The Smooth Shave Handbook: 14 Tips & Tricks for Silky-Smooth Results

by Maria Konou

Shaving is the easiest and quickest way to remove your body hair and make your body smooth and soft. It is a fast, easy, and affordable hair removal method. In addition, you don’t have to wait for weeks for the hairs to grow out, like you have to with waxing. However, to make shaving as breezy as possible and without the risk of inflammation, ingrown hairs, swelling, and redness, you need to follow some simple tips. The tips and tricks we share in this smooth shave handbook will ensure that you get the closest and smoothest shave every single time. We compiled the most important advice for smooth, problem-free shaving. Achieving the most silky smooth legs and underarms does not have to a trial that leaves you exhausted at the end. If you follow these smooth shave tips, you will truly master the art of painless hair removal!

In the smooth shave handbook, we will explore the best tips for silky-smooth results

smooth shave tricks

The Smooth Shave Handbook: 14 Tips & Tricks for Silky-Smooth Results

#Buy a razor with at least 3 blades

Don’t compromise when it comes to your razor. Razors with 1 or 2 blades are not worth it. They don’t do a good job, they wear out quickly, and they don’t remove hair well enough. The best you can do for your shaving routine is to buy a razor with 3 or more blades. This ensures a better quality shave and more ling-lasting results. In addition, it is better to choose razors that have a detachable head for a wider angle of action. Consider investing in a high-quality razor with a steel body that will last you for years!

It all comes down to how good your razor is at the end 

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#Shave only in the shower

Don’t make the mistake of shaving your legs without spending some time in the shower first. The same goes for the bath!  The steam from the hot water dilates the pores and allows oil, sebum, dirt to be deep cleaned from them. Also, remember to shave only after washing your skin with soap first. This reduces the risk of infections, redness, and inflammation after shaving.

Make sure to spend some time in the bath or shower first before shaving anything

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#Exfoliate before shaving

One easy and fool-proof way to ensure that your skin does not get irritated when shaving is exfoliation! We actually suggest exfoliating the area before and after shaving. In the beginning, you should exfoliate to remove dead skin and raise up the hairs from the surface. After you shave, exfoliate again to ensure that no razor burns or ingrown hairs appear on the next day. You can easily make your own body scrab at home by mixing sugar or coffee with some olive or coconut oil. it really is that simple!

Exfoliating your skin before and after shaving is non-negotiable 

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#Shave at the very end

As we mentioned, shaving should not be the first step of your shower or bath routine. Instead, you should wash your body, and do your hair care routine, and only after all that is done, proceed to shaving your body. This way, your skin will have had enough time to relax its pores and allow dirt and microorganisms to be deeply cleaned.

Shaving should be the last step of your shower routine 

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#Use shaving cream or gel, not soap

Soap dries out the skin, so you really should not use it for shaving, even thought it is extremely convenient. Shaving gel and cream are specially formulated for this purpose. So, choose products with natural ingredients that would not irritate the skin, and avoid heavy fragrances. This will limit the risk of dryness, skin irritations, redness, and rashes.

Soap is too drying on your skin, so choose products that are specifically formulated for the task

how to get smooth skin after shaving

#Don’t use your boyfriend’s razor

Using someone else’s razor, even your intimate partner’s, is a big mistake that you should avoid at all costs. The transfer of bacteria and microorganisms is very likely if you use someone else’s razor. In addition, it is highly probable that your boyfriend’s razor is dull. That is because the male beard is significantly tougher than female hairs. Therefore, by using a dull razor, you increase the risk of cutting yourself. In addition, your shave will definitely not be silky-smooth.

Using someone else’s razor is something that you should never do

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#Shave in both directions

It is important to shave in two directions in order to get the closest shave possible. First, shave in the direction of the hair. Be sure to wash off the shaving gel or cream, before applying a new coat, and only then shaving against the hair growth.

Shaving in and against the direction of hair growth is the secret to smooth results

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#Use a trimmer before shaving

This is a clever move that works perfectly in cases where you have let the hairs get a little longer. If you go to shave them in this state, you will clog the razor, dull its blades and the result will not be good. In addition, the risk of getting ingrown hairs will also be bigger. Instead, go over the area you want to shave with an electric razor beforehand. It will remove most of the length of the hairs, and this will help for a smoother shave afterward.

For the smoothest results, trim the length of your hairs beforehand 

how to get smooth legs after shaving

#Use warm water

Don’t experiment with lukewarm and cold water when shaving. This will constrict the pores and hair roots, which will then interfere with the smooth shave you so desire. To make your skin as easy to shave as possible, always use warm water. This will allow you to reach the hair as close to the skin as possible. After you are done shaving, you can quickly change to a cold shower to close off your pores and energize yourself.

You should always shave with warm water to ensure that your pores are open

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#Do not apply too much shaving cream

You should apply a small amount of shaving cream or gel. If you use a lot, this will actually reduce the grip, which will prevent the razor from gliding properly on your skin. This leaves part of the hair base, which directly affects the desired smoothness. So, read the back label to see just how much product you should use while shaving!

Too much shaving cream might sound like a good idea, but it is not

how to achieve the smoothest shave

#Use short strokes

Do not shave extensive areas of your body with one motion. This will surely affect the chances of you getting cut. Instead, make small, short movements. This will give you better coverage of the area you are shaving. With large and extensive strokes, the razor will also get clogged with debris and hairs, giving you a very poor shave. With small strokes, you will have more opportunities to clean the blades under the running stream of water.

When shaving, always use small and short movements not to cut yourself 

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#Rinse and dry your razor

Another important thing you should consider is maintaining your razor and the sharpness of the blades. To do so, you need to carefully rinse and dry your razor after each use. Make sure to place your razor someplace where it would not have a lot of contact with water. If not, your blades will quickly rust! So, take care of your razor after you are done shaving.

Maintaining your razor is an important task many people neglect after shaving 

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#Moistize after shaving

No one wants razor burns and ingrown hairs. The fact is that shaving essentially removes a thin layer of your skin, which can make it dry and irritated. To protect the health and appearance of your skin, make sure to moisturize your skin thoroughly after each shave. Opt for a natural moisturizer like shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. Stay away from heavy fragrance and harsh ingredients.

You should never skip moisturizing your skin after showering and shaving 

how to shave smooth legs

#Treat ingrown hairs

If you are someone that is prone to getting ingrown hairs, listen carefully. You need to exfoliate the areas with a soft brush or a silicone brush that will help release hairs that are trapped under the skin. In addition, avoid picking on your ingrown hairs or scratching them, as this will surely cause a bigger infection and irritation.

Ingrown hairs can be easily prevented with the right methods 

smooth skin after shaving

As you can see, there are many ways to ensure a smooth shave. Remember to always prep your skin, as well as to deeply nourish it afterward. In addition, give attention to the tools you are using and the ways you are maintaining them. Exfoliation and a natural shaving cream will also be your best friends on the road to silky skin. Follow our tips and tricks for a smooth shave and amazing results every time!

Now you know which are the best tips and tricks for a truly smooth shave!

how to get a smooth shave

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