The Ultimate Guide To Festival Makeup – 80+ Inspirational Looks

by John Griffith

This year’s Coachella might be over, but summer is just round the corner, and there are lots of festivals, parties and fun events to look forward to (and prepare for). It goes without saying that having the right festival makeup is absolutely essential for those of you set out to make a lasting impression. While picking a cute outfit, suitable accessories and s killer hairstyle will ensure that look your best, having on fleek makeup will help you express your personality and unleash your unique charm!

If you are still wondering what colors to choose, and feel unsure whether to go full on bling or keep it low key, this article is just the thing for you! We have selected over 80 unique and eye-catching makeup styles to dazzle and inspire you. From soft, classical and romantic looks, to shimmering diva body art – we have it all!

When it comes to festival makeup, bright, popping colors are a must

festival makeup, closed eye with pink eye shadow, pale blue and violet eyeliner, or eye pencil, in a swirly pattern

So, what are some of the current trends in festival makeup? Three words: under eye glitter! While most of us are used to putting the accent on our eyelids, festival-savvy fashionistas advise us to do the opposite! Namely – put some neutral eyeshadow on your lids and experiment with bright colors, glitter, and rhinestone stickers under your eyes! Not only will this make you stand out from the crowd, but it will help you improve your makeup-applying skills in the process!

Say yes to glitter in all of its shapes, textures and colors!

sparkly teal glitter, and purple eyeshadow, on blue eye with black eyeliner, festival makeup, woman with pale blue hair, and a purple eyebrows

Another hot trend are sunset eyes – eye make up blending warm tones, reminiscent of a tropical sunset. These come in a vast number of varieties, ranging from deep orange and purples, to pastel, cotton candy like shades. depending on your preference you can go for a bold, contrasting look, or choose a soft interpretation in pink. In any case, using big, luxurious fake eyelashes is an absolute must for this look! Bonus points if you color coordinate your makeup and hair!

Think pink for a truly memorable look

bubblegum pink hair, on girl with bronze skin, wearing eyeshadow in different shades of pink, and nude pink lipstick, festival makeup

If you are a free-spirited and romantic soul, chances are you will love our next suggestion! Flower makeup is not only delicate and elegant, but also incredibly fresh and unique. It is perfect for people who want to emphasize their strong connection to the natural world. Ideally, you should use pressed flowers and a tiny bit of non-toxic glitter glue. If you don’t have any on hand, however, you can opt for real flower stickers or temporary tattoos.

Dare to be really different by replacing make up with dried flowers and iridescent star-shaped glitter

pressed tiny white dried flowers, stuck around a blue eye, seen in close up, with iridescent glitter stars, festival makeup, bushy brunette eyebrow

If you prefer using lots of different colors, check out this amazing rainbow eyelid tutorial:

Scroll down for more creative, unique, gorgeous and even slightly crazy makeup suggestions! We have a huge variety of styles, so you are bound to find the perfect look. And if you need some hair or outfit tips and inspirations, be sure to check out our fashion section. It’s full of cool ideas, tutorials and more.

And now enjoy our festival makeup gallery!

dark skin makeup looks, pink blush and pastel coral pink lipstick, fake lashes and sparkly, light pink eyeshadow, stripes and dots in white

Neon eyeshadows and lipstick in an unusual electric blue shade – a surprisingly refreshing combination, perfectly suited for darker skin tones

dark blue lipstick, worn by black woman, with eye shadow in yellow, purple and white, black eyeliner and fake lashes, festival makeup, nose rings and earrings

Upgrade the classical smoky eye look but substituting grey eyeshadow for shimmering pink tones:

When done right, less can be more! Go with neutral tones and add a single, vibrant accent, for a truly arresting appearance 

black woman with shiny black lipstick, black mascara and eyeshadow, decorated only with two neon red lines, festival makeup, two gold earrings

Dazzle the festival crowds with this flawless hairstyle and makeup combo: 


