Pick a Cute Summer Wallpaper To Let The Sunshine In

Von John Griffith / May 05 2021

Summer is almost here. It is undobtedly the best season of the year. Especially after the year we’ve had, summer is long overdue. It seems like everything great comes with the first summer month. Once the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, life looks better and more enjoyable. That is exactly why, today we have decided to prepare you for the sunniest season of them all. Browse through our gallery to find a summer wallpaper to get you in the mood for this season and bring you some positive vibes. We have selected summer backgrounds for both your phone and your desktop computer or laptop.

We can’t wait to finally get to say “Hello Summer”

blueberries blackberries next to slice of watermelon beach aesthetic wallpaper hello summer carved on it

Why is summer the best season?

There are so many reasons why summer is the best season of them all. And if you disagree with us, please let us convince you otherwise. We are going to list a few reasons and things that make summer the most enjoyable season out of all four seasons.

Hot weather

If you are not one of the lucky people who get to live some place where it is warm all year long, then you are surely awaiting summer impatiently. The sunny, hot weather definitely brings so much energy and just good vibes all around. Because of the nice weather you get to enjoy the outside more, spend time in the garden and just simply enjoy the sunshine. Furthermore, it is actually proven that warm weather boosts your serotonin levels. And we all know that serotonin is one of the key hormones of well being and feeling happy.

Who doesn’t like to enjoy the sunshine outside

blue water and sky with clouds summer wallpaper hd island in the distance

Longer days

With the summer solstice come longer days. In general, during the summer months the sun rises at about 6:30am and sets at about 9pm. This, in turn, creates a 12-hour day, which we get to enjoy. It seems like throughout the summer months we have more free time. If you are working a 9 to 5, during winter by the time you get to come back home after work, it is already dark outside. In summer however, you come home, the sun is still shining outside and you have additional 5 to 6 hours to enjoy yourself outside and enjoy the sun.

Longer days with more daylight means more free time to enjoy the warm weather

blue water in swimming pool summer cute backgrounds inflated pillows donut fries milkshake hot dog sandwich

Vacation time

Summer is undoubtedly the best season for a vacation. We have all seen photos around social media of tall palm tree, turquoise waters and golden, sandy beaches. And we are definitely all guilty of daydreaming of being there instead of at home or at work. Going on a summer vacation definitely alleviates stress and allows you to fully enjoy life. Being on the beach, listening to the waves crashing and birds chirping is absolutely amazing. Drinking tasty cocktails and getting super tanned is just a plus.

Being able to enjoy some beach time is definitely one of the best things about the summer season

blue wooden surface summer wallpaper hd seashells and sunscreen beach sand on it

Summer fashion

Getting dressed for winter means layers upon layers of clothing. Even you have the most amazing dress on, having to put on a coat and hide it definitely kills the vibe. In the summer season however, you get to flaunt all of your best clothes and put them at full display. We get to enjoy wearing comfy shorts, t-shirts and tops. What’s more, there is nothing better than a flowy, lacy dress, which keeps you cool and fresh and makes you look extremely good. And did we even mention the amazingly cute bathing suits you are able to show off at the beach or near a swimming pool. Summer is defintely the best season for fashion.

Never underestimate the power of a cute summer dress

blue and pink sky at sunset summer cute backgrounds tall palm trees photographed from below

Summer wallpaper to celebrate summer food

Can we even mention summer without thinking of all the great summer foods we get to enjoy duting the hottest season. Who doesn’t enjoy ice cream? Ice cream is definitely one of the best parts of summer. Sweet, cold, coming in all types of flavors, this creamy dessert is for sure the best summer food. What’s more, summer is the season of all the best fruits and veggies. Because of the weather, everything grows during this season. Watermelons, pineapples, bananas and all types of exotic fruits are the must haves for any summer menu.

Delicious summer food? Yes, please!

beach aesthetic wallpaper hello summer written in black surrounded by watercolor watermelon drawings

What are the most popular holidays of summer?

