Slimming Spaces – 7 Kitchen Tips That Support Weight Loss

by Maria Konou

It is definitely not too late to prep your body for beach season. But, today, we are not going to give you diet or exercise tips. Instead, we are going to show you how to arrange your kitchen to get in shape. Yes, you heard that right. Arranging your kitchen a certain way can lead to more mindful food choices, and a more healthy lifestyle. If you love improving your home, and adding little practical touches here and there, then you will love these tips! In this article, we will talk all about slimming spaces and the kitchen tips that will support your weight loss and promote healthier eating habits.

Let’s explore the most practical kitchen tips that will support your weight loss goals

how to lose weight in the kitchen

Slimming Spaces – 7 Kitchen Tips That Support Weight Loss

#Light and Color

Surprisingly, scientists found out that the artificial light found in most homes actually awakens our hunger. That is why, when it comes to the kitchen, it is good to have as much natural light as possible. If you have thick curtains, remove them, and instead place thinner ones. Find ways to let more sun in! This will make all the difference in how you feel and apparently how hungry you are. When it comes to colors, pastels are recommended, since brighter colors like orange are known to promote hunger.

Natural light and light, pastel colors will help you feel less hungry

kitchen design tips and tricks

#Choosing plates

When it comes to the dinnerware, darker colors like black, green, blue, and purple are recommended. In addition, a uniform color scheme is also beneficial for reducing hunger spikes. Colors like red, orange, and yellow should be avoided. Lighter colors like white, beige, pink, and pastels are better, but they also promote appetite. When it comes to the size of the plates, smaller ones are generally considered better for your eating habits. The idea is that they can fool you into thinking you have eaten more than you actually did. Bigger plates will fit more food, so if you are trying to lose weight, avoid them.

Smaller plates that are darker in color will help your eating habits the most

losing weight in the kitchen

#Location of products

For less temptation for unhealthy snacks and less likelihood of wanting to eat something unhealthy, divide all products in the kitchen into two categories. The first will contain only healthy foods, and the second foods that you want to eat less of – white bread, carbonated drinks, canned goods, sweets, cereals, etc. By focusing on the healthy foods in the kitchen, you can easily learn to enjoy eating without having to eat something unhealthy.

Divide foods into two categories – good for you and not that healthy

kitchen design tips weight loss

#Fridge decorations

You know the habit of frequently looking into the fridge in search of the next serving of “something delicious”? If so, we recommend that you adorn your fridge with decorations in blue. Or, you can print out themed images and place them on the refrigerator. This is considered an effective technique for getting rid of a bad habit and enforcing a healthier one. You can also hang motivational pictures on the fridge door! We suggest that you change the pictures from time to time to increase motivation.

Who knew something as simple as pictures on the fridge can help you reach your goals?

weight loss kitchen essentials

#Forget the minibar

As you know, alcohol is very high in calories and very bad for your health and long-term wellbeing. So, forget the minibar you always wanted to add in the corner of your kitchen. This will promote and remind you of a bad habit that you do not want to reinforce. So, do not make a designated place for your alcohol!

Drinking is a quick way to fill your body with empty calories that cause weight gain

how to design a kitchen for weight loss

#Add more plants

If you are an indoor plant lover, then grow your own vegetables and herbs in pots right in the kitchen. Houseplants have the wonderful ability to distract us from anything food-related, which means they can help you stay on track with your goals. Plus, you will be growing your own healthy foods that will enhance the flavor of your dishes and won’t harm your figure!

Adding more herbs and plants to your kitchen is a must

kitchen design tips

#The right flavors and aromas

Vanilla, cinnamon, and coffee scented candles can actually ease your sugar cravings! On the other hand, the invigorating smell of citrus, fennel, and pepper helps speed up your metabolism and your digestion. Who knew candles can affect your senses in such ways!

A cinnamon candle can help ease your cravings for sugar

design tips for kitchen

These were the best kitchen tips for promoting weight loss and healthy eating habits!

weight loss tips for home design

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