How To Clear Your Sinuses Fast: 7 Natural Remedies

by John Griffith

Struggling with sinus congestion truly sucks. It makes your life miserable. You may be having pain, pressure, headaches, and trouble breathing. All of these things can cause problems in your day-to-day life. On the bright side, you can treat it. Of course, doctors recommend to first find out what’s triggering the congestion, so you can stop it at before it even begins. After all you can only treat it so much, but just treating the symptoms and not the core problem is like a dog chasing its tail. But while you are on your path to finding the core of the issue, we’ve prepared for you some natural remedies that can help ease the symptoms. Here is how to clear sinuses.

Struggling with sinus congestion truly sucks

man holding his nose in pain

How To Clear Sinuses Fast

Some of the most common causes for a sinus infection are bacteria, viruses, and allergens. However, life factors such as frequent travel, smoking and more can also cause irritation to your sinuses and cause an inflammation. Winter comes with a lot of cold and dry air, which can also cause your poor nose problems. However, while you can find the cause of your issues, if it’s winter, it can make it harder to treat at the source. Well, you can move to a place where it’s warm all the time, but that doesn’t seem cost-friendly. You can do small things like wear a scarf, drink warm foods and drinks and so on. If allergens are your problems, you can seek treatment. But whatever the cause, you will still need to deal with the symptoms while you get the main problem sorted. Here is how to relieve yourself from some of that sinus pain with natural remedies. Of course, you can always get nasal sprays from the pharmacy and other over-the-counter medications to help you out.

Some of the most common causes for a sinus infection are bacteria, viruses, and allergens

woman laying on couch while blowing her nose


Steam is your friend when it comes to dealing with a sinus congestion. Breathing in the warm steam will help keep the mucous membrane moist, which is really good for you if you’ve noticed that the cold weather tends to trigger this issue. The warm steam will also help to unblock the sinuses and relieve the symptoms. And the best thing about it is that all you need is hot water, a bowl, and a towel. You can also enjoy the steamy benefits from a warm shower.

Steam is your friend when it comes to dealing with a sinus congestion

woman hovering over a bowl with towel on head

#Salt Water

Irritants such as fragrances, dust, and pollution can all make their way up to your sinuses and cause problems. You can get rid of all of these by using a saltwater saline rinse. You can get an over-the-counter spray one, make yourself one at home, or use a neti pot. There are many ways to use salt water. While it may not be the most pleasant of experiences rinsing out your nose, it will certainly help.

You can use a neti pot to help you out

how to clear sinuses woman rinsing out her nose with a neti pot

#Warm Compress

A good warm compress can really hit the spot. Hold a clean, wet, warm towel against your face for some relief. The warm compress will help to deal with swelling and the inflammation that is causing the sinus contestation. It will also help to keep the mucous membrane moist, which means it will be able to function properly.

A good warm compress can really hit the spot

how to clear sinuses woman with towel to her face


Getting a humidifier may be an investment at first, but if you struggle with a sinus congestion, it may help to have one around. Just turn it on during the nights. The humidifier will help to prevent the sinuses from drying out, which takes away the possible irritant of dry air.

No more dry air at home

woman putting on a humidifier to work

#Spicy Foods

If you are a fan of spicy foods, and you are struggling with sinus congestion, then you are going to enjoy this remedy. Foods like hot peppers, hot mustard and chili sauces can help open up your nasal passage, consequently relieving you of the pressure and pain. This is all thanks to the main active ingredients in such foods which is capsaicin. So, next time your sinuses are struggling, enjoy some hot peppers.

Enjoying spicy foods can help with nasal congestions

how to clear sinuses red chili pepper sliced on black background

#Change Sleep Position

If you struggle with sinus problems, you know sleeping can be a pain in the a**. Sleeping in certain positions isn’t really doing anything to help either. The most effective way to sleep when you are dealing with a sinus blockage is to sleep with your head raised. Just prop an extra pillow and lay down. This way the congestion can drain, whereas when your head is level it can lead to an even bigger blockage.

Add another pillow and lay down with your head raised

elevated pillow on bed

#Eucalyptus oil

Essential oils are amazing. They can help you with your skin, hair, infections, and even to clear sinuses. When it comes to sinuses, eucalyptus oil does wonders. This oil can help kill germs around the nasal passage (which may be contributing to the infection) and relieve problematic symptoms. While you shouldn’t use pure eucalyptus oil directly to the skin, you can apply some drops to a tissue paper and sleep next to it. You can also add it to your steamer, or humidifier. You can also add it to your shower (it makes a great spa like feeling to it and helps to clear your nasal passage).

When it comes to sinuses, eucalyptus oil does wonders

hand holding a branch of eucalyptus

This was how to clear sinuses fast with natural remedies. We hope you found this articles useful. Now you can try out these remedies alongside other treatments and finally free yourself from the sinus block.

This was how to clear sinuses fast with natural remedies

man holding his face in pain

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