110 + Scrumptious and Easy Hors d’Oeuvres That Will Spice Up Any Party

by John Griffith

Planning a party is fun but, needless to say, it can be a lot of work. You must get the right decorations, procure plenty of drinks and, of course, offer a selection of delectable horderves. While this can be relatively stress-free if you’re having a few friends over, things can quickly get complicated if you’re expecting a large turnout of guests. After all, it is the host’s responsibility to keep everyone well fed and happy. But how do you prepare tasty finger food for a crowd and not break the bank, while also keeping things classy? It may seem impossible at first, but don’t panic – in this article we have compiled a list of over 110 scrumptious horderves which are easy to prepare, look amazing and taste even better! In addition, we have included several easy recipes that will have your guests licking their fingers. Intrigued? Let’s get started!

So simple and so yummy – salami, prosciutto bread sticks and cheese platter

horderves, wooden platters with a selection of salami, cheeses and bread sticks with prosciutto, placed on a table

Beet hummus recipe

beet hummus recipe, beet hummus in black bowl, garnished with chickpeas and herbs, bruschetta slices on the side


For the hummus:

  • 100gr boiled chickpeas
  • 200gr boiled beetroot
  • 3 tbsp sesame tahini
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • juice from 1/2 lemon
  • 1/2 tsp cumin
  • 50ml warm water
  • 40ml olive oil

For the bruschetta:

  • bruschetta slices
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • thyme

These are the ingredients you are going to need

necessary ingredients, beet hummus recipe, arranged in different bowls, placed on black surface


  1. Place everything, except the olive oil, in a blender and mix well. Then, add the olive oil and blend again.
  2. Place the bruschetta slices on a paper lined baking sheet. Cover them with olive oil, salt and thyme. Bake at 180 degreed for 10/15 minutes.
  3. Garnish with sesame seeds and thyme.

Blend everything together

chickpeas and beetroot, all ingredients placed in a blender, beet hummus recipe, placed on black surface

Add the olive oil and blend again

beetroot hummus mixed in a blender, beet hummus recipe, placed on black surface

Prepare the bruschetta with olive oil, salt and thyme

bruschetta slices arranged on paper lined baking sheet, covered with oil, beet hummus recipe, placed on black surface

Voila – easy and delicious

black plate with bruschetta slices, beet hummus in a black bowl on the plate, beet hummus recipe

Grilled prawn and chorizo skewers with sweet potato puree – easy horderves recipe for a cocktail party.

prawns and chorizo slices, skewered with a wooden stake, and placed over shot glasses, half filled with an orange sauce, horderves

Prawn and chorizo skewers with sweet potato puree

Ingredients for the sweet potato puree (enough for 10 horderves):

  • 2 large sweet potatoes
  • 2 tbs. olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste


Pre-heat the oven on 400 °F, and bake the two sweet potatoes until they are soft. This should take 40 to 60 minutes. Once they are done and have cooled off, peel them and put them in a blender. While you are blending them, add the olive oil, some salt and a big pinch of pepper.

Ingredients for the prawn and chorizo skewers:

  • 10 peeled jumbo prawns
  • 1 piece of chorizo sliced into 10 pieces
  • the juice of 1/2 lemon
  • chopped parsley for sprinkling
  • salt
  • shot glasses (or small serving bowls) and wooden skewers


In a pan, grill the chorizo slices and put them in an airtight container, so they stay warm. Next, grill the prawns and, when they are ready, add the lemon juice, salt and parsley to the pan. Mix well with a wooden spoon and then remove from the heat.

Pour the sweet potato puree into the shot glasses (or small serving bowls). Then, take a prawn and chorizo slice, and skewer them, like shown on the picture above.

If you’d like to try something easier, replace the sweet potato puree with classic prawn cocktail sauce.

If you want to dazzle your guests with Parisian-inspired hors d’oeuvres, check out this great video!

And how about some bruschettas with olive paste and gravlax? Find the recipe below:

woman dressed in a denim shirt, cutting a baguette, into small slices, for horderves, cherry tomatoes and cucumber, black olives and baby corn nearby

Bruschetta with fresh olive paste and gravlax

Please note that although this recipe is super easy, the gravlax needs to mature for a few hours, so make sure to start at least a day before the party!

