Nail Designs 2021 – What Are The Trends of The Year?

by John Griffith

Trends change monthly, sometimes even weekly. All it takes is a famous influencer or celebrity to show off something on their Instagram page and then it is all over the world. That is exactly why, we should always try to be aware of what the trends are and how to follow them. In today’s article we are going to talk about something that is often overlooked, but is a very important part of your overall look – the manicure. So here are a few nail designs 2021 to update your knowledge of this year’s nail trends. So, browse through our photos, read all about the different looks and book your appointment at the nail salon as soon as possible.

What are the nail trends of 2021?

french manicure in white with watermelon ice creams decorations acrylic nail designs medium length almond nails


Nail designs 2021 – what are the trends of the year?

After spending more than a year at home we are all eager to come back to our regular lives. That, of course, includes getting our hair and nails done. Booking an appointment in a nail salon can also be a relaxing, stress free experience and a great way to treat yourself. So, what designs to choose to rock this year? Well, it seems like the pandemic has made us appreciate the fact that less is more. Minimalistic designs with little to no decorations are in. Small details with interesting prints are also in for the year. Another thing making a comeback this year – the French manicure. Simple, elegant with an interesting twist and small eye catching details, that will be what 2021 nail designs are all about.

A manicure you can make yourself at home

acrylic nail designs chromatic silver glitter nails polish on very short square nails

Keep it simple with holographic nails

Holographic nails are just so beautiful and sparkly. But at the same time, in a way, they are very simple and minimalistic. What’s more, the best thing about them is the fact that all you need is a good holographic nail polish and you don’t even have to visit the nail salon. Simply go to the drug store, pick out a color you like and apply it at home yourself. You can paint all of your nails, or keep it inetersting and even more simplistic by painting just one or two nails on each hand and painting the rest in a simple color that goes well with the holographic one.

French manicure in all shapes and colors is here to stay

blue green orange purple pink yellow french manicure in the colors of the rainbow summer nail designs

Rainbow French manicure

French manicure in general is here to stay. For the summer, however, you can spice things up. Make it more interesting by using a rainbow French manicure. Whether you choose a different color for each nail, or even create and ombre effect with two or more colors on the tips of your nails, your manicure will still be trendy. This fun twist on the classic French is perfect for the summer because it is just so much fun. What’s more, it is colorful and can be complimentary for any outfit you choose to wear.

Mix and match different nail art designs

blue yellow purple green orange yellow brown cute short acrylic nails different decorations on each nail with different colors

Go artsy

Listen, we are talking about separate trends, but no one said you have to choose just one. The good news is that this year’s trends are minimalistic and simple, so why not mix them together and create an out of this world, gorgeous manicure. Negative space, checkered print and different takes on the French can all be applied onto your nails. The result is a colorful and interesting manicure which will make everyone ask where you got it from. This manicure will also make you a real star on Instagram, because of its trendiness.

Black and gold will always be a top notch combination

nail designs 2021 short squoval nails with negative space black squares gold lines

Nail designs 2021 – negative space manicure

Negative space has been making the rounds since last year, but it here to stay this year as well. Negative space nail design in all colors and shapes is absolutely welcomed. Although it can be a very simple design, it is also super eye catching and interesting. Mix and match colors, use geometric designs, swirls and lines. This will insure your manicure is up to date and super trendy.

Keep things classic with a black and white combination

black and white nail polish with black and white flower decorations cute nail designs short nails

Black and white will never go out of style

We have been talking about all kinds of trends containing fun colors and designs. Well, there is no way not to mention a much simpler color combination. After all, not everyone likes lots of colors on their nails. That is why, we have to mention that the black and white classical combination will not be going anywhere. Use it wisely! Whether you choose a floral design or negative space, your nails will still look trendy. What’s more, you can even go for a simple white French manicure as the ultimate throwback.

Go for an ultra colorful ombre nail design

colorful ombre glitter nails in the colors of the rainbow acrylic nail ideas medium length nails

Ombre nails are a part of the nail designs of 2021

Ombre nails are yet another trend which has been on the rise in the last couple of years and it looks like it will not be going away any time soon. That, however, is understandable. Ombre nails are just so beautiful, colorful and fun to look at. Choose pastel colors for spring, glitter ombre for summer, earthy tones for fall and icy colors for winter and your manicure will always be on point. The good news is that ombre comes in many shapes and forms. Lots of colors on one nail, or having each nail painted in different colors are just two of the options. Another option is to have to colors on each nail as a gradient.

