Give Your Screen An Update With A Fall iPhone Wallpaper

by John Griffith

Let’s be honest, fall is the most beautiful season. As soon as we see the leaves start turning yellow, we immediately start to feel the coziness. What’s more, sweater weather finally arrives. And who doesn’t love a good, warm, cozy sweater? It is finally time to start drinking pumpkin spice lattes, wear cool scarves and enjoy the weather. So, if you share our love for the fall season, this article is just for you. In it, we suggest that you give your screens an update with a fall iPhone wallpaper. Furthermore, we have provided a few fall desktop backgrounds. So, enjoy these images of fall landscapes and gorgeous autumn colors.

Sweater weather is better weather – we couldn’t agree more with this statement

aesthetic fall wallpaper sweater weather is better weather written with green cursive font drawing of pumpkin on the bottom

What months are fall?

Fall, or autumn as it is also known, lasts for about three months – September, October and November. It starts on the 22nd of September and lasts until the 21st of December according to meteorologists. It is defined by its lower temperatures and rainy days. During the fall season the days get significantly shorter, while nights become longer. The season has a few things which set it apart. The first one is the harvest. Autumn is the season when all the produce is being collected and the land is being prepared for the winter season. The second one is, of course, everyone’s favorite holiday – Halloween. It is believed that the holiday is a pagan celebration of the good harvest.

Some of the things, which set the fall season apart – fall leaves, warm drinks and pumpkins

autumn desktop wallpaper gray background drawings of pumpkins fall leaves candles berries cappucinos

Why do you need a fall iPhone wallpaper?

This question is so easy to answer. We won’t get tired of saying that fall is the season with the most beautiful natural colors. Orange, yellow and brown reign over everything fall related. And you might wonder what these colors have in common. Well, they are all warm colors, which give you the feeling of warmth and coziness. This is exactly why, a fall background will look good on your screen. And we mean the screens of your phone, tablet, laptop, or even desktop computer. All you will need to do is look at your screen and you will feel the warm vibes oozing off of it. So, don’t be afraid to browse through our extensive gallery and pick the backgrounds which best suit your needs. What’s more, we have enough, so you can change them every week if you so desire.

If this isn’t the perfect representation of the peacefulness that fall brings, I don’t know what is

benches in the park covered with orange leaves fall wallpaper for android tall trees in the background with orange leaves

Raise your hand if you love the month of October

black background autumn wallpaper iphone october written in the middle with orange cursive font surrounded by drawings of leaves

As we’ve already said the fall season has the most beautiful colors

brown orange yellow red leaves covered with raindrops on top of rocks autumn wallpaper iphone

Such a cute fall wallpaper

bunny drawing surrounded by orange green red yellow brown leaves pinecones autumn wallpaper iphone fall written above drawing

So many gorgeous colors

close up photo of bunch of leaves covered with rain drops fall wallpaper for android red purple orange leaves

Orange definitely is the color of autumn

close up photo of bush with orange flowers fall wallpaper for android blue sky in the background

Fall leaves are breathtakingly beautiful

close up photo of lots of dried orange leaves on the ground autumn desktop wallpaper

Just look at the mixture of colors – only nature can create something so mesmerising

close up photo of single maple leaf in orange and yellow fall wallpaper for android photographed on white background

The season give so many opportunities and inspirations for wanna be photographers to capture so much beauty

close up photo of tree branch with orange leaves aesthetic fall wallpaper dark blurred background

Is there anything better than staying at home with a warm blanket and a warm drink

coffee cup next to lit candle carved pumpkin placed on wooden floor with white blankets aesthetic fall wallpaper cute fall backgrounds close up photo of tree branch with leaves in orange and green sun shining above them cute fall wallpaper iphone white background with drawings of orange leaves teas and coffee mugs

The beauty of Paris during the autumn season

eiffel tower in the background photo taken from street autumn desktop wallpaper tall trees with orange yellow leaves

Fall is my favorite color

fall is my favorite color written with orange cursive font cute fall backgrounds drawings of four leaves in orange and pink fall wallpaper for android blue background drawings of three flowers in watercolor red orange green in both corners