Ingredients for the gravlax:

  • 1.10 pounds of salmon or salmon trout
  • 1,5 cups of sea salt
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • the zest of 1 medium lemon
  • the zest of 1 lime


Mix the sea salt, sugar, lime and lemon zest, and pour half of the mixture into a deep, broad dish. Place the salmon (or salmon trout) fillets on top. Then take the rest of the mixture and cover the entire fish with it. Cover the top of the dish with cling film or tin foil, ensuring that is airtight.

Keep refrigerated (or in a dark, cool space) for 4 to 6 hours, if you’re using salmon trout, or 24 to 36 hours if you’re using salmon. Then take the fish out, remove the mixture or salt, sugar and zest, and slice the fillets into thin strips.

Ingredients for the olive paste:

  • 1 1/2 cups of pitted marinated black olives
  • the juice of 3/4 lemon
  • 2 tbs. of olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste


Put the olives and the olive oil into a blender and mix. While blending, add the lemon juice, the salt and the pepper.

Once done, cut a fresh baguette into slices, spread some of the olive paste onto each piece, and then add a strip of gravlax on top. Your delicious horderves are ready!

Three super easy and quick appetizer ideas:

Devilled eggs – another party favorite. In this recipe, we give them a delicious pesto twist!

glass bowl filled with hardboiled eggs, next to a white plate, containing ingredients for horderves, mayo and garlic cloves, spring onion and chilis, basil and pesto


  • A dozen hardboiled eggs
  • 1/2 cup of mayo
  • several spring onions
  • 2 cloves of garlic (finely chopped or pressed)
  • 3-4 chili peppers
  • 1 tbs. of pesto sauce
  • a handful of basil leaves


Cut the eggs in half, and carefully remove their yolks. Set the whites aside. In a bowl, mix the yolks, the mayo, and the garlic. Then, stir in the pesto sauce. Take the egg whites and stuff them with the yolk, mayo, garlic, and pesto mixture. Finally, chop the spring onions, the chili peppers and the fresh basil leaves, and sprinkle them on top of the eggs. Voila! Your pesto deviled eggs are ready!

And to make things even easier, here is a comprehensive photo tutorial. First cut the eggs into halves:

knife cutting through a hardboiled egg, how to make horderves, two halves of another egg nearby

Then remove the yolk

yolks from hardboiled eggs, inside a glass bowl, two hands separating a yolk from egg white, horderves easy recipes

Mix the yolk with the mayo, garlic and pesto, and stuff the eggs with it:

dish containing a creamy, pale yellow sauce, stuffing for horderves, resting on a smooth wooden surface

Chop the spring onions, basil and chili peppers and sprinkle them on top of the eggs:

chopped fresh basil, on a wooden cutting board, seen in extreme close up, horderves step by step

The finished horderves should look like this

hor d oeuvres, pale blue plate, containing devlled eggs, topped with chopped fresh basil, and red chili slices

You will need only 3 ingredients for each of these delicious appetizers!

Ditch fries for a healthier option with these scrumptious sweet potato wedges!

sweet potato wedges, seasoned with spices, and placed on a white ceramic dish, near a bowl with sauce, and two lemon wedges, hor d oeuvres

Cocktail meatballs, another party favorite

cocktail meatballs on a white dish, hor d oeuvres with meat, a clear bottle of olive oil in the background

Salmon and asparagus – a match made in heaven

smoked salmon fillets, wrapped around asparagus tips, hor d oeuvres, on top of a cracker, with a creamy spread

Throwing a vegan party? We’ve got you covered!

