Thermal underwear – one of the essentials when working outdoors

Von John Griffith / November 18 2021

The cold winter temperatures are no joke. Unfortunately, we have to keep living our lives even in the coldest winter days. We can’t just stay at home under a blanket and wait for winter to pass. So, whether you have to go to work, garden or even go out and have fun, like go hiking or running, you are going to need a few layers of clothing to keep you warm. That is exactly why, thermal underwear is one of the essentials for winter. Especially, if you are going to spend a longer period of time outside. So, in this article we are going to dicuss how to choose the right kind and how to wear it and keep yourself warm.

Wearing thermal underwear in the mountains is an absolute must

man on mountain top thermal underwear snowing

What is thermal underwear?

Thermal underwear is a base layer of clothing, designed to keep you warm during the coldest temperatures. In general, people who love to ski or hike during the winter know how important thermal underwear is. It is often made from a breathable material, which keeps the sweat away and retains heat. Since it is the base layer, which makes contact with your skin, it is important for the material to be of high quality.

Mountain lovers know the importance of layering clothes

thermal underwear person in the mountains

How to choose thermal underwear?

As we have already mentioned, it is important for your thermal underwear to be of high quality. If the fabric is of high quality, it won’t keep the sweat in and will provide lots of heat retention. That way, you will be sure that you won’t have sweaty clothes and will be warm the entire time. Choose underwear which is going to support you, but not constrict you. Since it is the base layer and you have to wear other clothes on top, it needs to fit snuggly around your body. If you don’t like to wear a lot of clothing, you can choose silk thermal leggings, for example. Because they are made from the lightweight fabric, it almost feels like you are not wearing them at all. Furthermore, they make it easier to layer more clothes on top.

Choose the fabric wisely!

man and woman dress in blue thermal underwear

How to layer your clothing?

Every mountain lover will tell you that layering your clothing is extremely important when you are up in the mountains during the cold weather. Layering is done, because you need to be able to remove clothing when it’s warmer and put on clothes easily when it’s colder. However, even if you don’t go hiking or skiing, if you spend longer periods of time throughout the day outside, you may also need to wear thermal leggings or a thermal fleece to keep you warm while you are gardening, for example. You don’t even have to wait for winter. If you are somewhere in the UK, for example, the rainy weather can be just as tricky and you will need clothes to keep you warm and dry.

Even if you are just gardening outside, you still need layers of clothing to keep you warm

two women gardening thermal underwear raining

What to wear over thermal leggings?

Thermal leggings are a great thing. You can wear them in a lot of different ways. For example, for women thermal leggings, made from a lightweight material, like silk, are perfect to wear under a skirt with a pair of nice boots. Otherwise, thermal leggings can be worn under joggers, work pants and cargo pants, depending on the thickness of the fabric. The lightweight fabrics aren’t visible under joggers, while heavyweight fabrics, which retain the most heat, can be worn under work or cargo pants. On the other hand, a thermal fleece can be worn under a hoodie, sweatshirt, jacket and even a T-shirt.

Just remember to layer your clothes when going to the mountains

man in the forest thermal underwear snowing

Even if you are just performing chores outside, it is important to stay warm

man gardening in the rain with thermal underwear

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