50 Bullet journal ideas for beginners to help get your life in order

by John Griffith

We have all had moments in our lives when we felt like everything around us is in total chaos. Especially, recently, there are so many things going on in the world, sometimes it is hard to keep track. What’s more, our minds are occupied by so many things, we rarely have time to sit down and think about our own lives. For example, if you have been quarantining at home and are now finally starting to go out you probably have a thousand things to do. Things that you have been putting off or weren’t able to do can sometimes be overwhelming. Fear not, however, because we have the answer to all of your troubles – journaling. So, today, we have prepared 50 bullet journal ideas, which are going to help you get your life in order and bring some organisation and calmness into it.

Bullet journals are a great way to organise your life

weekly spread painted with purple watercolor for background with watercolor fox drawing bullet journal themes

What is a bullet journal?

Well, bullet journals as a concept were created by Ryder Carroll. According to him, he came up with the system to “track the past, order the present and design the future”. In general, bullet journaling is a method of organisation through to-do lists, scheduling, reminders and other tools in a single notebook. What makes bullet journaling so special, however, is the fact that you have a creative freedom to create a journal, tailored to your needs. What’s more, it allows you to draw your own pages and graphics, to use different colors and techniques and create a real space where you can completely free your mind.

You can decorate your bullet journal with anything you want

bulet journal page for june with ice cream drawn all over it bullet journal ideas notebook placed on wooden surface

What do you write in a bullet journal?

In general, you have lots of freedom to put anything you want in your journal. If you are a beginner, however, here are the basics and how to arrange them (and yes, we are listing them with bullet points):

  • Key – this should be the first page of your journal. It is going to serve as a key for all of the symbols and colors you are going to be using in your BuJo.
  • Index – as any other book, your journal also needs an index. So, make a list of what you want to have in your journal and help yourself with an index. That way you won’t have to flip through all the pages if you are looking for something.
  • Monthly spreads – a page dedicated to each month. It basically serves as an overview of the whole month. The great news here is that you can pick a theme for each monthly spread and decorate accordingly. For example, your monthly log for December, of course, will be dedicated to Christmas. You August monthly log, on the other hand, can be decorated with drawings, giving off beach vibes. Choice is yours!
  • Weekly spreads – page dedicated to each week. After all, if you are very busy, you need separate space of each week. That way, you can track what your plans are for the week and organise them. Once again, let your creativity run wild and decorate your weekly logs as much as you want.
  • Daily spreads – this one is not a must. However, if you want to get super organised, you might try having daily logs. They basically contain a plan for your day by the hour.
  • Miscellaneous – there is a variety of things you can add to your bullet journal. These can be mood and habit trackers, self care routines, budget planner, books to read, movies or TV shows to watch, etc. Just any kind of additional list you may need.

Here is a break down of everything you might put in your journal

bullet journal page ideas mood tracker bullet journal what you can include in your bullet journal list

Bullet journal ideas for beginners to help you get started

The good news is that all you need is a notebook and a few pencils or markers. If you are not very good at drawing, there are plenty of templates you can find online and you can just color them. Otherwise, having a bullet journal is extremely helpful. It is a proven method to help you prioritise better and organise your everyday life. What’s more, since you can add things like mood and habit trackers, budget planning and fitness and food habits, this allows you to take better care of yourself. For example, you probably don’t notice how much sleep you are getting on average, or how much water you are drinking. However, if you turn tracking these things into a habit, you might notice new things. Maybe you are not getting enough sleep, which is why you feel tired all of the time. It could be that you are not drinking enough water, or you are eating too much sugar. Even better, you can track your exercise habits or your weight. You can create lists, which are going to remind you to meditate and take some me time. Whatever the case, keeping a bullet journal will definitely have positive effects on your mind and body.

And here are some more things you can track with the help of your journal

bullet journal habit tracker ideas bullet journal monthly spread list of ideas written in black on white background

Things to remember when you start journaling

Putting everything that you need to do right in front of you might seem scary at first. But once you see what the effect of organising your life is, trust us, you will love it. So, when you decide to start a bullet journal, the first thing that you need to remember is not to overdo it. Start small. You don’t have to have intricate drawings and lots of colors. Keep things simple and minimalistic in the beginning. After you become a bullet journal pro you can add anything else you might want. Moreover, start with the basics, don’t add unnecessary lists, which might make you feel pressured to do all of them. Keep in mind that things can be migrated from one day to the other. Just because you have planned something for today and didn’t manage to do it, or didn’t feel like it, doesn’t mean you need to beat yourself up for it. Just add it to the next day and keep going.