Strawberry and ricotta bruschettas. Yum!

four bruschetta with ricotta, chopped strawberries and basil leaves, hor d oeuvres, placed on a wooden chopping board

And how about some watermelon, tomato and mozzarella skewers?

mozzarella and tomato, skewered with pieces of watermelon, and basil leaves, hor d oeuvres for the summer

Scrumptious stuffed flatbreads

grilled flatbreads stuffed with vegetables, and peppered with white cheese, and fresh basil leaves, hor d oeuvres, placed on a white paper napkin

Check out these funny (and a little spooky) Halloween appetizer ideas:

Delicious, easy, fresh

large slices of bread, covered with different toppings, hor d oeuvres with guacamole and radish, tomato and mozzarella, figs and egg

hor dourves, grilled seasoned prawns, topping several ritz crackers, with a mushy, green avocado spread

long wooden board, with feta cheese, passion fruit and figs, prosciutto and salami, and many others hor dourves

Medium roast beef bites with yoghurt sauce, served on cucumber slices

beef pieces medium rare, on top of cucumber slices, with a yoghut spread, hor dourves garnished with watercress

classic bruschetta with chopped tomato, mozzarella and paisley, garlic and olives, hor dourves on a wooden board

shot glasses containing an orange sauce, and skewers with prawns and chorizo, hor dourves on a white round plate

Mini prosciutto and mozzarella sandwiches

round party sized sandwiches, containing prosciutto and mozzarella, with fresh lettuce, hor dourves on a chopping board, made of wood

thin crackers with creamy, white spread and red caviar, hor dourves garnished with chives, and sprigs of dill

black plate containing several grilled flatbreads, topped with cheese and basil leaves, hor dourves, small dish with sauce nearby

Mozzarella sticks – a classic favorite

hors dourves, breaded and fried, mozzarella cheese sticks, in a white plate with lettuce and basil, and a red salsa-like dip

rectangular white plate, containing chopped leafy green veg, and several prawns, with sweet chili sauce, hors dourves

nine colorful hors dourves, prawn cocktails in small glasses, tiny edible baskets with veggies, crackers with creamy spread, peppers and asparagus

cream cheese and smoked salmon, on flat crackers, with creamy white spread, hors dourves topped with chives

Flavorful Thai prawn appetizer

seasoned jumpo prawns, with chopped fresh green herbs, hors dourves, inside a white plate, with lemon and lime wedges

cucumber rolls stuffed with white sauce, red caviar and dill, hors dourves, skewered and placed on a white plate

cherry tomatoes and cocktail onions, dill and basil, topping several small hors dourves, with ricotta cheese spread

Caviar is always a good idea

crispy crackers topped with smoked salmon fillets, mayo and black caviar, hors dourves with watercress on top

appetizers for a crowd, feta cheese balls, with small lettuce leaves, and cherry tomoato halves, skewered with toothpicks

thick wooden block, with three artisan canapes, baked peach with prosciutto, tomato with asparagus, pear with ricotta, appetizers for a crowd

A simple Christmas platter, with brie cheese, cranberry confit and crackers

cranberry confit and brie chiese, on a white ceramic plate, containing various kinds of crackers, appetizers for a crowd, for christmas or thanksgiving

baked potatoes with skins, topped with cooked octopus pieces, appetizers for a crowd, with wooden skewers

selection of easy appetizers for a crowd, wooden board with prosciutto and salami, dishes with vegetables

Tasty veggie “meatballs”

falafels on a wooden board, appetizers for a crowd, next to three dishes, containing a red dip, a yellow sauce, and some chutney

hand dipping a grilled prawn, into a small white bowl, filled with green sauce, appetizers for a crowd, more grilled prawns in the background

pastries topped with baked cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil leaves, appetizers for a crowd, easy and delicious

A fresh vegetarian platter

hors d oeuvres recipes, a rich selection of vegetable appetizers, cucumber slices with yoghurt sauce, chopped carrots and celery, cherry tomatoes and radishes

creamy spread with spring onions, on top of several square crackers, with cherry tomatos, hors d oeuvres recipes


guacamole spread on several pieces of toasted bread, some are garnished with cherry tomatoes, cut in half, hors d oeuvres recipes, with fresh avocado

Indulgent ideas for your dinner party

collage with four images, showing hors d oeuvres recipes, pastry stuffed with ham and cheese, pigs in a blanket, mozzarella sticks and a chocolate fountain in a bread loaf

toasted appetizer bites, with grilled cheese, cranberries and walnuts, hors d oeuvres recipes, for thanksgiving or christmas

edible tiny baskets, filled with meatballs, and topped with a white sauce, and avocado pieces, hors d oeuvres recipes, for parties or dinners