Eyeshadows in neon colors are very popular at the moment

bright green yellow and orange eyeshadow, festival makeup, decorating the blue eyes of a pale woman, with ash blonde hair

makeup looks, brown eye with black eyeliner, and neon eyeshadow, in pink and orange, green and yellow, seen in extreme closeup

Channel your inner woodland fairy with this lush, purple and turquoise look!

flowers decorating the hair of a brunette woman, with strong make up, in light teal and purple, with black eyeliner, and fake lashes, festival makeup, nude pink lipstick

Fresh flowers and glitter – a dreamy combination for romantic souls

two close ups of brown eyes, one covered in white and purple iridescent glitter, with white mascara, and fresh cherry blossoms, the other with pale glossy pink eyeshadow, and fresh daisies, makeup looks

slim woman with wavy brunette hair, and blonde balayage, wearing brown and sparkly golden eyeshadow, makeup looks, glossy nude beige lipstick, and white face paint

close up of a girl's face, makeup looks, sparkly pink lips, blue eye shadow, with chunky iridescent turquoise glitter, purple contouring and fake lashes

several different pressed flowers, stuck near the eye of a blonde woman, wearing black mascara, makeup looks, several spots of white paint

We love this subtle, minimalistic festival makeup idea

young woman's face, with no make up, except for a little bit of glitter, in the corner of her eye, makeup looks, discrete and natural style

blue eyeliner worn by green-eyed woman, with nude pink lipstick, and soft blush, makeup looks, blonde hair tied up, and decorated with various flowers

turquoise and black eyeliner, worn by famous model, with brunette hair, and bright orange lipstick, blue and black top, makeup ideas

A touch of retro glamour

makeup ideas, glossy pastel red lipstick, strong pink blush, and multicolored eyeliner, worn by pale blonde woman, with closed eyes

 different makeup ideas, on three women, blue eyeshadow and black eyeliner, lots of pink glitter, purple glitter triangle eye make up

sparkly multicolored rainbow eyeshadow, worn with black eyeliner, makeup ideas, on brown-eyed young woman, with smooth brunette hair

Another minimalistic look we absolutely love

eyeshadow in sparkly pale peach color, with black eyeliner, and a white pearl sticker under each eye, on young black woman, makeup ideas, wearing peach-colored top

topknot on girl with long dark, partly-curled brunette hair, makeup ideas, blue and brown sparkly eyeshadow, nude pink lipstick

silver nose ring, worn by woman with dark hair and bangs, wearing fake lashes, makeup ideas, black eyeliner and eyeshadow, in yellow and orange, pink purple and blue

Show your creative side by transforming yourself in a walking piece of art

hand-painted blue and yellow flowers, covering the upper half of a girl's face, nude beige lipstick, makeup ideas, long brunette hair, with blue flower wreath

glossy pink highlighter, and shimmering pale pink lipstick, worn by slim woman, with silver and peach, pink and blue eyeshadow, make up ideas, white face paint

3D pearl-shaped stickers in silver, decorating the forehead of a slim woman, with long wavy brown hair, make up ideas, pink lipstick and black eyeliner, blue and pink blush

Bubblegum pink hair with lots of glitter – festival makeup doesn’t get any cuter than that!

make up ideas, matte pink lipstick, worn by young woman, with messy pink hair, and shortly cropped bangs, glitter in different colors around her eyes

platinum blonde woman, with pale skin and closed eyes, wearing fine silver glitter, on her eyelids and eyebrows, make up ideas,

brown-eyed woman, with dark brunette hair tied in a topknot, make up ideas, wearing ash rose pink matte lipstick, purple and sparkly blue eyeshadow, fake lashes and black eyeliner, white paint stripe on her chin

Perfect eyeliner in sparkling turquoise

ombre silver and grey hair, on young woman, with pink matte lipstick, and glittering teal eyeliner, make up ideas, discrete blush on her cheekbones

large golden hoop earnings, worn by brunette young woman, her hair shaped in two buns, she's wearing nude beige lipstick, fake lashes and black eyeliner, turquoise eyeshadow and face paint

yellow and pale green, pink and silver, tiny diamond-shaped glitter pieces, decorating the eyelid and cheekbone, of a blond woman's face, make up ideas, black mascara and eyeliner