Mix prints and designs for an abstrsact manicure

cow print abstract lines and circles in blue red orange yellow short nail designs medium length almond nails

Go abstract

Undefined lines, shapes and different prints make the abstract manicure so artsy and super eye catching. It is also a great way to mix different colors, designs and decorations together without feeling like it is too much. Abstract nails with some negative space creates a minimalistic looking, yet super interesting manicure which is going to make you feel super elegant and trendy, but will be fun and eye catching nonetheless.

Mismatched nails are so much fun

medium length nails with purple nail polish on one hand nail designs 2021 green nail polish on other hand

Go for the mismatch and play with different colors

This is yet another manicure you can recreate at home by yourself. Pick two colors which compliment each other well, paint the nails on one of your hands in one of the colors and the other hand with the other color. This mismatched nail design is super trendy and interesting, but also very simplistic and easy.

Now that you know what the biggest trends are, it is time to start browsing

acrylic nail ideas rainbow nails with swirls in pink yellows blue green purple on medium length nails

Our gallery is full of so many trendy nail designs 2021

black swirls and lines on nude nail polish nail design ideas medium length nails with minimalistic design blue orange purple yellow rainbows on the corners of each nail spring nail designs medium length nails

Butterfly French – romantic, classic and just absolutely stunning

butterflies drawn on each nail with french manicure acrylic nail ideas medium length almond shaped nails checkered french manicure in different colors cute nail designs medium length almond shaped nails

copper gold nail polish on short square nails short nail designs stars and moons decorations

Animal prints and especially cow prints are in for 2021

cow print in brown and light pink gel nail designs short almond shaped nails cute nail designs half of nails painted in different shades of green medium length nails cute short acrylic nails long coffin nails in nude and white with matte finish gold butterfly decoration emerald green french manicure made with foil nail designs 2021 medium length nails

The floral designs will always be trendy

flower decorations in yellow on short nails spring nail designs nude nail polish gel nail designs dark purple squares decorations on light purple nail polish short almond shaped nails green and white swirls and lines decorations acrylic nail designs medium length almond shaped nails green nail polish with pink flower decorations acrylic nail ideas medium length square nails long coffin nails with nude nail polish cute nail designs neon rainbow clouds and stars decorations matte nude nail polish with yellow and black dots and lines summer nail designs short nails mini lemons decorations on nails with no nail polish cute nail designs minimalistic design

Super simple and intersting ombre French

minimalistic design nail designs 2021 french manicure in red and pink on short nails minimalistic design on medium length almond nails short nail designs yin yang decorations nail design ideas negative space half moons rest of nail covered with red nail polish short nails negative space hearts on orange nail polish on short nails gel nail designs

You can’t go wrong with a neon nail polish for the summer

neon green nail polish on each nail nail design ideas short squoval nails ombre nails in different shades of pink acrylic nail designs each nail with different nail polish orange and gray nail polish different on each finger spring nail designs short nails pink and orange ombre nails acrylic nail ideas white clouds decorations pink nail polish small white flowers decorations on short squoval nails cute short acrylic nails purple black and white abstract swirls on short nails gel nail designs minimalistic design purple blue and white swirls across nails with nude nail polish gel nail designs short nails

Talking about a gorgeous and fun ombre effect

rainbow nails in pastel colors summer nail designs different color on each nail rainbow nails in red orange yellow green blue purple and pink cute short acrylic nails medium length nails rainbow stripes on medium length nails short nail designs blue purple yellow green pink short nail designs french manicure in pink and emerald glitter on medium length nails short nails with different colors on each nail spring nail designs yellow purple brown blue green pink orange side by side photos of colorful spring nails cute short acrylic nails flowers and rainbow decorations silver stars on one side of each nail on very short nails with no nail polish nail designs 2021 small black gold and white dots on nude nail polish on short nails summer nail designs

Glitter Fench manicure – the perfect 2021 nail design

spring nail designs short nails with nude nail polish gold glitter french manicure square nails with abstract french manicure nail design ideas matte finish on blue pink orange purple rainbows summer nail designs gold and white swirls and lines on short sqoval nails white and brown swirls on nude nail polish nail design ideas short squoval nails white dots on blue purple pink yellow nail polish acrylic nail designs short nails

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