Hello November – coming soon to your screen

hello november written with white font autumn desktop wallpaper pathway covered with leaves surrounded by tall trees with yellow leaves mountain range covered with fog autumn desktop wallpaper tall trees with orange leaves at the forefront pathway leading to a house in the middle of field with orange grass cute fall wallpaper iphone

autumn wallpaper iphone road going through a forest surrounded by trees with no leaves orange leaves on the ground

Some people may not like the rainy weather, but it provides us with so much beauty

photo taken from under umbrella covered with raindrops cute fall wallpaper iphone orange leaves on top pumpkin spice latte pumpkin coffee cup drawings cute fall wallpaper iphone autumn written in white cursive font

Autumn wallpaper iPhone

road covered with fallen leaves cute fall backgrounds surrounded by tall trees with orange yellow leaves september written with white cursive font in the middle cute fall wallpaper iphone pathway between tall trees with orange yellow leaves

Such an inspirational message – “She designed a life she loved”

she designed a life she loved written on white mug cute fall backgrounds held by woman fall leaves in the background small pathway surrounded by large wooden logs aesthetic fall wallpaper tall trees with orange leaves

Cute fall wallpaper iPhone

small river covered with orange fall leaves autumn wallpaper iphone surrounded by tall trees with orange yellow leaves small river surrounded by tall trees with orange yellow leaves aesthetic fall wallpaper small bridge over it

Just look at this gorgeous forest landscape and the way the sun shines through the leaves

sun shining through tall trees with orange yellow leaves cute fall backgrounds forest landscape

And now here’s a few fall desktop backgrounds for every taste

autumn wallpaper photo collage with photos of pumpkins lattes trees with orange leaves all the feels neon sign

Nature can create beautiful images all on its own

close up photo of leaves fallen to the ground fall desktop backgrounds yellow orange and red leaves close up photo of small leaves in orange red yellow green covered with rain drops cute fall wallpaper cute fall wallpaper lake surrounded by trees and bushes with yellow orange leaves mountain range in the background

This is just such a cute fall wallpaper

drawing of boy wearing hat and gloves jumping into a pile of leaves fall desktop backgrounds orange green red brown yellow leaves drawings of mushrooms green yellow orange leaves hedgehogs fall iphone wallpaper white background

This must be quite the view to observe from a hot air balloon

fall desktop backgrounds four hot air balloons flying over a lake surrounded by trees mountain range in the background

Hello fall, favorite season out of them all

fall iphone wallpaper watercolor drawing of pumpkin with fall leaves around it hello fall written in cursive

forest landscape cute fall wallpaper small waterfall surrounded by trees with yellow and orange leaves

forest landscape fall iphone wallpaper tall trees around a wooden fence lots of orange leaves fallen to the ground sunset sky

Happy fall to all of our readers

happy fall written in orange over white background autumn wallpaper drawings of tree branches with orange leaves birds in both corners

Hello, autumn – autumn desktop wallpaper with the staple of the season’s best holiday Halloween – pumpkins

hello autumn written in white cursive font over a photo of pumkpins in different colors and shapes autumn wallpaper lake surrounded by trees with green orange yellow leaves surrounded by fog fall desktop backgrounds

A plethora of colors in just a few fall leaves

leaves arranged in color order on black background autumn wallpaper green to yellow to orange and red

These are the type of views you can enjoy during the best season of the year – fall

mountain landscape fall iphone wallpaper lake surrounded by trees with orange leaves tall mountain range in the background mountain landscape field covered with orange flowers autumn wallpaper two trees with no leaves mountain range in the background

You know spooky season is here when October comes around

october written in gold cursive font surrounded by webs fall desktop backgrounds black background

The good news is that pumpkin spice latte’s season is here, so now you can enjoy the drink freely without feeling guilty about it

photo collage of photos of pumpkins candles pumpkin spice coffee fall iphone wallpaper street with tall trees with falling leaves road going between forest cute fall wallpaper tall trees around it with green yellow orange flowers surrounded by fog sun shining through the trees onto a field with orange leaves cute fall wallpaper surrounded by trees

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