Honey and Cinnamon: 13 Unexpected Health Benefits of This Magical Elixir

by Maria Konou

The combination of honey and cinnamon is a powerful natural antibiotic with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. Natural elixirs can actually solve many health problems. To make the most of the healing effect of the honey and cinnamon combination, you need to know what this magical concoction can actually do for you and your health! It is also important to approach the aromatic spice carefully because in moderation cinnamon is very useful, but like most things it can be harmful if you overdo it. In this article, we will show you the very best honey and cinnamon health benefits. This healing combination is an especially valuable concoction to have during the cold months, where we get sick more often. So, without further ado, let’s see what are the biggest benefits of combining honey with cinnamon!

Do you know that honey and cinnamon mixed together have some amazing health benefits?

health benefits of honey and cinnamon combination

Elixir from Honey and Cinnamon: How to Make it

First, aways go for Ceylon cinnamon, because the mainstream and cheaper versions contain substances that may not be so healthy in high doses. Honey is one of those superfoods that is very calorie dense and nutritious, but should be eaten in moderation. If you go around all day spooning and stirring in the jar of honey, you may cure one problem but cause yourself another one. To raise immunity, lower blood sugar, and improve digestion, rely on the combination of honey and cinnamon. Below, we will also show you some very practical recipes with honey and cinnamon that will be good for your health. So, prepare some cinnamon powder and a jar of organic raw honey and lead the fight against infections!

Honey is one of the most beneficial superfoods in the world


honey and cinnamon health benefits

Ceylon cinnamon also boats some amazing health benefits 

health benefits of honey and cinnamon for arthritis

Health Benefits of a Cinnamon and Honey Elixir

#Relieve chronic arthritis

Take a cup of warm water, and dissolve two tablespoons of honey and a scant teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Drink this concoction in the morning and evening and if taken regularly, this combination can actually relieve chronic arthritis.

Mix honey and cinnamon powder in warm water, and drink it mornings and nights

can i drink cinnamon and honey everyday

#Help with bladder infections

Bladder infections are more common in women than in men. If you are not drinking enough water, and supplementing with red cranberry, the chances of an infection get even higher. To help with this, dissolve two tablespoons of cinnamon powder and one teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water. This will kill the germs in your bladder.

Honey and cinnamon can actually help get rid of bladder infections

benefits of taking honey and cinnamon together

#Reduce high cholesterol

Dissolve two teaspoons of honey and three teaspoons of cinnamon powder and mix them in 350 ml of water. This will actually help reduce blood cholesterol level within two hours. Combine that with some low-cholesterol snacks, and you are good to go.

Honey and cinnamon can actually help reduce high cholesterol levels

health benefits of honey and cinnamon feat

#Cure chronic coughing

Take one tablespoon of honey with 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon powder daily for three days. This helps cure a chronic cough that is too stubborn to leave you. Also, if your throat feels very inflamed, a tablespoon of honey every now and then during the day will help you feel better.

Combining honey and cinnamon makes the perfect cure for a chronic cough

benefits of cinnamon and honey for weight loss

#Protect from heart disease

Mix one tablespoon of honey and 1/4 of cinnamon powder. Consume this concoction at breakfast instead of jam. Ideally, you can combine that with some yoghurt and apples. This will reduce cholesterol in the arteries and hence limit the risk of a heart attack.

Make a breakfast that will keep your heart safe and healthy

raw honey and cinnamon health benefits

#Relieve stomach pain

Add a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a glass of warm water and drink it up! This not only relieves stomach pain, but it also heals stomach ulcers.

A honey and cinnamon late can help relieve your stomach pain

what happens if you eat honey and cinnamon everyday

#Stimulate the immune system

Using honey and cinnamon powder strengthens the immune system and protects the body from bacteria and viruses. Honey is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics to help beat an infection.

Protect your body from viruses and bacteria with honey and cinnamon

what are the health benefits of drinking cinnamon and honey

#Help with stomach acidity and indigestion

Cinnamon powder sprinkled on a teaspoon of honey, taken before meals, relieves acidity and aids digestion. You can also try to include these magical ingredients in your cooking. For example, some sweet potato with honey and cinnamon is perfect!

If you struggle with indigestion, try eating more honey and cinnamon

what are the health benefits of eating cinnamon and honey

#Work as an anti-flu remedy

Honey contains a natural ingredient that kills flu germs, according to specialists. That is why, if you have the flu, you need to make honey a big part of your diet and medication. Drink teas mixed with cinnamon and honey, and in the mornings and nights, take a spoonful of honey sprinkled with some cinnamon powder. This is one of the best natural flu and cold remedies that actually work!

Honey and cinnamon are true lifesavers when you get the flu

what are the health benefits of cinnamon and honey

#For longevity

One teaspoon of honey, and one tablespoon of cinnamon powder in three glasses of water. Drink that daily if you want to counteract the effects of aging!

Drink honey and cinnamon every day for longevity 

are cinnamon and honey good for you

#Treat pimples and breakouts

Make a paste with three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Apply it to your pimples before sleeping, and rinse with warm water in the morning. Repeat for two weeks to remove the pimples from the root. You can also make a mask with honey, cinnamon and yogurt to help relieve redness and c=smooth out your skin.

Face masks and spot treatments with honey and cinnamon help fight bacteria and acne

benefits of cinnamon and honey for high blood pressure

#For weight loss

Drink honey and cinnamon powder dissolved in a glass of warm water every day in the morning half an hour before breakfast on an empty stomach, as well as at night before going to sleep. This elixir will help prevent the accumulation of fat in the body.

Honey and cinnamon also help with weight loss

health benefits of drinking cinnamon and honey

#For curing skin infections

Apply a paste of honey and cinnamon powder on the affected areas. The combination can help with conditions such as eczema, ringworm, and all types of skin infections.

Honey and cinnamon are extremely helpful with skin infections

what does cinnamon and honey do for the body

These were all of the best honey and cinnamon health benefits you need to know about! Try to include this magical combination in your daily life to reap all of the amazing health benefits.

Everyone needs some cinnamon and honey in their life

health benefits of cinnamon tea and honey

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