85 Stylish Herringbone, Arabesque, Mosaic and Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash Designs to Brighten Up Your Home

by John Griffith

Regardless of their design, most kitchens have one thing in common – the backsplash. Although it is often overlooked, this humble element is in fact very important, as it helps preserve your kitchen in good shape for longer. For those not familiar with the term, backsplash is what we call the piece of wall behind the sink and stove. As this particular area is exposed to water damage and is subjected to sprays of oil and sauce when we’re cooking, it requires some very special protection. Depending on the style of your kitchen, the backsplash can be covered in different kind of tiles, stacked stone, mosaics or even glass. One of the most popular choices at the moment is the so-called subway tile kitchen backsplash, named for its resemblance to the type of wall covering used in the metro. However, there are plenty of other variations you can opt for.

The mission of this article is to help you choose a backsplash that perfectly compliments your kitchen, by providing information about the different options, and offering a carefully selected assortment of inspiring images. But before we get started, don’t forget to check out our kitchen section – it’s full of great money-saving tips, furniture ideas and lots of inspiration!

A beautiful example of a subway tile kitchen backsplash in white

subway tile kitchen backsplash in white, inside a kitchen with grey cabinets, off-white tiled floor, and three grey and yellow lamps

Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

The subway tile backsplash is an excellent choice for people who want to create a more homey living space. When combined with the right furnishings, these simple and minimalistic tiles can transform your kitchen into a cozy and stylish room, with subtle hints of vintage charm. To get the most out of your subway backsplash, combine it with an antique water faucet or a retro stove. Add brass or wooden details to create a warmer, sunnier feel.

Here, the antique water tap and brass planters nicely compliment the lovely subway tiles

faucet in a vintage style, next to a sink and a marble counter top, white subway tile back splash, three brass planters with flowers

Useful tips for installing a subway tile backsplash

Herringbone Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Due to its attractive and playful pattern, the herringbone backsplash is also a very popular option. However, although it definitely looks very appealing, it also comes with some disadvantages. Unlike subway backslash styles, which are relatively easy to install, this particular kind will require the attention of a professional, and can be quite costly to get. Nevertheless, it is very much worth it, as the picture bellow clearly shows.

Pure ivory-colored perfection

pearlescent white tiles, on a herringbone backsplash, near a beige counter top, with a white milk jug, and a wooden shelf, with condiment jars

Off-white herringbone tiles – a great solution for your kitchen

herringbone backsplash in white, with cream-colored joints, near a metal extractor hood, placed over a stove, creamy grey cabinets

Arabesque Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Home owners looking for something a tad more original, should consider opting for an arabesque backsplash. These beautiful ornate tiles are the perfect mix between classic glamour and refreshing contemporary chic. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and patterns, which makes them a great choice for all kinds of kitchens. Choose white arabesque tiles to achieve a simpler, brighter look, or go for vibrant, colorful designs for a truly unique space.

White kitchens will never go out of style…

arabesque tile backsplash, in off-white, on the wall of a kitchen, with white cabinets, and a grey counter top, with inbuilt hob

…but experimenting with color is also very much worth it!

minty light green, white and dark green, arabesque tile backsplash, inside a kitchen with brown wooden cabinets, and dark blue floor

Glass mosaic backsplash

If you’re dreaming of a modern kitchen, glass tiles are for you. Functional and beautiful, they possess a slick, futuristic feel with an artistic twist. Needless to say, mosaic tiles are extremely varied. Not only do they come in all shapes and sizes, but they can also be customized in accordance to your taste and preference. For example, if you love the beach, and would like to incorporate sea-related elements into your kitchen, you can opt for a gorgeous seashell mosaic.

