Shower Bath Ideas: All You Need to Know

Von John Griffith / June 01 2021

A shower bath is exactly what it sounds like, a tub and shower combo that allows you to bathe in the tub or stand under the shower jet. While combining both will enable you to save some bathroom space, the shower-bath system is also aesthetically pleasing. It gives a different flavor to your bathroom look and the simplicity in design makes this choice popular with people looking to redesign their bathrooms

Stylish shower bath ideas for every home

p shaped shower with large black tiles shower bath ideas small glass partial enclosing

Shower Bath Types


This shower bath style gets the ‘P’ in its name from the shape of the bath. At the tub end of the shower-bath combo is the standard rectangular bath, while the other end has a rounded or curved portion where the shower head and other controls are fitted. 

This shower bath also has a curved glass to complement the overall style and prevent water splashing on your bathroom floor. This shower bath type is most suitable for traditional bathrooms that have more free-flowing forms than squared-off shapes. 

P-shaped shower bath style

p shaped bath in bathroom with white tiles on the walls dark tiles on the floor shower bath ideas


The L-shaped shower bath style was made for your modern bathroom. The grid shape allows it to settle right in with the other fixtures in your bathroom. Like the P-shaped type, it also gets its name from the shape of the bath. At one end of the bath is a square extension where the shower and its controls are, with the other end being the shower-bath combo’s tub end. The L-shaped shower bath also has a screen for privacy and prevents water splashing on the bathroom floor. 

Here is a great example of an L-shaped shower bath style

l shaped shower bath ideas large gray tiles glass partial enclosing large white tiles on the floor


The Freestanding shower bath is for people that are inclined towards the traditional bathroom look. This shower-bath type has an integrated shower, but its freestanding nature means the shower is not enclosed against the walls and would make it more difficult to ensure water does not splash on the bathroom floor. One way around this problem is by installing a shower curtain rail on the ceiling directly above the shower. 

If you are unsure what your bathroom would look like after the redesign, read this post on shower over bath ideas for more information. And before you decide what shower bath type you would want in your bathroom, there are some factors you would need to consider.

Make sure the water doesn’t splash by installing a shower curtain

shower curtain in white with blue dots shower bath ideas white tiles on the walls black patterned tiles on the floor

Size/Bathroom Space

The space available in your bathroom affects not only your choice of bathtub or shower system but also the types of shower doors that will fit in your bathroom. When designing or remodelling your bathroom, it is important to consider the fixture’s size, in this case, the shower bath. You want to find that sweet spot between being too big that it occupies all the space and being so small that it becomes forgettable or negligible. 

Consider the space that you have

shower bath ideas bathroom with large white tiles shower with glass enclosing wooden details around the sink

Bathroom Style

The shower bath style must be in sync with the overall bathroom plan. If the bathroom has a modern finish, you would want to fit a squared-off, angular L-shaped shower bath. If you are looking to achieve a conventional, traditional bathroom look, the P-shaped shower bath style would be more suitable with a voluptuous finish. 

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