt

dress attire, slim brunette woman, wearing black top, with embellished and embroidered details, and black white and gold mini skirt, with geometrical pattern

Add a splash of color to your everyday outfits

business casual women, smiling brunette with sunglasses, wearing plain bright orange top, with three knotted pearl necklaces, wristwatch and many different bracelets

business casual women, slim woman in fuchsia pink and black block dress, with sunglasses and striped high heels with straps

dress attire, brunette woman with wavy hair and sunglasses, wearing knee-length pale peach dress, with long flared sleeves

business casual women, dark blue velvet off-shoulder top, worn over dark jeans, by woman with wavy ombre blonde hair, holding black leather bag

casual dress code, pale grey long sleeved top, purple leather button up skirt, and black ankle boots, worn by woman with blonde wavy hair

business casual women, brunette with sunglasses, wearing light grey woolen ankle trousers,and dark grey chunky knit sweater, with white heels and beige woolen scarf

business casual women, woman with messy blonde hair, wearing dark grey trousers with rolled up ankles, with beige turtleneck top, white sneakers, and dark blue blazer

casual dress code, woman with brown and blonde ombre hair, wearing black turtleneck sweater, over beige suede mini skirt, with black over the knee boots, and small brown shoulder bag

casual business attire, brunette woman with sunglasses, wearing an all-black outfit, with skirt and sweater, tights and flat patent leather shoes

casual business attire, black woolen coat, worn by blonde woman with sunglasses, holding black leather bag, with dark green suede details

casual business attire, pale beige trench coat, worn over white and black striped top, and ripped distressed pale jeans, by brunette woman with sunglasses, and large black leather bag

casual dress code, miranda kerr with sunglasses, wearing red and white patterned top, and white straight trousers, and holding large black leather bag

women outfits, oversized white shirt with red stripes, tucked into skinny jeans, worn by brunette woman on bike

women outfits, blond woman with messy hair and glasses, wearing pale grey chunky knit sweater, and light blue overalls

casual business attire, smiling brunette with messy top knot, sitting on a chair and holding her head with one hand, wearing grey skinny jeans, white sneakers and top, and long white cardigan

casual business attire, yellow blazer and black shirt, worn with distressed jeans, pale cream pumps and grey slouchy bag, by smiling brunette with long hair

women outfits, cropped grey patterned sweater, and grey and black plaid mini skirt, worn by slim blonde woman, with long windswept hair

casual business attire, camel colored suede cardigan, worn over pale cream shirt, and jeans with front pockets and belt, by brunette woman in pale beige felt hat

cute work outfits, brunette woman with wavy hair, wearing black leather ankle trousers, white t-shirt with print, black ankle boots, and black baseball cap, with coral red shoulder bag

women outfits, black-haired woman with round sunglasses, wearing pale red oversized shirt with rolled sleeves, over black top and cut off denim shorts, with black belt, high heels and black leather bag

women outfits, plain pale grey t-shirt, light blue torn jeans with rolled bottoms, and plain black and white sneakers, worn by young blonde girl in black baseball cap

cute work outfits, dark-haired young woman, wearing jeans and grey top, with long cardigan and white sneakers

casual business attire, plain black top, and skinny blue jeans, worn with black blazer, grey strappy shoes and large black leather bag, by young brunette woman with hair done up

casual business attire, blonde woman with messy hair, wearing oversized grey blazer, over pale grey top, and black skinny trousers

dress attire, white dress with flared skirt, worn by blonde woman with sunglasses, holding small leather bag, with metal handle

casual business attire, woman with long brunette hair and bangs, wearing pale grey sweater, black mini skirt, and black over the knee high-heeled boots

cute work outfits, button up dark denim mini skirt, with white v-neck t-shirt, worn by brunette woman, with sunglasses and black hairband

cute work outfits, nicole ricci wearing shiny black shirt with pockets and zips, white wrap-over mini skirt, black high heels and silver bracelets, and holding black clutch

women outfits, white maxi dress, with red and green floral pattern, and lace up corset-like back detail, worn by blonde woman, with messy hair tied in knot

women business casual, pale blue and white, striped knee-length off-shoulder dress, worn by woman with tied back hair, wearing black chocker necklace, and silver chelsea-style ankle boots

women business casual, white and navy striped t-shirt, worn by blonde woman with sunglasses, large felt hat and black peep toe mules

women business casual, brunette with sunglasses, wearing white long-sleeved crop top, white midi skirt, and white and black sneakers

cute work outfits, white flared knee-length skirt, worn by woman with blonde ombre hair, with black t-shirt, and leather jacket over her shoulders

casual business attire, dark shorts and pale beige lace-up shoes, worn with pale pink shirt with black buttons and details, by brunette woman with sunglasses, holding cream leather clutch

women business casual, oversized grey blazer, worn over dark turtleneck top and mini skirt, by young blonde woman, with hat and over the knee boots

women business casual, long black and dark red floral cardigan, worn by young woman in black shorts, with felt hat and black flats