Recreate the serene beauty of a day at the beach with this exceptional mosaic

glass mosaic tile backsplash, in glossy brown, orange and light yellow, containing small conch seashells, in similar colors

Pretty backsplash in light shades of blue

turquoise and pale blue, glass mosaic tile backsplash, in a kitchen with cream, and pale green cabinets, and a dark grey counter top

Stacked stone backsplash

The stacked stone backsplash is incredibly stylish and definitely one of our favorites. It combines the rough power of nature with the timeless appeal of minimalism. While this makes it an ideal choice for modern, industrial-style homes, it will look great pretty much everywhere. Similarly to arabesque tiles and mosaics, stacked stone elements come in a variety of shapes and colors, ranging from simple white and black, to pewter grey and sandy brown.

Stacked stone tiles in brown and beige will give your kitchen a warmer feel

stacked stone backsplash, in beige and grey tones, in a kitchen with white cabinets, and matching white counter tops

Bring the beauty of nature into your home!

close up of a stacked stone backsplash, made from uneven grey, brown and beige pieces of stone, near a dark wooden surface

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection! Bear in mind the examples listed above are only a few of the numerous backsplash varieties available on the market. Browse our gallery to find even more ideas and inspiration, and don’t shy away from experimenting. After all, your kitchen ought to be just as unique as you are!

Subway tile kitchen backsplash in soft shades of green

green in different shades, on a subway tile kitchen backsplash, inside a kitchen with a vintage fridge, and white cabinets

counter tops made from wood, in a light color, with an inbuilt metal sink, and white cabinets, white subway tile pattern on the walls

glossy grey subway tile kitchen backsplash, inside a room with marble counter tops, two metal stoves, and pale grey cabinets

We love this bright and cosy kitchen!

book on a black metal stand, placed on a white marble counter, in kitchen with white cabinets, white subway tile pattern on the wall, little grey wooden box wth utensils

black subway tile kitchen backsplash, with white joints, inside a kitchen with pure white cabinets, dark wooden floor, and pale yellow wall

pure white subway tile pattern, glossy kitchen back splash, in a room with white cabinets, beige floor and a sink, large and small wicker baskets

Pale marble subway tile kitchen backsplash

laminate floor in a small kitchen, with pale grey and white cabinets, light marble subway tile kitchen backsplash, and a slide up window

white subway tile pattern, inside a bright kitchen, with brown laminate floor, white cabinets and beige marble counter tops

stools in metallic grey, near a white counter top, inside a kitchen with grey, and metallic silver cabinets, with splashes of orange, white subway tile

How cute is this vintage kitchen?

vintage style kitchen, with a beige counter top, retro-inspired white sink, and dark antique faucet, white subway tile pattern, and white cabinets

bouquet in a white vase, placed on a marble counter top, near two windows, white subway tile pattern, and matching white cabinets

fridge in a metallic silver color, near a beige subway tile kitchen backsplash, white cabinets and glossy, marble counter tops

Glossy subway tiles in dark grey

reflective and glossy, grey subway tile back splash, near a wooden counter top, with an inbuilt white sink, and grey cabinets

teapot in a vivid blue color, on a metal hob, near a dark counter top, and a pale grey, subway tile kitchen backsplash, with a marble pattern

candle-shaped lights, inside two metal lanterns, hanging from the ceiling of a kitchen, marble counter top, pale grey herringbone backsplash

Little details can really add a charming, homey feel

parsley planted in a small grey pot, and placed on a wooden cutting board, three white plates, and a sugar container, on a pale grey counter, herringbone backsplash in light grey

contrasting herringbone backsplash tiles, with black joints, near a glossy black oven, and a metal extractor hood

round clear glass lamps, hanging over a white counter top, with an inbuilt sink, in a bright kitchen, with grey herringbone backsplash, and white cabinets

We really wish we could get our hands on this adorable pink toaster!

rose gold metallic bowl, with a wooden spoon, near a candy pink toaster, on a light counter top, with a herringbone backsplash, in different tones of grey

hob with a black surface, inbuilt in a white counter top, with a white herringbone backsplash, pale grey kitchen cabinets

two cooking pots, on the black hob of a stove, near a marble counter top, with two cutting boards, two bottles and a small jar, white kitchen backsplash, with a herringbone pattern

