The Best Dry Shampoo Alternatives (That Actually Work!)

by John Griffith

No dry shampoo? No problem! If you ever find yourself in a situation where your hair is beyond greasy, you have no time for a shower and your canister of dry shampoo has barely anything in it, don’t panic! There are a ton of dry shampoo alternatives that you never even knew of! Some may even be hiding in your pantry. But the best part is that they are just as effective as your regular can of dry shampoo. So, take a deep breath and let’s see how to fix that hair problem in a matter of minutes.

No dry shampoo? No problem!

woman applying dry shampoo on hair

The Best Dry Shampoo Alternatives

Okay, let’s be honest – everyone has bad hair days. Sometimes life is just way too busy to shower every day and dry shampoo does come in handy from time to time. However, what happens when that life-saving can of dry shampoo is gone, and you are in a hurry? Well, you can also tie your hair in a ponytail. Or you can grab a big, fluffy makeup brush, such as one for contour and get rid of those oily strands in seconds with these dry shampoo alternatives.

Everyone has bad hair days

woman with greasy blonde hair

#Baby Powder

Good old reliable baby powder. This powder is a great alternative to your dry shampoo, and it was actually largely used before they became popular. All you need is around a teaspoon of baby powder. Then brush it throughout your hair. This will help to absorb the excess oil and leave the hair looking nice and fresh. However, for best results don’t just sprinkle some powder on the top of your part and call it a day. Rather it’s best to section your hair and apply the powder lightly between the layers, so it can absorb throughout and not just on top. However, since it’s very light in color, it may be a more suitable choice for people with blonde and light hair, as it will blend in easier. It’s also a great choice for people with thicker hair.



Your kitchen pantry may be holding the solution to all your problems. Cornstarch is a great option as an alternative. Just take a big, fluffy makeup brush and apply it to different sections of your hair and “blend it” out. However, since it is also a light mixture, you can mix it with some cocoa powder or cinnamon and create a color that is more suited for darker hair. Plus, it adds a really nice scent. This TikTok gives a great example of how you can use it.

@elevenesthetician life changing hair hack thats literally $1.99 #greasyhair #dryshampoohack #OverwatchMe ♬ original sound – isabella traboscia

#Transluscent Setting Powder

Some of your makeup may also come in handy for your hair. If you have some translucent setting powder in our makeup bag, take it out. Just as it can soak out the oils from your face, it can do the same for your hair. It will help your scalp and roots to get that fresh shower look. Once again apply it with a makeup brush all around your scalp. Also make sure the powder is not glittery.

Some translucent setting powder can get the job done

translucent setting powder with brush

#Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar isn’t just for cooking. You can also use to make your hair less greasy. All you need to do is mix in a couple of drops of apple cider vinegar with some water in a spray bottle. Then you just spray it onto your hair like you would your dry shampoo. The best thing about this alternative is that it doesn’t leave any residue like the dry shampoo would. Once the mixture dries, your hair will look and feel less greasy. Apple cider vinegar is also a good tonic for the scalp.

All you need to do is mix in a couple of drops of apple cider vinegar with some water

apple cider vinegar with spoon


Perfume is something that nearly everybody has in their home. Which makes it super convenient to use as an alternative. Perfume can tackle an oily scalp thanks to the alcohol content in it, which helps to break down oil and dry out the roots of your hair. This is a fast method to achieve the results you wish. Just apply it like your dry shampoo, however, it isn’t recommended to spray perfume directly onto your hair as it can cause damage over time. You can spray some on your hairbrush and comb through your hair. It will smell nice and get the job done.

Perfume is something that nearly everybody has in their home

different perfume bottles on yellow background

These were the best dry shampoo alternatives you can use when you are running low on product. We hope you found this article useful. Now you can easily find a substitution even in your own pantry.

These were the best dry shampoo alternatives you can use

dry shampoo alternatives woman using dry shampoo on hair

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