Redesigning Your Home for Less Stress

by John Griffith

Your living environment has a major impact on your mental wellbeing. For this reason, disorganized, untidy or dirty spaces can translate to the inhabitant and make them less focused or unhappy in general. It is this reason that designing a home that functions well, as well as appealing to your individual aesthetic and sense of style, is so important when regarding stress levels. The following are some great tips to ensure you are making the most of your space and reducing your anxiety and stress levels.

Incorporate some color into your living space

blue wall redesigning your home desk sofa

Keep Colors in Mind

Ranging from person to person, there are certain colors which appeal to and spark joy in everyone. Some are attracted to warm oranges and cheerful yellows, while others are drawn to light greens and romantic pinks. However, there are studies which suggest that blue has a calming effect, since it can naturally reduce your heart rate and blood pressure if your rooms are painted blue. If you want to design your home in a way which will naturally reduce your stress, choosing blue for bedrooms, and in other places where you want to relax, and other, more invigorating colors for energizing spaces like the kitchen and study can be a great choice.

Minimalistic design has been taking over the world

minimalist design redesigning your home in white

Keep Things Simple

Minimalist designs can feel very freeing, as they are easy to find matching pieces for and don’t feel cluttered. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style, however, as designer brands like Kinto offer handcrafted and elegant pieces which are specifically designed to work seamlessly with the human hand to improve daily routines and make life easier. These types of homeware decor are great for removing subconscious stress that forms when undergoing common tasks. You can shop their products at SSENSE.

Use different ways to keep your areas separate

redesigning your home wooden separator tiled floor

Keep Your Spaces Separate…

Separating your rooms at home creates a sense of direction and focus which provides less distraction and thus less tension when performing tasks in each room. If you divide your activities between each room, then you have a clearer sense of purpose without feeling overwhelmed and overburdened, and this can be a real help when attempting to manage stress effectively.

…But Maintain Flow

To avoid your home feeling disjointed when following the above advice, it is important to keep a connecting element between the distinctive rooms to allow a sense of unity and consistent style. This can be as simple as the same flooring or carpeting, similar styles of art, or matching furniture which offsets the differences between each room and its purpose.

It is important to have some greenery in your home

three potted plants redesigning your home

Have a Variety of Plants

Having house plants brightens an area in a way that usual interior décor simply cannot. They exude vitality, fresh natural color and beautiful textures. They come in countless different species that can be styled into any space, from shelf succulents and bathroom aloe vera, to kitchen herb gardens and hanging baskets which add dimension to rooms and lift your eyes, which can also naturally lift your mood and self-confidence.

Keep things simple

minimalist design redesigning your home hallway

Allow Yourself Space

This is an interesting idea which is effective in lessening stress. Normally, we have a compulsion to fill up spaces when designing, which unfortunately turns out to be unforgiving as we accumulate more items and knickknacks while living. The build-up of sentimental and practical items when there’s no space for it to go can be a stressful thing in itself, but the opportunity to fill space combined with the aesthetic appeal of half empty bookshelves, and the reassurance everything has a space to go can be really comforting.

Natural lighting is the best way to make your home welcoming and cozy

colorful living room redesigning your home natural light

Capitalize on Natural Lighting

This is one of the most important elements of home design. If you have furniture blocking natural light, dirty windows, or heavy curtains, these can all worsen the natural lighting of your home. As light is proven to have a positive effect on productivity and mental wellbeing, the choice to expand and make the most out of your sources is definitely the right one.

Don’t surround yourself with monitors

half closed laptop redesigning your home wooden table

Keep Technology Neatly Hidden

One of the various sources of stress in our lives is the constant intrusion of technology. Devices pinging and buzzing with notifications can be a headache itself, and the reminder of an open laptop waiting with emails and events and commitments can really take a toll when you are attempting to have private moments of reprieve from work or simply time to be with yourself. Keeping laptops in drawers, phones in small tables, and investigating clever furniture which houses TVs and large computers out of sight when not in use is an option for those who feel constantly barraged by media.

We hope this article has provided some useful tips to redesign and reorganize your home into the dream space in removing or negating stress. Your home should be an area of private relaxation, self-expression and joy, and obtaining this ideal takes nothing more than a few small adjustments.

John Griffith

John Griffith is a young, passionate journalist. Writing has been John’s hobby ever since he was a boy. He has worked in some of the UK’s most successful news portals over the course of his professional career but found his forever home at Archzine.