Off-white and dark blue – a stylish and classy combination

slate blue kitchen cabinets, in a room with marble tile floor, white counter tops, white kitchen backsplash, and various utensils

succulent in a gem-like container, and several books, on a white kitchen shelf, grey stacked stone backsplash, white cabinets and a marble counter top

vase with flowers, a metal teapot, and several condiment jars, on brown wooden shelves, in a kitchen with an off-white, stacked stone backsplash, and brown cabinets

A lovely contrast between rough stone and smooth glass

pewter grey stacked stone backsplash, with a clear glass protector, near a white counter top, with a black inbuilt hob

biscuits and candy, in two glass containers, on a black counter top, grey stacked stone backsplash, wooden kitchen cabinets

glossy creamy grey arabesque tile backsplash, with white joints, near a spotty beige counter top, with an inbuilt black hob

Another beautiful backsplash suggestion in white and pale grey – this time, with arabesque mosaic tiles

clear glass jars with lids, containing salt of flour, on a light marble counter top, near a small mortar and pestle, white and pale grey arabesque tile backsplash

extreme close up of an arabesque tile backsplash, in milky white, with beige joints, near a spotty beige, smooth counter top

cream-colored arabesque tile backsplash, with a slight 3D effect, near off-white cabinets, and a stone-like, cream and grey counter top, with three porcelain jars

Be careful when choosing the color of your tile joints – even a small shade variation can create a strikingly different result!

three examples of a white, arabesque tile backsplash, with joints in light grey, white or dark grey, near a smooth marble surface

extractor hood and stove, with a large metal cooking pot, inside a kitchen, with a light blue, arabesque tile backsplash, white cabinets and a brown laminate floor

iridescent glittering mosaic tiles, in grey and pink, blue and purple, on a kitchen wall, near a smooth, dark counter top, glass mosaic tile backsplash

Gorgeous mosaic tiles in blue and green

opaque and transparent, pale blue and green square tiles, some with stripes, in a glass mosaic tile backsplash, seen in extreme close up

window blinds in white, with floral motifs, in a kitchen with white cabinets, teal blue and white glass mosaic tile backsplash, and dark wooden floor

shades of blue and silver, on small square tiles, sheer and opaque, glass mosaic tile backsplash example, placed on a white surface

fish scale effect wall, in iridescent turquoise, green and pink, inside a kitchen, with dark brown wooden cabinets, and light grey counter tops

An incredibly stylish and modern suggestion, for those who want to stay ahead of the interior design curve

sky blue opaque glass backsplash, smooth and reflective, in a kitchen with black cabinets, a metal counter top, modern faucet and extractor hood

square tiles on a white kitchen backsplash, in a room with white cabinets, shiny metal oven, and a beige wooden floor

dish with grapes, an open book, and reading glasses, on a small round wooden table, surrounded by four leather-lined chairs, back splash in a rusty color in the background

Bring the seas into your kitchen with this clever 3D backsplash 

3D effect wall decal, depicting a seashore, creative kitchen back splash, near smooth white cabinets and drawers, and a matching kitchen island

khaki green kitchen cabinets, pale and smooth, in a room with a shiny metal oven, tiled wall in cream, wooden shelf with utensils

bright spacious kitchen, with smooth white cabinets, dark brown floor, white kitchen island, with a marble-effect, and a matching back splash

Recreating the calming effect of flowing water

water-effect glass backsplash, in pale blue, with glittering silver details, near glossy and smooth, black kitchen cabinets, and a white counter top

open plan space, in grey and white, with brown laminate floor, and a kitchen area, white kitchen backsplash, large dining table and chairs

white kitchen backsplash, with square tiles, in a spacious room, with a dark brown table, and four yellow chairs, grey and white cabinets

Kitchen in pale neutral tones, with a contrasting backsplash in black

minimalistic kitchen in neutral colors, creamy grey kitchen island, two beige stools, sink with black backsplash, open veranda door

modern kitchen with grey cabinets, metal fridge and a light floor, walls covered with a bluish-grey subway tile pattern

floor covered in brown laminate, under a marble kitchen island, in white and pale grey, with a matching backsplash, smooth white cabinets

