Cosmic Menu: What Foods to Eat Based on Your Zodiac Sign

by Maria Konou

We consult Astrology about everything – our love life, friendships, finances, career… But have you ever consulted your horoscope before writing down your grocery list? That is right, there is such a thing as eating according to your Astrological sign. And while preparing food according to your Zodiac sign isn’t meant to address your health issues (imagine that highlighted in neon-colored marker!), it can help bring more harmony to your diet, say astrologers. When it comes to nutrition and eating habits, each Zodiac sign is unique. So, it is worth learning what foods to eat based on your Zodiac sign! In this article, we will show you exactly that! Are you ready to align your diet astrologically?

Let’s explore what foods you need to eat based on your Zodiac sign

what foods to eat based on zodiac sign

Cosmic Menu: What Foods to Eat Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Aries love fast food, aka anything that can be prepared and eaten in a negative amount of time and without much fuss. They love appetizers, entrées, and breakfast foods. As for their favorite flavors, representatives of this Zodiac sign generally prefer spicy and bold flavors.

What to eat: eggs, black olives, asparagus, couscous, and radishes

Asparagus is one of the best foods for Aries

what should each zodiac sign eat


Taurus are the most indulgent of all the Zodiac signs, and they like to eat slowly, mindfully and savor every bite. In additions, this sin loves large portions and creamy dishes.

What to eat: cheese, avocado, peas, potatoes, homemade mayonnaise, and coconut milk

A creamy avocado toast is all a Taurus needs

favorite food based on zodiac sign


Gemini’s need for mental stimulation keeps them constantly on the go, and a variety of snacks is what keeps them going. Lively, interesting conversation over a meal is just as important to this sign as the food itself.

What to eat: tangerines, cucumbers, feta cheese, fennel, peas

Gemini, tangerines are the perfect quick and healthy snack for you

astrology what to eat based on astrology


Cancers are very sensitive – and so are their stomachs. This Zodiac sign is drawn to foods that bring them comfort, and it tends to enjoy dining at home on fresh, home-cooked foods instead of dining out.

What to eat: lobster, pine nuts, zucchini, arugula, peaches, and coconut

Zucchini is one of the foods Cancers will enjoy the most

food based on your zodiac sign


Leos have bright personalities and love to make a spectacle of everything they do. When they eat, they let everyone around them know how delicious or unpleasant their meal is. In typical lion fashion, they love to eat regally.

What to eat: corn, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, mozzarella, mustard, and watermelon

Leos are surely a fan of the hydrating watermelon

what to eat based on zodiac sign


Light, nutritious and frequent meals work best for this zodiac sign because they tend to be fussy about a lot of things. Also, don’t be surprised if you see them eating standing up or on the go.

What to eat: cherry tomatoes, fresh figs, raspberries, shrimp, green beans, and almonds

Virgos should snack on sweet fresh figs

astrological diet for each zodiac sign


For Libras, eating is an art. They don’t compromise on what goes into their stomachs, and they want their food to be cooked well. For this reason, they sometimes find it difficult to decide what to eat.

What to eat: apples, walnuts, mussels, dill, capers, and pomegranate

For this Zodiac sign, mussels are a delightful treat

what food are you based on your zodiac sign


Scorpios really get into the sensual and satisfying experience of eating. This sign craves intensity and is drawn to dishes that have strong flavors and aromas. Scorpios eat what they want, when they want it.

What to eat: pumpkin, oysters, artichokes, mushrooms, beets, and dark chocolate

Scorpios will surely enjoy the indulgent experience of eating dark chocolate

best foods for zodiac signs


Sagittarians love to eat because they are committed to enjoying every aspect of life. They believe without a doubt that they are what they eat. As nature lovers, those born under this sign need plenty of water and fresh foods.

What to eat: turkey, broccoli, pumpkin, plums, pecans, and dates

Sagittarians will love a creamy pumpkin soup after a long day

diet based on zodiac sign


Capricorns are traditional people who know what they like and prefer to eat the things they have been eating since they were children. Many representatives of this Zodiac sign can eat the same thing every day. In additions, Capricorns like to eat regularly and on time.

What to eat: leeks, veal, cabbage, quinoa, cauliflower, and cranberries

One of the best foods for Capricorns is quinoa

which foods are best for you based on


Aquarians love to eat with friends and prefer a relaxed atmosphere where they are free to be themselves. Fresh and wholesome food is important to them, so warm, filling dishes are a must for this sign.

What to eat: Brussels sprouts, parsnips, chestnuts, tofu, wild rice, and parsley

Tofu and wild rice are two of the best foods for representatives of this Zodiac sign

best foods based on zodiac sign


Pisces like food that is easy to prepare. Some representatives of this Zodiac sign may have strong affinities or phobias about eating certain foods. Moreover, Pisces crave sweetness in all areas of life, so their love for sugar is their weak spot.

What to eat: fish, eggplant, lentils, sweet potatoes, honey, and pears

Pisces should not skip eating fresh fish every now and then

what is your favorite food based on your zodiac sign

Now you know what foods to eat based on your Zodiac sign!

what food are you based on your zodiac sign

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