50 Fun, Cute and Bright Summer Nail Ideas For 2021

by John Griffith

It is May! That means that summer is right at our doorstep. The temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer and it is high time to start thinking about the hottest season of the year. If you have already put away all of your winter clothes and have your summer outfits ready to go, it is also time to start thinking about your manicure. After all, your manicure is an important part of your overall look, even if it is a small detail. That is exactly why, today, in this article, we have gathered 50 super fun, cute and bright summer nail ideas, which are trending in 2021. We are going to talk about the trendiest colors and decorations to adorn your nails this season.

Super cute ocean waves – simple, yet effective manicure

blue ocean waves on the bottom of each nail nail designs 2021 short square nails

Abstract summer nail ideas

This season it is all about the abstract nail art. With the global pandemic going on and many people not being able to visit their nail salon that often, lots of people had to improvise. That is why this trend was born. Not everyone is a gifted artist and can draw beautiful decorations on their nails. But the in home nail salon that we’ve all had to organize for ourselves gave birth to this trend. Unconventional lines and shapes are easy to recreate. What’s more they are super gorgeous when done in different colors. Just apply your base coat, use one color to create abstract lines and shapes. Allow that nail polish to dry, then use another color for even more shapes. You can make as many shapes with as many different colors as your want. Just don’t forget to apply top coat at the end.

The abstract nail art is easy to recreate at home

blue pink white green abstract ombre nail polish summer nail colors medium length squoval nails

Rainbow nail designs

In general the more color you have for the summer, the better. That is why the rainbow nails are the perfect solution to any manicure. If you can’t be bothered to have decorations, or are doing your own nails and are not good at drawing these are perfect fo you. Choose three or five different colors and paint each nail in each color. Make sure these colors go together or are gradients. Another option is to give yourself ombre nails with a slow gradient going from your pinky all the way to your thumb or the other way around. Pick the colors of the rainbow, different shades of one color or colors that look similar. Either way your nails will look beautiful, even if this type of manicure seems simple.

Choose you colors wisely and you will have simple, yet beautiful manicure

blue purple pink almond nails summer nail designs 2021 different nail polish on each finger

Keep it neutral

Yes, we did already say that the more color you have, the better. But not everyone loves bright colors. So, if you are one of those people, there is absolutely no problem to keep things neutral. Use nude nail polish as your base. Then add a few abstract lines in black or white, so that your manicure is still trendy. Furthermore, you can add a few rhinestones for extra effect. Then, just apply your top coat and you are all set. The best part about neutral nails is that they go with every outfit you choose for the hot summer days.

Keep things neutral with nude shades

black and white lines on nude nail polish cute nail designs medium length almond nails

Summer nail ideas with a different take on the French manicure

French manicure will never go out of style. There is just something so gorgeous about its simplicity. Even if it is just the plainest white French manicure, it is still so beautiful. In the summer, however, it is good to experiment. Don’t be afraid to try different takes on the French manicure. The perfect example is in the photo below and the good news is you can totally recreate this look yourself. Grab a dotting tool and a bunch of nail polish in different colors. Apply your base coat and just start adding dots in different colors on your nails’ tips. You can add as many as want in as many colors as you want. The result will be a fun and cute summer nail design.

This nail design is so cute and fun

blue purple white orange black red dots on nude nail polish cute acrylic nail ideas

Negative space nail designs

This has been one of the biggest trends for the past couple of years. What’s more, it seems like it is not slowing down. The negative space nail design is super fun. Furthermore, it comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is abstract shapes, negative space French manicure or hearts like the photo below, this type of manicure is super interesting. Try it with an eye popping color to make sure that everyone of your girlfriends asks you where you got your nails done.

Super cute negative space manicure with yellow hearts

hearts in negative space made with yellow nail polish summer nail ideas short nails

Pick a summer theme

After all we are talking about summer nail ideas, so the easiest thing to do is just pick a summer theme and go with it. Whether it is palm trees, beach waves, flowers, fruits, it doesn’t matter. A summer theme is the perfect, most fun type of nail design you can try in 2021. As shown in the photo below, bright yellow colors, mixed with bee, honey and a sunflower makes for an absolutely stunning manicure.

This is just stunning

bee honey sunflower decorations on medium length square nails bright summer nails yellow nail polish

Give it a matte finish

Everytime we talk about fall and winter nail designs, the matte finish is amongst the mentions. This year, however, the matte finish makes an appearance in the summer nail trends as well. And, it makes sense. All of the bright colors and fun decorations you get to use during the hottest month of the year, can sustain a bit of matte. They don’t really need that shiny finish to look gorgeous, because they are already fun and colorful enough.

