How to Dress Your Baby For Spring: 8 Clever Tips

by Maria Konou

The ever-so-changing spring weather is a real challenge for all young mothers. During spring, it is hard to dress yourself for the weather, and now you have to dress a tiny human that does not talk. It is also difficult to find a way to dress the baby not only cute, but also thick enough to protect it from a cold. Well, if that is the case, you have come to the right spot. In this article, we will show you how to actually dress your baby for spring, so that it is comfortable and healthy, and you are relaxed and calm. So, if you want to learn the best mommy tips and tricks, keep reading:

The changing spring weather is a challenge for all young mothers

how to dress baby for 60 degrees

So, let’s see the best mommy tips and tricks for dressing your baby for spring

how to dress a baby for spring

How to Dress Your Baby For Spring: 8 Clever Tips

#Layer upon layer

Dress your baby the same way you dress yourself – a few layers of clothes that you can take off and put on as needed. Start with a short-sleeved bodysuit, thin shorts or tights, a thin long-sleeved shirt or a blouse, a sweatshirt, a vest, or jacket, pants, socks. Bring a blanket or a stroller bag just in case the weather suddenly turns chilly. Remember that a baby doesn’t move around much in the stroller, so it needs one more.

Layers are your best friends when it comes to dressing a baby or a toddler

dressing baby for spring

#Extra pair of socks

It is not a good idea to dress your child in an outfit that covers the whole body and the feet. Opt for extra socks that you can take off or put on as needed. Remember that babies who don’t walk don’t need shoes. It is enough to find suitable warm and soft booties or thermal socks with a sole to keep their feet warm. And you can also use a blanket if it gets really chilly.

Always bring extra socks that you can take on and off

how to dress toddler for spring

#Always wear a hat

Don’t forget to put a light hat on your baby to protect its head from getting cold or getting too much sun. Of course, if the sun is nicely shining and there is no wind, it is better to take it off. Otherwise, your baby will sweat and its tender skin may become covered with rashes.

A hat can protect your baby from cold and too much sun

how to dress toddler for spring

#A removable hood

It is a good idea to have a hood to put on the baby’s head as well. It offers more freedom of movement and breathing for the little head, and some little ones tolerate it more easily than tight hats. Moreover, it is important to keep the head and ears from getting cold, especially in stronger and colder winds. So, buy jackets with removable hoods!

A jacket with a removable hut is a must for every child

how to dress a newborn in spring


Overalls are the perfect garment for spring. It warms the tummy and waist nicely, and at the same time, it does not restrict freedom of movement. Overalls can be thick and warm for cold weather, and loose and breezy for when the sun is shining.

Overalls are the ultimate spring clothing piece

how to dress baby for spring walk

#Protection from wind and rain

It is good to have a baby spring jacket that protects them against wind and rain. It doesn’t need to be very snug and warming. Moreover, a spring jacket should stop the wind and prevent the body from cooling down, while not overheating it. This jacket will maintain a pleasant temperature for your baby, especially on sunny but windy days.

A spring jacket should keep you warm, without overheating you

how to dress a baby in march

#Suitable fabrics

Natural fabrics that both retain heat and allow the skin to breathe are ideal for the spring season. This is especially important for those layers that touch the baby’s skin directly. Choose underwear and clothing made of organic cotton and soft bamboo, but for jackets and trousers you can also rely on artificial fabrics that can easily stop the wind and rain.

Opt for breathable, organic fabrics when it comes to baby clothing

how to dress baby for stroller in spring

#If you wear the baby

If you are out and about, and you like to wear your baby in a sling, keep reading. Don’t overdress your baby, as they are wrapped in the sling/backpack and your body is keeping them extra warm. Take more care of the feet, which can get cold easily. It is probably a good idea to skip the jacket or vest, too, so you don’t warm up the baby more than necessary. Remember that overheating is just as dangerous for a baby as being cold!

Don’t overdress your baby if you wear it in a sling 

how to dress newborn in spring.jpg

Now you know how to actually dress your baby for the spring season! Remember to focus on your child’s needs and be mindful of their temperature and reactions. Since babies cannot tell you if they are hot or cold, you need to be careful.

Now you know how to actually dress your baby for the spring!

how to dress baby in spring canada

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