women outfits, slim brunette woman, wearing black cropped tank-top, dark, torn jeans, black patent leather brogues, and leather biker jacket

women business casual, woman in black outfit, with grey winter coat and black felt hat, walking next to woman in black trousers, with brown felt hat, and black scarf

women business casual, blonde woman with black suede, biker style jacket, with black fur trims, worn over semi-sheer black shirt with white polka dots, and dark blue studded jeans

women business casual, long black blazer, worn over white shirt and black sweater, by blonde woman in skinny dark grey jeans, and cream and white sneakers

women business casual, oversized camel colored coat, worn over plain white top, tucked into dark grey woolen trousers with belt, worn by brunette woman in high-heeled sandals

women business casual, dark pink and black plaid shirt, tucked into black wrap-over skirt, worn by blond woman with ponytail, sunglasses and black boots

women outfits, smiling blonde woman, with sunglasses and ponytail, wearing shorts and a black leather jacket, with black block-heel sneakers, and pale denim jacket tied around her waist

cute work outfits, blonde woman with round sunglasses, and large white hat, wearing muster-colored floral tunic dress, with pale beige over the knee boots

business casual for young women, kylie jenner with ponytail, wearing light grey cropped top, white straight trousers, and white leather jacket over one shoulder

business casual for young women, black and red, beige and white block color coat, worn by blond woman with sunglasses, over white and black striped top, and baggy leather trousers with pockets

business casual for young women, smiling brunette with wavy hair, wearing white shirt with small frills, dark blue ripped jeans, and red satin heels with straps

women outfits, long chunky knit, pale grey v-neck sweater, worn over black leather mini skirt, by brunette woman with sunglasses, and small leather shoulder bag

business casual for young women, blonde woman in three different outfits, green parka with striped top and black mini skirt, black jumpsuit and heels, and black sweater with leather mini skirt

cute work outfits, black leather biker jacket, metallic baseball cap, peach colored mini dress with pleated skirt, black and white patterned shopper bag, sunglasses and black sandals

business casual for young women, chain necklace with spikes, bottle of pink nail polish, black blazer with zip detail pockets, pale pink sleeveless shirt, light grey skinny jeans, and grey and white sneakers

dress attire, blonde woman with large dark felt hat, wearing wine red figure hugging sleeveless dress, and black fishnet tights

women outfits, plain white cropped t-shirt, and dark blue high-waisted shorts, with white, yellow and orange flowers, worn by blonde woman with long wavy hair, and black felt hat

dress attire, blonde woman with shoulder-length curly hair and sunglasses, wearing black off-shoulder sweater, and black embellished skirt, with thick see-through lace hem

cute work outfits, oversized pale beige chunky knit turtleneck jumper dress, worn by brunette model, with dark knee-high boots, and small shoulder bag

business casual for young women, grey oversized turtleneck jumper, over brown suede mini skirt, worn with beige over the knee boots, by woman holding large animal-print clutch

women outfits, dark purple tunic dress, with lace details, worn by brunette with large dark hat, wearing black over the knee socks, and dark green boots

cute work outfits, denim wiggle dress, with buttons and pockets, worn by blonde woman with top knot, with black sneakers and dark blue neck scarf

dress attire, black-haired woman with red lipstick, wearing plain black top, tucked into multicolored patterned maki skirt, with yellow belt

cara delevigne with tied hair and heavy make-up, wearing sheer black lace shirt, with black bra, black suede skirt with floral embroidery, and black velvet over the knee boots

business casual for young women, selena gomez with black wavy hair, wearing oversized beige coat, over plain white top, blue jeans and black sandals

cute work outfits, young woman with long wavy red hair, wearing chinky knit pale beige jumper, and black torn skinny trousers, with dark ankle boots, and big felt hat

business casual for young women, brunette woman with pale blue shirt, dark jeans and navy blue coat, walking next to man in white trousers, with grey vest, pale shirt and dark tie

smiling blonde woman, wearing multicolored floral maxi dress, and black and white sneakers, on bike with basket, containing white blue and purple flowers

grey and black striped t-shirt, and baggy pale denim overalls, worn by brunette woman with braided hair, with sunglasses and black leather bag

dress attire, shiny dark blue midi skirt, with pale pink flowers, worn with black semi-sheer t-shirt, by woman with honey blonde wavy hair, with black leather jacket over her shoulders

business casual for young women, grey ankle jeans, with striped white and black top, worn by blonde woman with dark red heels and bag

blonde woman with glasses and high ponytail, wearing teal blue t-shirt with print, half tucked into dark torn skinny jeans, with dark green tasseled bag, and white sneakers

soft pale grey sweater with lace detail, and skinny pale blue ankle jeans, worn by blonde woman lying in bed, with an arm over her face

business casual for young women, chunky knit beige v-neck jumper, white torn skinny trousers, and pale pink and white sneakers, worn by smiling dark-haired woman


John Griffith

John Griffith is a young, passionate journalist. Writing has been John’s hobby ever since he was a boy. He has worked in some of the UK’s most successful news portals over the course of his professional career but found his forever home at Archzine.