Tangerine Peels: 6 Surprising Health Benefits You Need to Know

Von Maria Konou / December 02 2022

Tangerines are fresh, delicious, aromatic and also very healthy. The little orange sun cheers you up with its appearance, color, and powerful aroma – cheerful, warm, sweet. It turns out that the phytoncides and essential oils contained in the peel of the orange fruit not only make us have a better mood, but also help in the fight against many diseases. Next time you buy tangerines, don’t throw away the peels! Thanks to the beta-carotene content, the tangerine peel is useful for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, while the flavonoid hesperidin it contains protects the body against viruses, inflammation and has anti-allergic properties. If you want to see the rest of the amazing health benefits of tangerine peels, just keep on reading!

Let’s see what are the most surprising health benefits of tangerine peels

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Surprising Health Benefits of Tangerine Peels

The aroma of the essential oil obtained from the peel of ripe tangerines relieves fatigue, suppresses irritability, stimulates the nervous system, calms and relieves the symptom of nervous stomach. Tangerine essential oil also improves skin tone, tones, refreshes, smoothens wrinkles, helps with oily and combination skin and rashes. Prevents stretch marks and cellulite, especially in combination with other essential oils like neroli and lavender. Here are the best health benefits of tangerine peels:

Tangerine essential oil has both uplifting and calming properties

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If bronchitis plagues you, take three tablespoons of tangerine peels, pour two cups of very hot water, boil for a few hours and then strain. Add some organic raw honey and drink this infusion throughout the day.

A tangerine peel infusion and honey is all you need for treating bronchitis 

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#Dry Cough

Tangerine peel tincture is an excellent remedy to remove phlegm in dry cough. Pour the peel of one tangerine with a glass of vodka and leave in a dark place for a week. After that, take 20 drops 3 times a day before meals. Make sure to take a look at these effective remedies for how to stop coughing.

Tangerine peel tincture is an excellent remedy to remove phlegm in dry cough

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#Runny nose

Tangerine peels can also help you with nasal congestion. To do so, place the peel of 2-3 tangerines in a bowl of boiling water. Let it stay like this for a few minutes, and then for 10 minutes inhale the steam rising above the bowl, alternating nostrils. Inhaling steam is one of the best things you can do when you feel congested!

Tangerine peels can also help you with nasal congestion

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A concoction of tangerine peels can actually help reduce blood sugar. To prepare it, you need to peel the peels of three medium-sized tangerine fruits and boil them for 10 minutes in a liter of water. Filtering the decoction is not necessary. Just place it in the refrigerator and take it every day in the morning and in the evening after meals.

A concoction of tangerine peels can actually help reduce blood sugar

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#Improve Digestion

Tangerine peels boost immunity as well as improve appetite and digestion. Rub some dry tangerine peels into a powder and add to salads, cereals, cottage cheese and other products. This will help get rid of stomach ache or flatulence. You can dry the peels first, and then blend them to make them into a powder! Another great way to use this powder is for face masks!

Tangerine peels boost immunity as well as improve appetite and digestion

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To treat nail fungi, simply rub your nails and fingers with fresh tangerine peels twice a day. This is super easy to do while you are peeling the tangerine.

Rub your nails with tangerine peels twice a day to treat fungi

benefits of dried tangerine peel

Here are the best winter oranges and tangerines to try out this season!

what are tangerine peels good for

These were the most amazing health benefits of tangerine peels! Always try to find good uses of food scraps you do not need. Instead of throwing these scraps away, you can make healing potions, fertilizers, or even something entirely different!

Now you know why you need to save your tangerine peels!

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