What would you choose – neon pink or eye-popping blue? 

matching lipstick and eyeshadow, in bright neon pink, make up ideas, worn by platinum blonde woman, with fake lashes, and black eyeliner

nude beige pink matte lipstick, and pale beige blush, worn by young woman, with platinum blonde hair, black eyeliner and eyeshadow in several bright shades of blue

Yes, unicorn make up is still very much a thing!

unicorn makeup, with iridescent glitter, and light pink and blue eyeshadow, fake lashes and light beige highlighter

eye make up painted to look like a horn, in black and light blue and silver, with glitter and blue and pink eyeshadow, unicorn makeup

fluffy pale blue earrings, worn by brunette woman, with auburn strands in her hair, black eyeliner and bright, neon red lipstick, silver pearl stickers under here eye

Go for something simple and understated...

daubs of teal and pale violet eyeshadow, on the corners of a blue eye, with black mascara, cute makeup looks, several small white and green blossoms surround the eye

…or transform yourself into a living doll

doll-like artistic make up, glossy pinkish-red lipstick, fake eyelashes with white mascara, pink and white face paint, faux flowers stuck on the sides of the face, pastel pink hair with short cropped bangs

smiling young woman, with platinum blonde hair, featuring strands of pastel blue, pink and purple, tied in a ponytail, wearing unicorn makeup, with green and yellow eyeshadow

triangle drawn in gold paint, on the face of girl, wearing sparkly yellow lipstick, and eyeshadow in a matching color, dark long hair, flower wreath with artificial miniature sunflowers

A great suggestion for festival makeup, hair, clothe and accessories:

braided brunette hair, decorated with flowers, boho clothes and accessories, cute makeup looks, with pink and silver eyeshadow, bronze highlighter and white face paint

four stars in silver, and a long silver stripe, decorating the face of brunette woman, subtle unicorn makeup, with brown eyeshadow, and glossy nude beige lipstick

Here’s how you can create your very own neon stroke eyeshadow

six photos explaining the process, of creating black eyeshadow, with pink neon-effect streak, black eyeliner with white and purple paint

bushy eyebrows and green eyes, seen in close up, vivid teal blue eyeliner, and discrete nude lipstick, brunette hair tied back

neon yellow eyeliner, worn with long, black fake lashes, and nude pink lipstick, by young woman, with turquoise hair, and nose rings

Glitter tears are very popular at the moment

golden tears made from body glitter, with little star stickers, decorating the face of a woman, with maroon eye makeup, red lipstick and grey ombre hair

tears painted from pink glitter, decorating the face of a young woman, unicorn makeup, sparkly purple eyeshadow, pearly beige lipstick, large sharp eyebrows, and several silver pearl stickers on her forehead

tan brunette women, with dark brown eyes, wearing black eyeliner on their eyelids, and sparkly star-shaped body glitter under their eyes

You are never too old for some old school unicorn magic 😉

enhanced image of a young woman, with unicorn makeup, and white hair, decorated with pastel blue and pink strands, wearing sparkly bright blue eyeshadow, and rainbow colored blush

hazel brown eyes, decorated with pink and blue eyeshadow, on brunette woman's face, spots and stripes in white paint, on her forehead and nose

body glitter in iridescent pink, worn by blonde woman, with orange eyeshadow, and matte pink lipstick, fake eyelashes and large, chunky golden necklace

Kylie rocking some expressive multicolor eye makeup

kylie jenner with black hair, floral hair ornament, pale pink matte lipstick, and multicolored eye makeup, featuring turquoise and green, pin and purple, black and yellow

long blonde hair, partially tied in a topknot, on young woman, wearing turquoise eyeliner, big fake lashes, pale pearly pink lipstick, and white face paint

curly black hair, on young woman, wearing black eyeliner and orange eyeshadow, unicorn make up, with turquoise paint on her face, neck and hand