A simple, refreshing, and healthy option

peeled cucumber slices, topped with creamy, seasoned dollops of cream cheese, hors d oeuvres recipes, fast and easy

homemade crackers, topped with ricotta cheese, ham and chopped green herbs, hors d oeuvres recipes, to try at home

horderves ideas, eight cheese balls, with different toppings, dried apricot pieces, bacon and chives, red onion chutney

Everyone loves jalapeno poppers!

jalapeno peppers cut in half, stuffed with cheese, and wrapped in bacon, then grilled, horderves ideas

christmas horderves ideas, savory veggie tartlets, blueberry cheesecake on a cracker, sweet thai chili prawns

holiday horderves ideas, four slices of toasted bread, topped with cheese, smoked salmon and chives, prosciutto and other foods

We love this clever idea for marking rare and well done burger bites!

bite-sized hamburgers, on a white rectangular plate, horderves ideas. each burger contains a wooden cocktail stick, saying whether it's rare, or well done

chinese inspired horderves ideas, stuffed cabbage leaf, with stir fried pork, and spring onions

metal baking tray, containing several pieces, of grilled cheese bruschetta, topped with cranberry confit, and fresh basil

Mozzarella, tomatoes and basil – a classic combination, suitable for every occasion

tartlets stuffed with chopped tomato, fresh basil leaves, and mozzarella sprinkled with pepper, horderves ideas, for special occasions

hor d oeuvres ideas, fish cakes with red beans and parsley, topping shot glasses, filled with green dip

vegetarian hor d oeuvres ideas, noodle salad with carrots, a selection of fresh vegetables with dip, and others

Guacamole, smoked salmon and dill bruschettas

dill and smoked salmon fillets, on small pieces of toasted bread, hor d oeuvres ideas, with guacamole

sardine dried and smoked, topping a piece of toast, smeared with creamy white spread, hor d oeuvres ideas for new year's eve

stuffed jalapeno peppers, filled with cheese, and baked in the oven, hor d oeuvres ideas, placed on a wooden board

We love these cute Christmas party ideas!

olives stacked in the shape of a christmas tree, and topped with a yellow star, hor d oeuvres ideas, on a plate with crackers and salami

hot hor d oeuvres ideas, asparagus wrapped in bacon, baked potato with dressing, pull-apart bread with dip

bacon and asparagus, wrapped in a pastry, hor d oeuvres ideas, placed in an oval white plate

Spicy chicken skewers with cool yoghurt dip. Delicious!

hour derves, grilled chicken skewers, on a white rectangular plate, near spring onions, fresh mint leaves, and a bowl with yoghurt dip

square crackers with hummus, topped with mango, and grilled prawns, hour derves sprinkled with fresh, chopped green herbs

celery and carrot sticks, spicy chicken wings, marinated olives with herbs, hour derves, mozzarella sticks and other fried foods

Mouth-watering, veggies stuffed bread with guacamole dip

bread stuffed with vegetables, on a large round plate, with a dish of guacamole in the middle, hour derves, hand dipping a piece of bread in the guacamole

sandwich bites with ham, cream cheese and stuffing, on a large round plate, hour derves for special events

pesto-covered mozzarrella and cherry tomatoes, skewered with fresh basil leaves, hour derves, on a ceramic decoartive board

Let’s not forget the ever popular Buffalo wings!

buffalo wings seen in close up, hour derves, next to a side of green salad, and a small dish with dip

tullips made from oval cherry tomatoes, stuffed with cream cheese, and attached to sprigs of spring onion, hour derves for creative cooks

hor dorves for parties, chili hot dogs, bite-size cocktail meatballs, salads with veggies and meat

Melon and prosciutto – another classical combination

melon pieces wrapped in prosciutto, hor dorves, inside a brown oval plate, decorated with a sprig of fresh basil

riangular slices of toasted pitta bread, dipped in plastic cocktail glasses, filled with guacamole, hor dorves

feta cheese covered in pomegranate seeds, cocktail meatballs with apple pieces, toasted bite-size cheese pastries

