5 Easy Ways to Remove Sticky Labels From Glass Jars

by Maria Konou

Surely, you often come across things that have a label with information from the manufacturer stuck on them. This information is certainly important, but removing such a sticky label is definitely not so easy. Nevertheless, you can remove the labels so that no trace is left on the area by using these five simple methods we will show you, in this article. You will see how you can quickly and easily remove a label from glass jars, plates, cups, or any other product. The best part is that you can then reuse the glass jars for food storage, flowers, drinks, and many more! So, keep on reading to see the best methods to help you remove sticky labels easily:

When you remove the sticky labels from glass jars, you can reuse them for anything

remove sticker residue best way

Ways to Easily Remove Sticky Labels From Glass Jars

#Baking Soda and Coconut Oil

It is enough to mix the baking soda and coconut oil in a 1:1 ratio (one teaspoon of each). After that, just apply the resulting mixture to the sticky label and leave it for about an hour. After some time, wipe everything with a sponge and no trace of the label will remain on the glass jars! The baking soda will crack the glue and the coconut oil will soften it so that it easily slides off the surface. Use this trick for all your old glass jars, and you have yourself some handy DIY kitchen storage containers.

The baking soda will easily crack the glue on the sticky label

how can i remove a sticky label

And, the coconut oil will soften it so that it easily slides off the surface

how to remove adhesive from sticky labels

#Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is actually a great label remover. It has degreasing properties and can easily remove sticky residue from the adhesive. Just put a few drops on the label and after 15 minutes, remove the remaining paper and glue it with a sponge. However, this oil cannot be used to clean plastic products. Try some of the other methods for them!

Lemon essential oil can actually easily remove sticky residue from the adhesive

how to remove sticky labels

A great way to reuse glass jars is for storing your art supplies like brushes and pencils

best way to remove sticky labels from glass

#Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent actually helps to remove labels pretty quickly. Place the glass jar you want to clean in a container with warm water and diluted laundry detergent powder (half a cup is enough). If you don’t have laundry detergent in powder form, you can also use liquid detergent. Remove the rest of the sticky labels with a sponge, and you are done!

Laundry detergent can easily help remove sticky labels from glass jars

how to remove sticky labels from glass and plastic

Then you can have squeaky clean jars to store whatever you want in them 

how to remove sticky labels from appliances


Rubber easily removes adhesive residue, which is a trick not many people know about and use. If you need to clean a large-size product, remove the paper layer from the label with some warm water. Then take a school rubber and use it to rub away any remaining sticky residue! This is an easy way to remove sticky labels without too much hassle.

You can actually use rubber to remove any remaining sticky residue 

how to remove sticky labels from glass


A hairdryer helps to remove paper and glue residue from porous surfaces. Just treat the label with a stream of hot air for half a minute and the label will peel off by itself. This is because the hot air makes the sticky glue more liquid, which helps detach the label quickly from the surface. To permanently remove the adhesive residue, wipe the surface with a wet cloth, on which you have dropped a few drops of rubbing alcohol.

The hot air from a hairdryer will help slide off the sticky label from the surface

remove sticky residue baking soda

That way, you can use your best glass jars for actual everyday glasses

best way to remove sticky labels

We hope these tips help you quickly remove sticky labels from any surface. Our tip is to collect jars with labels for a couple of weeks, and then take some time to remove their labels. Then wash them like normally, and use them to store whatever you want!

Now you know how to easily remove sticky labels from your glass jars 

how do you remove sticky labels

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