Window Decorations – Ingenious Crafting Ideas for Your Home

by John Griffith

If you love summer as much as we do, you’ve probably dreamed of having it with you all year round. Now you can, with the help of our selection of exquisite summer DIYs!

We have plenty of gorgeous and easy summer DIYs that will bring the unique feeling of a breezy, seaside summer into your home!

summer diys, many seashells in different colors, shapes and sizes, strewn on rough wooden windowsill, near turquoise window pane

The best thing about handmade summer-themed decor is that you don’t need a lot of effort to make it look pretty and effective. If you have collected seashells, pebbles, and starfish during your last seaside trip, you can arrange them tastefully along your windowsills or bookshelves. Add several lightly colored vases with white, yellow or blue flowers for a carefree summery atmosphere.

There are many suggestions about summer DIYs out there, so if you’re finding it hard to choose or need some additional assistance to select the look that’s right for your home, this post is here to help!

Sea-themed wind chimes are a classic summer favorite

summer diys, wind chime made from multicolored seashells, pebbles and starfish, tied together with clear plastic string, hanging from a piece of driftwood

You can make your own seashells wind chime by following this simple tutorial:

First, you need to choose the seashells and pebbles you would like to use. If you have collected some during your last holiday, you can put them to good use now. If not, you can always buy seashells and dried starfish in most craft stores.

The second step is making small holes in the seashells using a drill. Once completed, tie the seashells and starfish with several pieces of burlap cord or clear plastic string (we used the latter). For the handle, take a piece of driftwood and drill two holes in it. Put some rope through the holes and secure it with knots. When the handle is ready, tie the pieces of cord decorated with seashells to it and – voila! Your sea-themed summer wind-chime is ready!

One of our favorite summer DIYs – a rustic driftwood candle holder

summer diys, clear tall glass, placed in holder made from asymmetrical pieces of driftwood, tied together with burlap bow

Windowsills offer a lot of possibilities for decoration. You can transform this tiny area into a veritable summer oasis by tastefully placing a few choice items. Candleholders look great on windowsills, particularly those which utilize rustic items such as burlap and pieces of driftwood.

Seashell-decorated fairly lights

summer diys, fairy lights decorated with seashells, seen from two different angles, third image shows work in progress, fairy lights half-decorated with seashells, loose seashells and a tub of glue nearby

Fairy lights are a great way to add a beautiful and cozy ambience to your living room, terrace, bedroom or garden. You can transform plain fairy lights into gorgeous summer decorations just by adding a few seashells. All you need are some string lights, large seashells and a tub of superglue! Paper decorations are another beautiful option. Little origami boats, flowers or butterflies will add a subtle summery vibe to your living area.

These gorgeous origami flowers will brighten up your windowsill 

summer diys, several paper origami flowers in violet and blue, decorated with white pearl pins, with sharp green paper leaves, placed in white ornate vase

A great way to create a carefree, summery atmosphere at home is choosing the right curtains. Semi-sheer fabrics in white and pale blue are a great choice, as they evoke breezy summer afternoons spent at the beach. Add decorative rope elements for a cool sailor-themed look.

If you would like to see even more cool ideas for beautiful summer DIYs, take a look at our selection below. We have loads of suggestions which will inspire you to create a small, all-year-round summer paradise in your home!

Semi-sheer curtains decorated with rope tied in a sailor’s knot

summer diys, semi-sheer cream white curtain, decorated with burlap rope, tied with a ball-shaped sailor's knot

Cute octopi decorations you can make with your kids

summer crafts, four octopi decorations, made from toilet paper rolls, painted in pale blue and violet, placed on blue surface, with seashells sand and blue beaded ropes

Beautiful hanging flower planter made from a birch log

summer crafts, hanging planter made from white birch, containing green moss and white planted carnations

Add cozy warmth to your home with a lovely and easy to make candle holder

summer crafts, big jar decorated with burlap ropes, with heart-shape detail, containing one lit candle

We love these cute nautical jars!

summer crafts, two mason jars, with screw lids, decorated with white and navy blue fabric, with nautical patterns, and rope tied in sailor's knot