Mussels with assorted veggies and green olives – a typical Mediterranean treat

mussels cooked in their shells, with chopped vegetables and green olives, hor dorves, served in a round plate

different kinds of hor dorves, crackers with three spreads, smoked salmon on toast, bruschetta and veggies with dip

several plates filled with hor dorves, savory tartlets with vegetables, prawns and mussels, bacon-wrapped olives and more

A scrumptious selection of cheeses, salami, vegetables and dips

metal tray with a selection of hor dorves, different kinds of cheese and salami, jalapenos and pitted olives, chopped vegetables and yoghurt dip

ceramic plate in white, containing five pieces of bruchetta, topped with chopped tomatoes and avocado, cheese and olives

many small skewers, with mozzarella and cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil leaves, served on a large white plate

There are so many fun and tasty recipes you can try!

potato baked and garnished with white sauce, chives and bacon bits, stuffed avocados, and crispy tartlets with vegetables

six pieces of bread, with cream cheese spread, topped with prawns, green olives and parsley

chips in paper cones, prawn cocktail in shot glasses, vegetables with hummus dip, and other appetizers

Crispy noodle-wrapped jumbo prawns with a sweet chilly dip

crispy prawns wrapped in noodles, amd served with a red dip, and two lime wedges, chinese cuisine-inspired appetizer

pitta bread with green dip, lettuce leaves stuffed with prawns, and asparagus wrapped in pastry

simple bruschetta with salsa, brie and fresh basil leaves, on a white surface, seen in a close up

salty muffins and bacon jalapeno poppers, meatballs with cranberry jam, and other appetizers

Melon and cheese with sweet chutney topping – yes, please!

brie cheese and melon, on several slices of bread, arranged in a circle, and topped with chutney and poppy seeds

aubergine slices stuffed with cheese, chopped vegges and fresh green herbs, hot appetizer ideas

rich selection of appetizers, on a round wooden board, salami and cheeses, crackers and olives, fresh fruit and bread sticks, wine bottles and glasses

Stuffed zucchini with ricotta, salsa and chives – another healthy and yummy appetizer

zucchini grilled and stuffed with cream cheese, garnished with chopped chives, and salsa sauce

white tray containing cocktail glasses, filled with an appetizer, and containing a small spoon

spaghetti wrapped around several forks, and topped with fresh basil leaves, cheese and cherry tomatoes

More irresistible Halloween offerings:

halloween appetizer ideas, crispy pizza snack, pumpkin soup in a spider-like dish, mummy pigs in a blanket, and others

jalapeno poppers for halloween, wrapped in grilled cheese, and decorated with little eyes, resembling mummies or ghosts

sliced pepper stuffed with seasoned mashed potato, and hardboiled eggs, on a white round dish

Spring rolls with sweet chilly dip – crispy and full of flavor

spring roll dipped in red sauce, held by a hand, over a white dish, filled with salsa, and topped with chopped green herbs

radish sprinkled on top of several appetizers, made with cucumber slices, topped with prawns

bread sticks and nuts, salami and cheeses, on a big round wooden platter, with dried fruit olives, and different dips

And let’s not forget the simple old classics:

pitted green olive, stuffed with marinated red pepper, and skewered with a piece of salami, and some cheese

roasted sweet potato slices with creme fraiche, crispy edible baskets with vegetables, stuffed zucchini slices

pecan nuts topping appetizers, consisting of apple slices, covered with tuna mayo, and green chopped onions

Even more delicious ideas for you to try!

salsa dip and prawns, toasted bread with pate and cranberry confit, olive spread and stuffed mussels

chopped green onions, on top of potato slices, roasted with their skins, and garnished with creme fraiche

wraps filled with breaded chicken fillets, lettice and white sauce, cut into small, bite-sized pieces

A lovely selection of bruschettas with different toppings

nine pieces of toasted bread, with different toppings, smoked salmon and boiled egg, grilled chicken and cherry tomato, and many others

close up of a hot appetizer, consisting of grilled cheese and ham, skewered with a wooden fork

six images of different appetizers, tomato soup shots with bacon, hummus and fresh vegetables, grilled prawns and others

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection. Have lots of fun cooking, and don’t forget to experiment – after all, change is the spice of life!

red peppers and artichoke hearts, skewered with salami and basil leaves, then grilled and served on a white plate

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