Why Fashion No Longer Needs To Hurt

Von John Griffith / February 28 2022

Women and fashion have had a complicated relationship for centuries now. While endless trends have come and gone, one thing has remained the same: fashion hurts. Men could always get away with the bare minimum effort, but we needed to sacrifice our bodies. It is not just our bodies that got the short end of the stick. Money has always played a huge part in fashion. You can only get so far with thrift store items, and they will never suffice for the most upscale settings. However, it is time that we change our relationship with fashion. Before we go into why fashion no longer needs to hurt, let’s take a look at why we accepted the status quo for so long.

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Fashion’s Hidden Agenda

I love fashion. Shopping for outfits is one of my most enjoyable pastimes. But it is impossible to deny that fashion has a dark underbelly. There has always been at least one hidden agenda in society’s relationship with fashion.

One of those agendas has always been to separate the haves from the have-nots. In centuries gone by, you could not fail to identify someone’s socioeconomic status by their clothing. This agenda is no longer as clear-cut today, with fashion becoming more egalitarian. However, this speaks to another agenda.

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That agenda has to do with how society functions as a whole. We are told that we are not good enough if we do not own certain items. Even if we can afford fashionable outfits, we are told that we need to look a certain way to wear them. This exerts a powerful control over society, and women in particular.

You just have to look at most workplaces (at least in a pre-COVID world) to see this in action. Flat shoes are considered unprofessional, as are the most comfortable items of clothing. Fashion trends influence every aspect of our lives, and have been instrumental in maintaining the status quo and making certain companies very profitable.

The good news is that this is starting to change. Here’s why.

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Fashion In 2022

In 2022, it is time to leave outdated ideas behind. Fashion does not need to be expensive or uncomfortable to look great. Take a look at these women’s surf board shorts to see how you can leave the age of the bikini behind. Instead of forcing your body to look a certain way while exposing yourself to the sun’s rays, you can choose comfort and still feel attractive.

The workplace is becoming more egalitarian with its demands as well. Since the pandemic forced us all to work from home, many companies have abandoned outdated standards of what is appropriate for the office. If you need to go into the office at all, people are less likely to think twice about shoes that actually give your feet support.

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The fashion industry is changing not because of its own evolution but because of the way the world now works. It is impossible to maintain a monopoly on trends when everyone has access to content creation platforms. Responsible companies are leading the way with clothing that feels good and is sustainable, and everyone else is being forced to get on board.

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