Rustic, handmade wood decoration with rope and and a metal anchor detail

summer crafts, wooden decoration made from three pieces of rough wood, in different sizes, tied together with rope, and featuring a metal anchor element

Use your window settee to create a small all-year-round summer corner

summer crafts, window settee decorated with bright yellow fabric, with two vases containing wheat stalks, yellow flowers and colorful woolen decorations, seashells and pebbles, a postcard and a small doll family nearby

summer craft ideas, three multicolored folded paper umbrella decorations, with wire handles, hanging from window pane, on white thread

summer craft ideas, four house plants in pastel-colored pots, placed on plates resting on a windowsill, near small empty pots and ceramic decorations

summer craft ideas, ice cream cone decoration, made from turquoise, and grey polka-dot printed fabric, next photo shows more similar decorations, hanging from white ribbons

summer craft ideas, three glass containers in different shapes and sizes, containing either pebbles, small pieces of driftwood or corals, and a lit candle

summer crafts for adults, several seashells containing small, round fabric decorations in yellow and red, near a painting of two children, looking at a seagull

summer craft ideas, four stuffed starfish, made from blue and red patterned fabric, placed over white-painted driftwood

diys to do with friends, small glass decorated with teal knitted star, containing one tiny candle, seashells and starfish nearby

diys to do with friends, four garlands made from burlap thread, decorated with felt butterfly shapes in orange, grey and purple, pink and red

diys to do with friends, four origami butterflies made from yellow and pink, violet and green folded paper, three photos on the side show the folding process step by step

diys to do with friends, decoration made from differently shaped, pink butterfly paper cutouts, tied to thin strings, decorated with tiny clear pink beads

diys to do with friends, wind chime made from many, big and small white seashells, attached to a white whicker handle

diys to do with friends, many differently shaped, colored and sized seashells, tied to a large dry starfish, to form a wind chime

Lovely seashell garlands for your living room

diys to do with friends, two garlands made from woven burlap thread, decorated with many seashells, painted in white and pale blue

A stunning wooden wind chime

summer crafts for adults, wind chime made from small, asymmetrical pieces of driftwood, tied to a wooden circle, with string decorated with small, flat and round glass ornaments

Pressed plants framed in glass are a gorgeous and unique way to decorate your windows

summer crafts for adults, woman wearing a white shirt with polka dot pattern, with brown hair in a bun, putting a pressed green plant, framed in glass, on a windowpane, near more similar framed plants

easy fun diys, four garlands made from little fabric fish, in different shades of blue and green, hanging from blue pieces of thread

easy fun diys, decoration made from several paper cutouts, shaped like cartoon-fish and sea animals, hanging from white peaces of thread, cartoon underwater picture in background

How cute is this ice-cream cone paper garland?

easy fun diys, long garland made from paper ice cream cone ornaments, in yellow and pink, red and turquoise, grey and other colors, tied together with string

Eyecatching origami boats ornament

easy fun diys, three origami boats, made from multicolored patterned paper, hanging on a burlap thread, decorated with three beads

Effective and easy to make nautical mason jar decoration

summer crafts for adults, open mason jar, painted in turquoise and light blue stripes, decorated with burlap and a single dried starfish, white whicker basket, and several seashells nearby

easy fun diys, two identical black and white drawings of a castle, decorated with real sand, and colorful felt star cutouts, on white and teal background, three seashells and a stone placed on top

summer crafts for adults, round glass bowl, half-filled with sand, various seashells and dried starfish, containing one lit candle in glass holder

Rustic wooden candleholder with nautical elements

summer crafts for adults, white lit candle, on a small white saucer, placed on a wooden holder, painted white and decorated with seashells and starfish, tied with a faded blue rope

summer crafts for adults, many white and brown, orange and black seashells, in different shapes and sizes, on white background

summer craft ideas, window with white panes, decorated with multicolored 2D flower stickers, shaped like wind spinners, colorful kid's toys strewn about

easy fun diys, several sun-shaped paper decorations, painted with different watercolors, hanging from a window

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