This super colorful abstract nail design is perfect for a matte finish

colorful abstract nails cute nail designs made with blue yellow red orange brown nail polish

Summer nail ideas which are going to let your nails shine

Well, we discussed the matte finish already. And while it is true that if your nails are colorful they don’t need to shine as much, some people just love to shine. If you are one of those people, then all types of metallic nail polish is for you. Actually you can choose amonst so many options – chrome, metallic, holographic, glitter, shimmer, foil, magnetic. All of these types of nail polish come with extra sparkle. So, if you are a fan of that, don’t be afraid to try them in all their colors and variations.

Give your nails a chance to shine

cute acrylic nail ideas long square nails with metallic finish photographed in front of green plant

Here are some tutorials you can try yourself

Now browse through the gallery to find even more ideas

black sweater with gold jewelry nail designs 2021 nude nail polish with white lines decorations

Color blocking is also very trendy fo 2021

blue and yellow geometrical nail polish bright summer nails orange pink yellow abstract manicure blue nail polish on medium length square nails summer nail colors blue marble decoration on middle finger and thumb bright summer nails abstract decorations on each finger in gold red blue short squoval nails cactuses decorations painted with green on white nail polish summer nail designs medium length squoval nails

These summer nail ideas are like a work of art

colorful abstract decorations in different colors on white nail polish summer nail ideas long coffin nails cute nail designs long coffin nails with triangle french manicure in light blue different color on each nail cute acrylic nail ideas long coffin nails with blue purple orange yellow nail polish floral manicure with rhinestones summer acrylic nails yellow nail polish with sunflowers on long coffin nails

Rainbow French manicure is super trendy right now

french manicure in different color on each nail summer nails 2021 blue pink orange purple french manicure in different colors cute acrylic nail ideas purple blue green yellow orange red french manicure made with pink and orange ombre cute nail designs short squoval nails gold rhinestones key decoration bright summer nails pink and white nail polish long stiletto nails gold white blue black abstract nail polish summer nails 2021 short almond nails

Everything with palm leaves is trendy for the summer

green leaves on index middle fingers summer nail designs 2021 white stripes on the others green red yellow blue pink abstract decorations summer acrylic nails medium length stiletto nails long coffin nails summer nail ideas nude nail polish with leopard print french manicure long coffin nails with orange nail polish summer nail designs peaches decorations on ring finger

These nails tell a whole story

maritime decorations on medium length square nails summer nail colors waves whale boat medium length almond nails bright summer nails blue nail polish with matte finish nail designs 2021 yellow and nude nail polish with matte finish floral decorations on ring finger thumb

Simple, minimalistic and so, so beautiful

negative space french manicure on nude nail polish with yellow summer nail designs nude nail polish decorated with small white pearl on each finger summer nails 2021 ombre nail polish in blue pink white gold with matte finish nail designs 2021 ombre nails summer acrylic nails pink blue orange green yellow nail polish with rhinestones peaches decorations on short nails summer acrylic nails nude nail polish pink and red strawberries drawn on each nail cute acrylic nail ideas short squoval nails pink yellow blue abstract decorations on nude nail polish nail designs 2021 medium length almond nails

This is a fun tutorial that seems easy to do

precious gems nail art tutorial step by step summer nail designs 2021 blue pink purple nail polish short squoval nails with blue nail polish cute nail designs girl sitting on top of table wearing leopard print sandals summer acrylic nails long coffin nails with dripping french manicure in purple blue yellow summer nail colors short almond nails each painted in different color red pink purple orange yellow

The way these colors flow together is amazing

summer nail designs 2021 nude nail polish with pink and red lines on long stiletto nails summer nail designs yin yang decorations on index and middle finger nude nail polish summer nail ideas short squoval nails with nude nail polish blue nude ombre palm leaves on ring finger

Watermelon sugar high, am I right?

summer nails 2021 painted with nude nail polish different summer fruits drawn on each finger three side by side photos of short squoval nails with different summer nail colors fourth of july manicure two side by side photos of nails with nude nail polish summer nail designs decorations with yellow lines and fireflies two side by side photos summer nail designs 2021 abstract nails and tie dye nails with almond shape watermelon slices drawn on white nail polish on medium length squoval nailsmatte finish on blue nail polish summer nails 2021 rhinestones forming heart on ring finger thumb

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