Eye Color Meaning – Discover More About Your Personality

by John Griffith

We often say that eyes are the windows to one’s soul. They are usually the first thing we notice when meeting new people. Why you may ask? Well, eyes say a lot about our personality. The color is especially important, as it speaks volumes about the person’s character and outlook on life. But what determines the shade of our eyes? Can you predict what kind of eyes your future children will have? Is it possible for twins to have differently colored irises? If you are looking for the answers of these and other sight-related questions, this article is for you. We have collected a lot of informative images and diagrams, as well as an eye color chart that will help you uncover your eyes’ secrets.

This eye color chart will help you predict the shade of your future child’s eyes:

eye color chart, diagram showing differently colored eyes, explaining the likelihood of a baby's eye color in percentage, depending on its parents' eye colors

Now, let’s get down to business. What is the meaning behind each different eye color? Let’s start with black:

close up of selena gomez, dark brown eyes and wavy dark brown hair, wearing shiny pink lipstick

The owners of black eyes are passionate and sensitive souls. Love and partnership are of paramount importance for them but they also tend to get very jealous. When they want something, they chase after it relentlessly, not giving up until they have it. Strong-willed and shrewd, they always find the quickest path to their goals. Black-eyed people are highly individualistic and self-reliant and, as a result, prefer to work alone.

Their independent nature makes it very hard for other people to approach them. In order to become their friend, one must prove worthy of their trust, and demonstrate an equally strong and determined personality. However, if you manage to impress them and get them to open up to you, you will earn yourself a true and life-long friend, who will always have your back.

Brown eyes

hazel eyes, close up of keira knightley, leaning on one arm, white top and brown hair, natural lipstick and smokey eye make up

Brown-eyed people are quiet and calm. You can count on them for everything – they are always ready to help, either directly, or by sharing good advice. Organized, determined, goal-oriented and balanced, they are highly valued by colleagues and personal relations alike. Their qualities help them find the perfect balance between work, family and social life. The owners of brown eyes achieve their golas through patience and careful planning. Many of them are intellectuals, scientists and politicians.

Life’s small pleasures – compliments, kind gestures, brief beautiful moments – affect these people very strongly. They enjoy pampering themselves and others, and look for partners who are mindful of their sensitivity, and equally good enjoying life. If you embark on a relationship with a brown-eyed person, expect an abundance of spontaneous travels and surprise gifts!

Blue eyes

dark blue eyes, extreme close up of a smiling young man, with stubble and white t-shirt, wearing black necklace

Blue eyes are associated with artistic talent, and many of their owners have creative occupations. They often choose careers as actors, painters or musicians. Outgoing and imaginative, they easily charm and befriend people. This makes them ideal for jobs with a strong focus on communication. They are noble and like making generous gestures towards their fellow human beings. Blue-eyed men and women are very open and direct, and usually have a strong sense of humor. Sometimes they don’t take things very seriously, which can be a good thing – it helps them avoid stressful situations.

People with blue eyes are intelligent, sensitive and spirited. Cheerful and attractive, they can usually be spotted having fun in large, loud groups.

Green eyes

rarest eye color, close up of angelina jolie, with large green eyes, big lips with natural lipstick, eyeliner and simple, natural make up

Green is the rarest eye color, and the people who posses it are truly exceptional. Just like Angelina Jolie, they are talented and really stand out from the crowd. Intelligent and shrewd, they can easily overcome any obstacle on their course. They have a strong character and carefully choose the people they want to communicate with. Usually they only admire and respect successful individuals who share their values. Their unique green gaze makes them incredibly attractive to the opposite sex but they are usually rather cold and reserved. This is their way of protecting themselves from unwanted advances.

Green-eyed people are natural leaders, both at home and at the workplace. Although they are romantic souls who long for love, they find it extremely difficult to find a partner because they are incredibly demanding and want only the very best. Some think this is a sign of arrogance but this is not the case – people with green eyes just know their own value and can’t settle for anything less than their ideal.

Grey eyes

rarest eye color, close up of aishwarya rai, with green-grey eyes, delicate natural make-up, and dark brown hair

Those who own grey eyes are usually very attractive and spirited. In most cases this is accompanied with a great sense of humor which makes them incredibly popular. They are gregarious and love making new acquaintances but very few of them ever become their real friends. Grey stands for security – both physical and financial. These people usually pursue a life of wealth and leisure.

They fall in and out of love in the drop of a hat, rarely remaining with one partner for long. If you have managed to forge a lengthly relationship with a grey-eyed partner – consider yourself incredibly special!

Multicolored eyes

different colored eyes, close up of smiling blonde woman, one of her eyes is blue while the other is hazel, she's wearing matte pink lipstick

People with multicolored eyes have a gentle, kind heart and know how to have fun! In spite of this, they are often prone to depression. They make great spouses, parents and friends, and are incredibly energetic, favoring dynamic jobs with lots of traveling. They can be impulsive, which often results in bouts of creativity – many artists or great journalists have multicolored eyes. On the other hand, although they are honest and caring, their unpredictable nature makes it very difficult to fully trust them.

Their best qualities – honesty and wanting to please others – are also their weakest spot, as it leaves them vulnerable to abuse from ill-meaning individuals.

