How To Get Rid Of A Stye: 7+ Of The Best Tips and Tricks

by John Griffith

Styes are painful, red lumps that occur from time to time both on the outside and inside the eyelids. While it’s not threatening to your vision and aren’t usually too serious, they can be super annoying. These pimple looking bumps feel hot, sore and tender. Definitely not a great look or feel. Styes typically occur when dead skin cells, old bacteria or oil gets clogged up within in the eyes’ oil glands. Oil glands are around the eyelashes. That’s why sometimes you can have more than one stye at a time. While they typically go away on their own within a week, there are some remedies to you can try out on how to get rid of a stye faster. Today we will take a look at 7+ of the best tips and ticks to help you remove that uncomfortable stye and get the healing process to speed up.

Styes are painful, red lumps that occur on the outside and inside of the eyelids

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How To Get Rid Of A Stye?

When getting rid of a stye you must remember to not try to pop it on your own or try to remove the eyelash. This will only make the infection spread, as the puss is filled with bacteria and will cause more harm than good. If you do want to drain it, a doctor can do it. In general, if the stye is really painful, interferes with your vision, and won’t go away, it’s time for the doctor. However, if you don’t feel like you need to go for a doctor’s visit right now, here are some things you can try out.

Do not try to pop a stye

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Warm Compress

This is one of the best ways to handle a stye at home. All you need is a clean cloth and some warm water. Make sure to drain the cloth beforehand, and it’s important to use warm not hot water. Put it onto the effected area and leave it on for around five to ten minutes. After the compress has been applied, you can massage the stye gently. The warmth of the compress helps get the puss to the surface. Then it helps to dissolve it alongside the oil, so it can drain on its own. Do this method a couple of times throughout the day.

After the compress has been applied, you can massage the stye gently

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Coconut Oil

Not only is coconut oil great for boosting your immune system, it can also help you get rid of the pesky stye. By putting some coconut oil on a cotton swab and applying it gently on the eyelid you can help get the inflammation to lessen. Leave the oil on for fifteen minutes and repeat this from three to five times a day. Coconut oil is amazing. It’s good for you when consumed, it’s safe to use around the eyes and it gas both antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Coconut oil has many good qualities 

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Drop The Makeup

In order to not delay and slow down the healing process, it’s best to avoid using makeup while you have a stye. Wearing eye makeup will not really cover it, and it will just get it more clogged up. Not only that but if you have used any makeup tools while having a stye, you can spread the infection onto the other eye. That’s why it’s recommended to throw away any makeup tools that may be contaminated or wash them well. Avoid using products that are over three months old as well.

No makeup while having a stye

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Try massaging the area. Make sure your hands and fingers are clean beforehand. Massaging the stye will help to promote drainage. When the gland opens and the stye drains, make sure to avoid touching afterwards and keep it dry. Do not massage it if it hurts. Make sure to always be gentle and don’t press too hard. The area is tender and can get hurt easily.

Massaging the stye will help to promote drainage

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Teabag Compress

Instead of using a warm cloth, you can use a warm tea bag. Just make yourself some tea. Let the bag seep for around a minute and then when the bag is warm, not boiling, put it on your eyelid. Black tea is the way to go here as it has antibacterial properties, and it’s though to help with swelling. Just like with the cloth compress, keep the bag on for around five to ten minutes. If you have a stye on both eyes, make sure to use different tea bags on each. Do this around two to three times a day.

Use black tea as it helps with swelling

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Keep The Eye Clean

Having good eye hygiene is a great way to ensure the stye will go down faster. While styes on their own aren’t necessarily contagious, bacteria from the puss can spread to your other eye. It can also spread to other people’s eyes who use the same makeup tools, pillow cases and so on as you. That’s why it is important to keep the eye clean and wash any contaminated items. Use non-irritating and hypoallergenic washes to cleanse the eyelids. You can also use tear-free baby shampoo diluted with some warm water. Saline solution will also do the job. Just use a cotton swab or cloth to gently remove it from the eyelids.

Good eye hygiene is key

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There are some over the counter antibiotic ointments you can try out. Always use them based on the prescription or manufacturer instructions. However, generally you will need to pull the eyelid and apply some ointment inside it. Ask your doctor for suggestions or ask at the pharmacy.

There are some over the counter antibiotic ointments you can try out

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While this method  won’t technically help make the stye go away faster, it will help with the pain. Over the counter painkillers, such as ibuprofen or Tylenol, can help relieve the feeling of soreness and pain. Follow the manufactures’ instruction for the correct dosage.

Over the counter painkiller will relieve the pain

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Swap Out The Contact Lenses

Contact lenses do not cause styes, however it’s best to swap them out for glasses until it heals. Bacteria can spread from the stye into the contacts and the infection will spread. If you have been wearing contacts with a stye, it’s best to change to a new pair after it has healed to prevent a reinfection.

Find some cool glasses to rock

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What Causes Eye Styes?

As we mentioned, styes form when the oil glands around the eyelashes get clogged up and infected with bacteria, oil and so on. There are a couple of common causes to styes.

  • Bad eye hygiene. If you constantly rub your eyes with dirty hands, use dirty makeup brushes, don’t remove your makeup before bed, use towels with multiple people and don’t wash your eyes regularly, then you are in for a stye.
  • Sweat and chlorine. Not washing your eyes after being in a chlorine filled pool, hot tubs or after an intense sweat filled workout.  All of these can clog up the oil glands over time.
  • If you have skin conditions such as long-term rosacea or blepharitis, you are more prone to getting styes and preventing them will be hard.

Not showering after an intense workout can cause styes

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How To Prevent Styes?

Instead of having to find out how to get rid of a stye, it would be best if they didn’t occur in the first place. That’s why we are going to look at how to prevent them occurring in the future.

  • Make sure to thoroughly remove all makeup before going to bed. Use a double cleansing system if needed. This will help prevent glands from clogging up.
  • Always wash your hands before touching around your eyes or putting in contacts.
  • Throw away any makeup or products that have been open for two to three months. This will make sure no bacteria reaches the eye.
  • Make sure to wash your towels, pillowcases, makeup brushes and blenders regularly in order to prevent bacteria and dirt forming.
  • Wash your eyelids with some mild soap and warm water every couple of days to ensure they stay clean.

Removing your makeup well is a must

woman on blue background removing her makeup

These were all the tips and tricks we have on how to get rid of a stye. We hope you found them useful. Now you have all the knowledge you require when it comes to fighting styes and preventing them.

No more styes!

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