How to Actually Store Your Kitchen Appliances to Maximize Space

by Maria Konou

We often face the problem of “lack of space”, especially in functional rooms where we need to store a lot of things – the bathroom, kitchen, pantry, etc. But the kitchen is definitely the most challenging room in your home. The way you arrange your kitchen appliances usually depends on the type of cook you are. Where you store your kitchen appliances in your cabinets will also depend largely on which of them you use most often. It makes no sense to take an appliance out of the back of the cabinet if you use it daily. Also, when it comes to an appliance you rarely use, you can pretty much tuck it away in the corner. In addition, you might want to keep your coffee machine somewhere in the open, since you use it all the time. These are some of the things you need to consider when storing your kitchen appliances. If you want to maximize space in your kitchen, then you are in the right place! So, let’s see how you can actually store your kitchen appliances in the smartest way possible:

Do you know how to store your kitchen appliances in order to maximize kitchen space?

how to store kitchen appliances

See our best storage tips, so your kitchen can look like this! 

storage solutions for kitchen appliances

How to Actually Store Your Kitchen Appliances

#Group by categories

Our first tip for decluttering and managing your kitchen appliances is to group them based on how frequently you use them-frequently used, rarely used, and never used. That way, you can see which appliances you use the least, and place them in the back. The ones you use the most should have a center spot in your kitchen and cupboards. In addition, you can also group your kitchen appliances by their purpose-blending, baking, juicing, etc.

Tip: If you are working with limited kitchen storage space, it is crucial to allocate it wisely. Focus on kitchen appliances that have multiple uses. For example, consider buying a high-quality blender that can also serve as a food processor. Ditch the rice cooker appliance if you don’t cook rice every day, as a crock pot can do a great job of making a batch of rice.

The first step is to group your kitchen appliances based on how frequently you use them or their purpose

how to store kitchen appliances in pantry

Place appliances you don’t use very often higher up on the shelves

how to organize kitchen appliances

#Do a cleanup

If you don’t use a particular kitchen appliance, it is probably time to remove it – whether or not you think you might need to use it someday. Do you want to keep appliances that aren’t useful for everyday life? If you use them daily – great! But chances are, if you never take them out of the cabinet, you probably don’t need them. Unused kitchen appliances can easily find a new home through donation, as a gift to someone you know, or by selling them online. Donating is a wonderful way to clear things out and put your things in the hands of someone who really needs them. If you have kitchen appliances that you don’t use frequently, but you still need a few times a year, consider storing them in other parts of the home. They don’t have to be in the kitchen, stacked on top of each other!

Only display things that you need and use everyday

how to store appliances in kitchen

#Find the best place

If you have a closet near the kitchen that you are not using for anything in particular, you can always turn it into a small pantry! Just install a few fixed horizontal shelves or even removable wire shelves. You can also build in some of the appliances you use every day, like a microwave and an oven. This, of course, is more of an option for those currently building or renovating an existing kitchen.

Turn your empty closet into a small pantry for appliances 

how to store large appliances in a small kitchen

Think about building in some of the appliances you use every day

how to store appliances in storage

#Maximize storage

If your kitchen is large enough, it is great to have a separate big cabinet to store your appliances in. One very clever idea is a storage lift that can accommodate many kitchen appliances. Specially designed cabinets with doors that lift up and out, and then pull out shelves, not only make it easy to store your kitchen appliances, but when it comes time to use them, it can be done effortlessly.

Find smart ways to maximize the space in your kitchen

how to store extra kitchen appliances

There are many different options to choose from 

creative ways to store kitchen appliances

Choose a storage solution that blends with your kitchen interior

how to store appliances in a small kitchen

#Use the corners

Most kitchen corner spaces are often underutilized. In reality, kitchen corners are great for storing large kitchen appliances, and making everything more easily accessible. Consider a specially designed pull-out panel that you can use to store all your kitchen appliances.

Kitchen corners are great for storing your kitchen appliances 

how to store kitchen appliances in small kitchen

Now you know how to store your kitchen appliances to maximize your kitchen space. The main takeaways are that you need to group them in categories, put things you don’t use often higher up on in the back of the shelves, and utilize your kitchen cabinets.

Now you know how to store your kitchen appliances like a pro!

how to store electrical appliances in kitchen

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