If you are into doodling you can turn your bullet journal into a piece of art

bullet journal ideas about page on white notebook with different drawings words written on it with pink orange red blue green

A simple index goes a long way

bullet journal index with page numbers written in pink on white notebook bullet journal monthly spread colorful pins on the side

And here are some bullet journal ideas for lists that you can add

bullet journal list ideas mood tracker bullet journal lifestyle food blogging parenting travel time married life money

Here is an example on how to start a bullet journal

Your mood tracker can be whatever you decide

bullet journal pinterest mood tracter with different colors for each day bullet journal pinterest yellow marker and glasses on the journal

And here is a cool weekly spread along with a cool sleep, weather and step log

bullet journal placed on wooden surface bullet journal ideas for beginners july august monthly spread weather log

This is what a page for a month can look like

bullet journal weekly spread front page for august with calendar drawn potted plants in white notebook

Even more lists

lists ideas collections for your bullet journal what is a bullet journal list written on white background

Your bullet journal can help you with your mental health

mindfulness log bullet journal pinterest you cant pour from an empty cup drawing of cup on white notebook

Bullet journal ideas from the creator of the method himself

Add a page so you can track your expenses

monthly budget expanses spread bullet journal page ideas checking savings saving goals written on white notebook

Keep scrolling to find even more bullet journal ideas

mood tracker bullet journal bullet journal key with a drawing of panda eating bamboo leaves drawn on white notebook

bullet journal and stationery

open notebook with weekly spread with orange flowers leaves drawn on it bullet journal weekly spread placed on wooden surface

self care menu with drawings on white notebook bullet journal themes treat yourself queen written underneath

Fun weekly spread in all of the colors of the rainbow

weekly spread for march with different drawings each day in different color bullet journal weekly spread placed on white surface

what is a bullet journal exam timetable schedule written on white notebook coffee cup pens and glasses on white surface next to it

books to read spread with books drawn on the white notebook bullet journal pinterest glasses and markers around it

Who doesn’t love a good bucket list

bucket list with different things to do written in pink and black on white notebook bullet journal page ideas pen on the side

budget for august checking savings saving goals how to bullet journal spread for monthly budget on white notebook

bullet journal ideas for beginners key to the journal colors for each list written on white notebook

bullet journal monthly spread weekly spread for each day of the week written in the colors of the rainbow on white notebook

Cute watercolor weight tracker

bullet journal page ideas weight tracker done with watercolor in green blue and purple watercolor paint on the side

bullet journal themes calendar for september written in black and colored in yellow on white notebook

camping preparation different lists for what you need mood tracker bullet journal written on white notebook

christmas bucket list with small drawings of gingerbread man present candles lights candy bullet journal themes

And here are a few different ideas for fonts you can use

different types of header written in different styles on white notebook what is a bullet journal placed on wooden surface

fifteen minute tasks list with flowers drawn at the end of the page mood tracker bullet journal white notebook

fifteen minute tasks so much you can do in just a quarter of an hour bullet journal monthly spread

get in the habit of practice makes perfect what is a bullet journal calendar with different habits written in white notebook

Write down things you are grateful for

gratitude log written in calligraphy bullet journal weekly spread white textbook pink pens on the side

grocery list separated into types of food written on white notebook what is a bullet journal lots of sticky notes in different colors

hellow september page with drawings of fall mushrooms on white notebook bullet journal ideas for beginners washi tape next to the journal

how to bullet journal weekly plan for each day of the week written with black pen on white notebook

i haven't been everywhere but its on my list written underneath map of the world bullet journal ideas lots of pencils around it

january weekly spread with flowers drawn between two pages how to bullet journal drawn on white notebook

Budget graphics don’t have to be boring

march budget spread with a chart in different colors how to bullet journal drawn on white notebook

monday tuesday thirsday drawn with watercolor on white notebook bullet journal weekly spread watercolor paint on white surface

monthly spread for october feels like fall written on top bullet journal pinterest white notebook

my perfect day hourly bullet journal ideas for beginners different small drawings on white notebook

With so many things to watch on Netflix, having a to-watch list is very helpful

netflix tv shows films to watch list with ratings bullet journal monthly spread popcorn drawn on the side

packing list for travelling written on white notebook bullet journal ideas ice creams drawn on the page

savings tracker and birthdays log as a chart in colors of the rainbow bullet journal pinterest white notebook

self care tracker page and ideas how to bullet journal drawing of woman in bathtub with bubbles around her drawn on white notebook

A creative way to write down things you are grateful for each day of the month

some days you just have to create your own sunshine bullet journal themes gratitude log for each day of the month

sunflowers drawn on white notebook with separate lines for each day of the month bullet journal ideas placed on wooden surface

weekly spread made as calendar with blue purple watercolor on white notebook bullet journal page ideas

weekly spread with tasks separated in personal and work bullet journal ideas for beginners small drawing of mushrooms and snail

John Griffith

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