What Your Go-To Makeup Look Says About Your Personality

by Maria Konou

According to psychologists, the way you put on your makeup says a lot about your character. Wild fan of contouring? Never going out without red lipstick? Feel obliged to fill in your eyebrows? Or maybe you cannot begin to imagine life without eyeliner? Makeup artists and psychologists are sure that makeup can reveal more about us than we might think. So, buckle up because this is too interesting to miss! In this article, we will show you what your go-to makeup look says about your personality!

Let’s explore what your go-to makeup look says about your hidden personality

what your makeup says about your hidden personality

What Your Go-To Makeup Look Says About Your Personality

Strong eyeliner and pink lips

Organized and self-sufficient, the girl who prefers this makeup look pays increased attention to detail. In addition, she probably remembers the birthdays of all her acquaintances, as well as their zodiac sign, profession and, sometimes, credit card numbers. The clear and even line of the eyeliner speaks of a love of order, clarity, and consistency. A glowing complexion and flawless pink lips say the same. The way you act in life is as easy and precise as the way you apply your makeup.

You are the type of person who pays attention to every little detail

strong eyeliner and pink lipstick

You are organized, responsible, and self-sufficient 

what your character says about you

Blush and feathery eyebrows

Strong, independent and endlessly feminine, you are definitely not the one to sit on the sidelines and shy away from drawing attention to yourself. Both in life and when it comes to your makeup. Just like you, your makeup exudes confidence and creativity. Look at yourself in the mirror: rosy cheeks, statement brows and bright lips – you are surely doing everything to put yourself and your face in the spotlight. We say keep it going! You are not the kind of person who is comfortable being in the shadows, and your presence definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. Not only that, but you are a leader, a bright and ambitious woman, and a confident creative person. You know what you want, how to achieve it, and you don’t let anything stop you in your tracks.

Your go-to makeup look exudes confidence and creativity

what does your makeup say about you

You won’t let anyone and anything stop you in your tracks

what does the makeup you wear say about you

Dark lips and black lashes

We don’t even know which is more eccentric – your makeup or your character? You are a fatal beauty that is not afraid of a little drama. As long as you are surrounded by friends who appreciate your natural inclination to be different, there is no room for doubt. You are who you are. Like many things in life, in makeup, you love to try the new and original. Long eyelashes with a “spider leg” effect? Yes! Dark cherry lips? A must! Experiments make our lives more interesting, don’t they? This makeup look also means that you have phenomenal memory and organizational abilities. You don’t like to be late, and you never forget your relatives’ birthdays.

This makeup look shows that you are eccentric and bold

dark lips and lots of black lashes

You are someone that is definitely not afraid of a little drama

smoky eyes and well defined cheekbones

Natural makeup

In all life situations and circumstances, you are as calm as you can be. Nothing is able to throw you off balance. A light makeup look reflects a wise and calm approach to life. You are familiar with the latest fashion trends, but by no means do you obsessively stick to them. You know yourself and you know what suits you. It is much more practical, in your personal opinion, to apply a weightless BB cream, lip balm and mascara. Everything else is unnecessary fuss. You are confident, and in no hurry to bare your soul to the first person you meet. Observation and caution are also characteristic of your nature. It is you who succeedd where many fail – because you know how to be patient!

Light makeup looks reveal a light and airy personality that is in balance

what your make up says about your character

You don’t like to follow trends and make a big fuss out of things

what your makeup says about your personality

Smokey eyes and well-defined cheekbones

Some will say you are a drama queen, but you are just in tune with yourself, your feelings and emotions. You don’t shy away from crying during sad moments in movies, and you won’t suppress your laughter if you are genuinely laughing. And of course, you won’t keep quiet if you are openly being challenged. Well-defined cheekbones and bold eyes are a sure sign that you are not afraid to express yourself and draw attention to your personality. People feel attracted to you because you are natural, open, and lively. You may be exaggerating your feelings slightly, but it is better than walking around with a sour face, right?

Your makeup reveals that you are someone who is in tune with their emotional nature

what your makeup says about you

You are authentic and confident, topped with a little spice 

what your makeup brand says about you

Now you know what your makeup says about your personality!

what does your character say about you

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