Above all – don’t shy away from experimenting with different makeup looks, and have fun!

group of friends, made up of four women, smiling and posing for a photo, wearing boho style clothing, and face paint in different patterns and colors

icy blue eyes, eyelids covered with yellow, silver and blue glitter, and light blue and purple eyeshadow, unicorn makeup, girl with long light blue hair, and black roots, wearing a glitter decoration on her forehead

stripes of red paint, decorating the cheeks of a blond woman, with curly hair and dark roots, wearing a rose gold headdress, with a star shape

Because there is no such thing as too much body glitter!

braided hair and hair buns, lots of body glitter, chunky silver necklaces, round sunglasses and boho clothes, face paint and decal stickers, worn by three different young women

decal stickers in silver, shaped like gems, decorating a girl's forehead, fake lashes and black mascara, purple and pink sparkly eyeshadow

fake lashes and eyeshadow in green and yellow, worn by young girl with large lips, and nude beige pink matte lipstick

crown made of artificial white flowers, on dark brown long wavy hair, young woman with orange lipstick, pale brown eyeshadow, white face paint, and one small pearl sticker on her lips, cute makeup looks

Charming boho glamour with a fun vintage twist

hippie costume with pastel pink long wig, decorated with small messy braid, and multicolored patterned headband, worn by smiling woman, with gold and white facepaint

hat in black, worn by brunette woman with dark eyes, discrete and natural make up, decorated with white face paint, and silver pearl stickers, cute makeup looks, boho clothing and jewelry

sunglasses and bikini tops, chunky boho jewelry and accessories, worn by three young women, with different hairstyles, all wearing face paint

pearly glossy pale pink lipstick, worn by young woman with fake lashes, big chunky earrings, pale pink and blonde hair, cute makeup looks, many tiny gold and silver star stickers on her cheek

glossy pale pink lipstick, and orange eyeshadow, worn by brunette woman, with dark hair and blue eyes, blush in bronze


Cool ideas for free-spirited souls  

peach colored highlights, on long blonde hair, young woman with nude beige lipstick, and face decorated with white paint, cute makeup looks, flower crown and sunglasses

tiny red and yellow flowers, and bigger white yellow and green blossoms, painted on a girl's face, cute makeup looks, pale pink eyeshadow, black eyeliner and pastel red lipstick

wavy dark brunette hair, and blue face paint with red and silver details, worn by young woman, with closed eyes and two star stickers

pastel green pink and yellow hair, slightly curled and worn by young woman, with black lipstick, fake eyelashes, and black eyeliner

Stay wild, star child!

cute makeup looks, or body art ideas, space painted in pink and blue, with constellations and stars in white, on the face of a young girl, with pearly pink lipstick, and violet hair

greyscale photo showing smiling woman, face decorated with star-shaped body glitter, next image is a close up in color, showing young woman, with silver and gold, metallic star stickers on her cheek

burgundy red lipstick, worn by blonde woman, with hair in two braids, wearing black hat and black sheer top, with silver star-shaped glitter pieces, on her face and hair

Add a touch of mystic beauty with festival makeup in sparkling gold tones

moons and stars, painted on women's faces, with golden body glitter, shimmering golden mascara and lipstick, dark eye make up, and 3D decal stickers

 collage of a mirrored image, showing young woman, with brunette hair and blonde balayage, face and body decorated with blue and pink body glitter, creating different shapes

tiara-like forehead decorations, made from pale pink, blue and silver gem stickers, in different shapes, body glitter and silver star stickers

Cool tribal festival makeup looks

tribal face paint, in bright colors, teal and pink, red and yellow, white and turquoise, worn by two different women

bold eye make up, in maroon purple and bronze, worn by young woman, with red face paint, and pink matte lipstick

patterns done in white face paint, decorating the lips and forehead of a young girl, wearing turquoise eyeshadow, black eyeliner and nude pink matte lipstick

layered eyeshadow in black, pink and different shades of blue, decorated with glitter, worn by woman with blue lipstick

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