…and what is your eye color?

eye color chart, eight drawings of differently shaped and colored eyes, with various eyebrows and make-up

Why not use our eye color chart to find out more about your baby’s future personality?

baby eye color, extreme close up of a small baby's face, with violet eyes, sucking its finger

Brown eyes add warmth to any face

hazel eye color, smiling young man, with gelled-up thick brown hair, bushy eyebrows and long lashes, short beard and mustache

We believe that black cats bring good luck… especially when they have such a beautiful and unique gaze!

baby eye color, black kitten with unusual, green-blue turquoise eyes, looking surprised

The beauty and mystic power of the human eye has left its mark on many cultures. Beaded amulets featuring small blue eye charms are very popular in Arabic countries, as well as Turkey, India, Pakistan and Iran. They are believed to ward off the “evil eye.”

baby eye color, bracelet with silver chain, featuring charm with blue stone looking like an eye

In Turkey the charm is known as Nazar, meaning sight, surveillance or attention.

baby eye color, beaded bracelet with light and dark blue and white stones, decorated with a blue and white charm, shaped like an eye

Blue eyes are more sensitive to light exposure because they have less melanin. Their owners should protect them by wearing sunglasses and avoiding spending too much time in the sun

dark blue eyes, close up of a smiling young man with short dark wavy hair, with stubble and black t-shirt

dark blue eyes, smiling blonde woman, with bright blue eyes and pale pink lipstick, holding one hand to her face

baby eye color, chubby blue-eyed baby with big cheeks, with a pale pink cloth over its head

dark blue eyes, smiling man with white teeth, stubble and wavy brown hair, wearing a dark blue shirt, on a light blue background

Your eyes are like a tiny, unique universe

different colored eyes, close up to blue human eye, the planet earth is reflected inside, shadows and a black background with stars

hazel eyes, nine diffeerntly colored eyes, different shades of brown, blue and green

Here is another fun eye color chart for you:

eye color chart, drawing of six eyes in different colors, above tables containing different eye shadow options, with explained meaning

eye color chart, table showing hair and eye combination frequencies, from more likely on top, to less likely on bottom

If you are a fan of bold and striking eye make up, here are some suggestions, suitable for any eye color:

different colored eyes, woman with heavy make up, fake lashes and black eyeliner, silver eye shadow and pink matte lipstick

hazel eyes, four differently colored eyes, blue and green, light and dark brown, with bold make up in violet, red orange and blue

Brown is the most common eye color….

hazel eye color, man with wavy light brown hair, dressed in grey t-shirt and purple hoodie, standing in front of a wooden wall

…but it’s also irresistibly attractive, as proven by Nina Dobrev!

nina dobrev, with wavy long brown hair, dark brown eyes, delicate natural make up, wearing blue short-sleeved blouse and gold bangle

hazel eyes, smiling woman with light brown and green eyes, delicate natural make up, shiny lip gloss, brown hair slicked back

rarest eye color, close up of blonde woman with green eyes, wearing nude lipstick and silver and black eye make up

Aside from her jaw-dropping talent, teenage dancing sensation Maddie Ziegler is also known for having a unique and very expressive gaze

rarest eye color, Maddie Ziegler wearing yellow top, with blonde hair tied in ponytail, pink lipstick and green eyes

Mila Kunis has lovely multicolored eyes

different colored eyes, mila kunis with dark hair tied up and white top, one of her eyes is hazel, while the other is blue

eye color chart, seven eyes with differently colored irises, each inscribed with the name of the specific shade

Contrary to popular belief, twins CAN have differently colored eyes. Although very rare, it does occur – mostly due to environmental factors

rarest eye color, close up of blonde female twins, with differently colored eyes, in grey and dark brown, wearing nude lipstick and blush


different colored eyes, drawing of ten irises in different colors, bronze and orange, yellow and brown, tan and gray, silver and gold, olive and blue


baby eye color, extreme close up of asian baby with black eyes, tiny nose and surprised-looking eyebrows

hazel eyes, three eyes in green, light and dark brown, with green light brown and black eye liner

There are so many unique and beautiful eye color combinations!

different colored eyes, extreme close up of woman with one light blue and one multicolored eye, black eye-make up and pink shiny lipstick

eye color chart, image containing photos of eighteen irises, each in a different color, with various shades

Fresh, nutritious food will keep your eyes healthy

hazel eye color, laughing woman with wavy brown hair and white teeth, holding two orange slices in front of her eyes

Including plenty of fruit in your diet is especially important

dark blue eyes, close up of digital drawing of blue eyes, surrounded by images of different fruit, oranges and peaches, mango and guava

hazel eye color, smiling woman with big white teeth, brown hair tied back, wearing big glasses with yellow frames, holding and biting onto a carrot

rarest eye color, smiling woman with short auburn hair, and light green eyes, with cucumber slices in both hands, holding one over her eye

Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, an essential precursor of vitamin A, as well as Lutein – an important antioxidant. Both are very good for your eyes and can protect them from disease.

dark blue eyes, blonde woman with long hair and side bangs, holding a bunch of carrots in one hand, and biting onto one

Many household items – such as a bag of green tea or some sliced cucumber – can be used for soothing tired eyes, and removing dark circles

hazel eye color, blonde woman with pale pink lipstick and hair slicked back, holding a teabag over one of her eyes, her other eye is closed

hazel eye color, laughing man with dark hair, short beard and mustache, wearing pale denim shirt, with glasses over his head, next to a laughing blonde woman with white top, also with glasses on her head

hazel eyes, six eyes in different colors, dark brown and black, light blue and green, light brown and grey

Your eyes’ wellbeing is in your hands – protect them!

rarest eye color, collage featuring two female hands holding a green iris, on a black and white background, featuring a large eye

This eye color chart shows how different eye colors are divided among US citizens

eye color chart, drawing of an eye with multicolored iris, specifying what percent of US citizens have blue, brown or dark brown, hazel or green eyes

Regular eye check-ups are a must!

hazel eyes, ophthalmologist examining pale woman with dark hair, using a white and black medical machine

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the article, and found our eye color chart useful!

dark blue eyes, close up of an eye with long lashes, decorated with a shining digital drawing, of pink and blue circles and other geometric shapes

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