What Do Cats Actually Like? Here are 9 Cat-Favorite Activities

by Maria Konou

Cats are intelligent and rational creatures, which means that they are fully aware of the things they like and those they don’t like. In most cases, you can tell if your cat likes something, mostly by the amount of time it spends doing it. However, time is not always the determinant. For example, we know that cats spend between 14 and 18 hours sleeping, but that doesn’t necessarily make sleeping one of your cat’s favorite activities. That is why we comprised this list of 9 cay-favorite activities to answer the important question – What do cats actually like?

Cats are super opinionated, so what do they actually like?

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Making a connection

When a cat comes into your life, no matter what age, you become the cat’s parent in addition to the owner. And over time, the cat actually becomes a member of your family! Humans can bond with cats in many ways, for example by petting, playing, grooming, etc. It is very rare to find a cat owner who has not bonded with their pet, and quickly. Many of us have probably heard heartwarming stories about adopting cats from shelters that mention that the bond between animal and human happened at first sight. The cat-human bond is also a pleasant and unique one. Like any relationship, this one is two-sided, as most cat owners happen to find out. There is nothing more hypnotic and relaxing than feeling the cat’s warm and cuddly body on or beside us as we listen to her purr. It is therefore not surprising that many hospitals and nursing homes use cats for therapeutic procedures!

Cats love bonding just as much as we do

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Good nutrition

Just like us, cats love to eat. Good food and treats between main meals are something they enjoy immensely. Cat treats are much healthier than the ones we humans eat, so you can spoil your pet with them between main meals. Just don’t overdo it, let the cat gets used to them and want them! When it comes to healthy food, it has been scientifically proven that eating fresh and raw food is much better for a cat’s health.

What a refined gentleman sipping on some afternoon tea

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It is important to know just how much to feed your cat

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Fresh running water

Water is the most important thing for any living thing. Cats love fresh and running water. We can judge this by the many cats who love to drink water directly from the tap. But how much water does a cat actually need? Although it is difficult to determine the amount, it is hardly a coincidence that 67% of a cat’s body is water. Dry cat food contains a minimal amount of water, about 10%, and cats that eat mostly dry food. That is why cats definitely need more water to maintain their water balance in the body. Just watch carefully how much water your cat drinks, so you know when and how much to put in her bowl. Keep in mind that extreme thirst can be an indicator of diabetes, feline hyperthyroidism, or chronic kidney failure. Some cats even like to play in the water, especially breeds like the Turkish Van. If you’re the owner of a cat who loves to play in the water, try filling a tub or basin with some water and let it enjoy it. In the summer, you can add some ice to the water, especially if the day is super hot.

Cats love drinking from your water cups

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Based on the fact that cats sleep most of the time, they probably really love to rest. Cats are notorious for sleeping between 14 and 18 hours a day on average. For us humans, that may be an awful lot, but after all, our cats don’t have to get up and go to work, right? Also, remember that cats are nocturnal animals, they can see better at night, so sleeping most of the day is perfectly normal. Sometimes cats even wake their owners at night because they want something, like food, water or just to play. Such habits are not normal for us humans, but they are more than normal for a cat.

There is nothing cuter than a sleepy cat

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Playing is one of a cat’s favorite things to do. From a young age, cats need to learn to play. You can use toys or just some yarn, the shadows on the walls, insects, and your hands (but be careful). Play brings cats back to their wild selves, where they stalk and kill their prey to feed and survive. Of course, this isn’t typical for a domestic cat, but there’s still nothing wrong with playing. Cat toy manufacturers make toys in the form of mice, birds, butterflies, and other feline prey for a reason. Also, particularly popular are lasers, which cats love to chase around the room. Cats either have great imaginations or just love chasing things. It’s two-sided because cats love playing with their owners too. This activity is extremely fun and enjoyable for them.

Cats love nothing more than being playful

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Did you know that overweight cats need more play time

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Bird watching

Let’s ask a rhetorical question, “Why do cats like to watch birds?” Probably the main reason is that they take birds as prey and cats are predators. The sight of a chirping bird in the window or even on the TV screen immediately catches the attention of even the most sleepy cat. This same desire to chase and capture can arise in the cat even when watching birds through the window. Remember, cats take great pleasure in watching birds, even without chasing them. If you live in a house and have a yard, you can put up bird feeders, so your cat will have something to watch most of the time. That way the birds will be happy and so will your cat. There are other ways for your cat to bird-watch, just find the best one in your case, and rest assured that your pet will have a great time.

Just waiting for some birds to show up

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Nails and scratching

One of the basic needs of every cat is to scratch and dig its claws into various surfaces to “sharpen” them. Besides, this is how a cat stretches, and we humans know that there’s nothing better than stretching when we’re stiff. You’ve probably seen how some people gnaw their claws when they’re worried or stressed. Sometimes, cats also dig their claws in to comfort themselves after experiencing fear or stress. Cats themselves may very rarely or never declaw, and then go crazy about it when another cat or more joins the family. As a good owner, simply provide your cat with enough claw scratchers in each room. Plus, you’ll save a lot on soft furnishings!

Nothing compares to a good scratch!

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Bathing and brushing

For a human, there’s nothing more relaxing than a warm shower to relax the muscles and dry off with a fluffy towel afterward. Cats feel exactly the same way after “bathing” themselves for 15 minutes or being brushed by their beloved owner. The contented purring you will hear is enough to make sure your cat is enjoying herself. Most cats love their owners brushing and petting them. Just be careful not to overstimulate them, especially on the lower back. Some cats, especially those who have feline hyperesthesia, may escape or become aggressive when overstimulated. If you notice that your cat has fleas, learn how to get rid of fleas on cats! Choose а brush carefully and monitor your cat’s reaction to learn when to stop. And as with spa treatments in humans, you can give your cat a treat after you are finished with the grooming.

Brushing is often accompanied by soft purring 

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The people who pet them

Cats love getting pets, especially when they’re getting attention from their beloved owner. However, have you ever had your cat not allow you to pet it sometimes? There’s an explanation, and it’s very simple – your cat probably came to you more than once just wanting a little attention, but you ignored it for one reason or another. The truth is, this sort of thing has happened to most of us. Just take a little of your time with your pet and rest assured that it will always be available when you want to pet, comb, or play with it. Rest assured that your cat loves to be pampered.

Your cat actually does like you!

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These were our 9 tips on what do cats actually like! If you also happen to own a dog, make sure to check out how to make your dog happy!

Here is the real way of calculating your cat’s age!

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Now go and show some love to your favorite purring ball!

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