Find Your Blood Type Personality, According To The Japanese

by John Griffith

Our personalities are unique. They are created from a variety of components – social tendencies, creativity, up-bringing and more. However, as humans we often seek out to learn more about ourselves. That’s why there are plenty of test out on the internet to help us understand what type of person we are based on a variety of factors. Whether that be your zodiac, your name, your MBTI personality and many more. But did you know you can also find out more about yourself based on your blood type? Well, according to the Japanese blood type personality theory of ketsueki-gata, you can! This theory was introduced in 1929 by professor Tokeji Furukawa. He found that different personalities linked with different blood types. So, let’s find out what your blood type says about you.

Everybody has a blood type personality 

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Blood Type Personality

There are four main blood types – A, B, O and AB. Each of the type is distinct from one another thanks to their antigens. The antigens are molecules that are on the surface of red blood cells. According to professor Furukawa people have certain characteristics depending on the blood that is flowing through their veins. Not only blood can tell you who you are, but eye color as well. However, let’s see more about what your blood type personality is.

There are four main blood types – A, B, O and AB

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Type A

According to the theory, people with type A blood have many positive traits. They are caring and delicate. Type A people love honesty and loyalty and their emotions often lead them. They are non-confrontational people and prefer to live in harmony. A common trait of this blood group is that they are typically indecisive. However, they do like to plan every one of their moves carefully. These people tend to overthink. This also makes them quite anxious and nervous. Type A people aren’t materialistic. Shiny and expensive things don’t attract them. These people are neat and well-organized.

In a professional aspect, these types of people need an area that gives them freedom, but still has guidelines. Type A make great doctors, writers, and lawyers. This is because these people love harmony, order, and people. They are methodical, precise, and clear. They manage to create balance. However, they do enjoy pre-established rules, laws, structures, and framework. Type A people have good memory and an innate sense of integrity and morality.

Positive traits: Loyal, Clever, Creative, Trustworthy

Unpleasant traits: Nervous, Stubborn, Obsessive, Shy

Type A make great lawyers

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Type B

You’ll recognize type B people from their glowing smiles. These types of people are the optimistic in life. They are the anti-conformist in life. They don’t enjoy structure and rules, but prefer to live to the beat of their own drum. Type B people have the tendency to get distracted easily. They are hard workers, but don’t do great in teams. Type B people are very charming. While they may feel like they do not belong on this plant, they fit in seamlessly, as they are very adaptable. These people are strong individuals, but that does not make them selfish.

In a professional aspect, it seems this blood type has no problem spreading to all professional fields. They do great in technological fields as well as artists. Type B people are also great police officers, politics, and technicians. This is all thanks to their charismatic and adaptable nature.

Positive traits: Strong, Passionate, Active

Unpleasant traits: Irresponsible, Erratic, Unforgiving

Type B can be great in many fields 

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Type O

People with this blood type are confident and proud. You can easily spot a person of this blood type as they are energetic, sociable, outgoing, and honest. They love to take risks and are natural extroverts. These types of people also tend to be quite jealous and have a deep desire for possession. Such people are also big perfectionists. They are ambitious and competitive. These types of people do enjoy established norms such as professional structure, planning, laws and so on. Type O people are very smart and are very practical.

In a professional aspect Type O is perfect for fields with communications and where they can be their extroverted self. This includes trade, cinema, television, management, and entrepreneurship.

Positive traits: Confident, Determined, Strong-willed

Unpleasant traits: Cold Workaholic, Self-centered

Type O work great in cinema fields 

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Type AB

A mix of two personalities. People with blood type AB tend to have deceiving looks. While they tend to look sociable, friendly, and charming, they have a deep, mysterious nature. These types of people tend to love dynamic places, but van get bored easily. They are quite unpredictable, which makes it harder for people to understand them. Type AB people are very adaptable. Reason and logic are not one of the best traits of this blood type.

In a professional aspect, Type AB people make great mystical or spiritual leaders. Professions that also offer diversity and dynamism and where they can constantly learn new things.

Positive traits: Rational, Adaptable, Cool

Unpleasant traits: Forgetful, Critical, Indecisive

Type AB make great spiritual leaders

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The blood type personality theory has been criticized that it had too small of a study group, but has remained a popular theory nonetheless. Either way, it’s quite the cool concept. Did you find similarities between yourself and your blood type personality? We hope you found this article helpful. Now you can add your blood personality alongside your zodiac.

Did you find similarities between yourself and your blood type personality?

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