In general, there aren’t that many holidays being celebrated during summer in the USA, however a holiday is always a good thing to enjoy. That is exactly why, we thought we could give you a definitive list of the biggest, most popular holidays you can enjoy during summer 2021.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is celebrated each year on the last Monday of May. This year the holiday falls on May 31st. The holiday celebrates people who have sadly lost their lives in service of the United States. Usually on this day, people bring flowers to soldiers’ graves and honor their lives.

There are a few big holidays to enjoy during the summer months

beach background iphone ocean waves crashing into the beach photographed from above

Independence Day

Even though there aren’t that many holidays during the summer months. July is actually the home of one of the most important holidays, celebrated in the United States. Independence Day is celebrated on the 4th of July every year. The holiday celebrates the independence of 13 original colonies in the US from England, which was declared in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence. The day is celebrated with the 4th July fireworks, which usually last for about 20 minutes up to half an hour and are definitely a sight to behold. Parades, concerts and family time in general are ways to celebrate the holiday.

The whole world knows of the 4th July celebrations

beach with waves crashing in it beach background iphone pier in the distance

Labor Day

Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September each year. This year the holiday will be on the 6th of September. The holiday celebrates all the American workers with their achievements and contributions to the country. Labor Day is also seen as a mark for the end of the summer season. Because of that, it is usually celebrated with outdoor activities such as parades, concerts and festivals.

Every summer has a story is definitely one of the truest statements

best summer wallpapers every summer has a story written over photo of orange flowers

Now keep browsing through our photo gallery to find your favorite summer wallpaper

blue sky with clouds summer cute backgrounds tall palm trees photographed from below close up photo of pineapple beach aesthetic wallpaper laying on the beach in the water cute summer backgrounds waves crashing into the beach photographed at sunset cute summer wallpapers tall palm trees photographed at sunset next to the ocean and pool green bushes covering large rock cute summer wallpapers waves crashing into the rock

Palm trees, coconuts and pineapples – all staples of the summer season

green palm tree leaves coconut pineapple cute summer backgrounds placed on pink surface green palm tree leaves drawn on white background beach aesthetic wallpaper ocean view photographed at sunset cute summer wallpapers waves crashing into small rocks

Spending time near a beach will deifintely boost your serotonin levels

orange van with surfs on it parked next to the beach best summer wallpapers palm tree over an umbrella and lounge chair cute summer backgrounds drawing palm trees photographed from below at sunset summer iphone wallpaper pineapple with straw being held by two hands summer wallpaper hd ocean in the background pink rose photographed at the beach cute summer wallpapers waves crashing

Is there anything better than a summer sunset?

summer cute backgrounds tall palm trees photographed from below at sunset pink clouds in the sky summer wallpaper hd pink aesthetic three surfers getting out of the water at sunset sunset over beach with lots of rocks beach background iphone lots of clouds in the sky sunset over beach with two small islands in the distance beach background iphone

Daydreaming right now

sun setting over the ocean summer iphone wallpaper waves crashing into the beach tall palm tree photographed from below best summer wallpapers blue sky with clouds waves crashing into the beach summer iphone wallpaper photographed at sunset waves photographed at sunset best summer wallpapers orange and blue sky with clouds

As promised here is a summer wallpaper for your desktop computer or laptop

beautiful iphone wallpaper sunrise over mountains with tall trees fog in the distance cute pineapple with sunglasses placed in the sand summer wallpaper palm tree ocean in the background flip flop coconut sunglasses placed on a beach summer wallpaper ocean in the background lounge chairs in orange yellow green purple pink blue on beach beautiful iphone wallpaper ocean waves crashing into the beach beautiful iphone wallpaper turquoise water

Take me there right now!

pathway made of wood leading to island with small huts summer wallpaper palm trees sea star in yellow stuck in the sand summer wallpaper ocean waves in the background summer iphone wallpaper waves crashing into rocks on beach with lots of palm trees

Romantic summer wallpaper

summer wallpaper two wooden lounge chairs placed on beach under palm tree two palm trees on beach beautiful iphone wallpaper photographed at sunset

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