How to Easily Clean Your Sink & Drain to Avoid Unpleasant Odors

by Maria Konou

Even if you don’t have dirty dishes in the sink, and you can’t see any food residue at first glance, listen up! All of this does not mean that your sink and drain are completely clean and free of buildup and waste. Over time, food waste, grease, and soap build up and affect the function of the sink. The drain gets clogged, the water stops draining properly, and you are left with a mess. Not only that, but this buildup also causes unpleasant odors and bacteria buildup! To put an end to this, you have to clean your sink and drain often. This will ensure that the food waste and bacteria won’t have a chance to clog the pipes. Most cleaning solutions for unclogging drains, however, are full of harsh chemicals and are extremely toxic to both humans and the environment. That is why, in this article, you will not only learn how to clean your sink and drain properly, but also how to do it with natural ingredients you already have at home!

It is time to learn how to clean your sink and drain with natural ingredients

how to properly clean a sink drain

You can use these natural methods to clean all the drains in your home

what is the best way to clean a sink drain

How to Clean Your Sink & Drain with Natural Ingredients

#Lemon Juice and Sea Salt

Combining sea salt and lemon juice is one of the best tricks to clean the sink trap and get rid of unpleasant odors. Prepare half a cup of sea salt and a cup of lemon juice. Then pour the salt through the siphon and follow with the lemon juice. Let the solution work for about 15 to 20 minutes. You will probably notice that there is a whole chemical reaction happening inside the tube. After the time has passed, put some water to boil. Then, pour the boiling water into the drain to remove any leftover residue and to flush all the dirt down. Repeat this task two or three times a week to make sure your sink trap is always extremely clean.

Lemons are great for removing unpleasant odors in the drain

can you clean sink drains with vinegar

Sea salt has many amazing uses in wellness, cooking, and cleaning

will vinegar clean a sink drain

#Baking Soda and White Vinegar

These two ingredients have powerful antibacterial and deodorizing properties. To clean your sink and drain, prepare one cup of baking soda and two cups of white vinegar. Then pour the baking soda into the drain and follow with the white vinegar. You will see foam generating due to the chemical reaction. You need to wait for the solution to do its magic for about 15 minutes. Then pour one liter of boiling hot water into the drain, and voilà!

Baking soda and vinegar are masters at unclogging drains naturally

how to clean sink and shower drains

Start with the baking soda, and then pour the vinegar on top

how to clean sink drain at home

#Table Salt and White Vinegar

For a start, put a liter of water to boil, and pour some of the table salt into the drain. Then pour the hot water followed by half a liter of white vinegar. Cover the drain with the sink stopper or another object. After 30 minutes, pour some more hot water to complete the cleaning of the drain. Repeat at least once a week for an odorless, clean sink!

First, pour table salt into the drain, and follow with boiling water

how to clean sink and drain

Then add the white vinegar, and wait for half an hour

how to clean kitchen sink and drain

What to do if none of these tricks work?

If your sink still smells bad even after repeating these tricks a few times, you will need to take more drastic measures. We recommend calling a plumber to identify the problem and resolve it in the most professional way. In some cases, the pipe may be perfectly clean, but it may not be properly installed. This might be the potential reason why the unpleasant smell remains even after deep cleaning!

A plumber can easily find the underlying problem and help fix your sink 

what to clean kitchen sink drain with

Now you know how to clean your sink and drain like a professional. Using these natural methods will ensure your safety, as well as the wellbeing of your children, pets, and the environment! Try to gradually transition into more natural methods for cleaning and disinfecting, until your home is free of chemicals, toxic cleaning solution, and plastic bottles.

And, don’t forget to clean your sink, as well! 

how to clean sink and tub drains

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