Kitchen meets dining room, meets green house, in this beautiful, nature-inspired design

lots of green vegetation, in a large room, with white walls, and a smooth grey floor, long wooden dining table, with two matching benches, turquoise glass backsplash

various kitchen utensils, off-white counter tops, and pale brown cabinets, in a room with an arabesque backsplash, and tiled walls

patterned tiles in cream, grey and pale blue, arabesque backsplash design, on the walls of a kitchen, with dark brown, natural stone floor, and black cabinets

Metal backsplash – a somewhat unusual, but also stylish and functional idea

metal back splash, near smooth white cabinets, grey kitchen island, with an inbuilt sink, and four stools, three grey lamps, hanging from the ceiling

corner of a kitchen, covered in glossy and reflective, square dark grey tiles, with white joints, smooth dark grey counter top, with three colorful containers

brown wooden cabinets, and a pale cream counter top, in a kitchen with two ovens, light beige tiled floor, and a green and grey mosaic on the wall

This lovely design not only offers a gorgeous contrast between black and white, but also successfully blends vintage charm and modernity

vintage style kitchen, with a wall covered in smooth, square black tiles, grayish-brown cabinets, two ovens with stoves

mink brown subway tile kitchen backsplash, in a room with a high ceiling, white kitchen cabinets, and beige tiled floor

lantern-style lamps hanging from the ceiling, white kitchen cabinets, glossy off-white arabesque backsplash, several stools and a counter top

Arabesque tiles in creamy pale beige

dining table in white, with several chairs, near a kitchen area, with pale grey cabinets, and an arabesque backsplash, in a similar hue

large room with a brown wooden floor, marble counter tops, grey arabesque backsplash, two ovens and off-white kitchen cabinets

grey subway tile pattern, on the wall of a kitchen, with smooth and white, modern sink and matching cabinets, clear vase with tulips

Marble has always been a very popular backsplash choice

marble-like pale grey, and white kitchen backsplash, in a room with light grey cabinets, black shelves and a laminate floor

chopping board and three small jars, on a spotted beige counter top, near white cabinets, pale blue arabesque backsplash, and a coffee machine

flowers in white, inside a clear blue, mason jar vase, placed on a grey and cream patterned counter, near a grey subway tile back splash

Tiles in duck’s egg blue – another enduring favorite

baby blue arabesque backsplash, with white joints, near white kitchen cabinets and drawers, smooth black counter top

small sink with a metal faucet, in a smooth black counter top, near pale grey subway tile wall, with white kitchen cabinets

bowl of fruit, on a glossy grey counter top, near a wall, with creamy grey subway tile pattern, white kitchen cabinets

Why not add a touch of antique glam?

arabesque backsplash in white, with grey joints, near a black counter top, with an inbuilt hob, and white cabinets, with ornamental details

olives marinated in a bottle, on a beige spotted, stone-like counter top, near a stacked stone backsplash, in orange and beige, with a power outlet

rectangular lit fluorescent lamp, near a stone and glass mosaic tile backsplash, in different shades of grey, metal sink and a light wooden counter top

Pale grey kitchen splash tiles and pale turquoise cabinets

teal and white cabinets and drawers, in a kitchen with a metal oven, and a matching extractor hood, small grey subway tile pattern on the wall

off white kitchen backsplash, with small tiles, in a herringbone pattern, stove and white cabinets, grey and white counter top

dried reddish-brown plant, inside a white vase, placed on a grey counter top, pale grey and white kitchen backsplash, light creamy grey cabinets

It’s hard not to love this magnificent rustic set up

mortar and pestle, a paper bag with bread, and a framed photograph, on the counter top, of a kitchen with black cabinets, and a grey wash back splash

orange and brown, beige and grey, pieces of stone, forming a stacked stone backsplash, near a smooth black hob, and a beige countertop


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