Hot Tub Installation: 4 Things You Should Know

by John Griffith

Who doesn’t like the idea of having a personal spa right in their backyard? Hot tubs have become quite popular recently as they make an awesome luxurious addition to your home, and are a great cost-effective and space-saving alternative to a swimming pool. However, before you buy a hot tub you need to know the following to ensure that there are no issues when you are installing it.

There is nothing better than a hot tub with a view

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1.   Local Permits

Many cities do not allow installing hot tubs in your backyard without a permit. It’s best to check with your local government before you install the hot tub to ensure there are no issues later. Familiarize yourself with the local codes and ordinances and any permits that may be required during the installation. Take your time and ensure that you are not violating any rules and regulations that could be a headache later on.

Check your city’s regulations before installing a hot tub

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2.   Placement

The placement of your hot tub is very important. You need to consider a lot of things before you decide to place the hot tub anywhere in your home. First, you need to select a place where there is a flat base. The surface can be concrete, brick, or gravel. If you think the surface is not leveled, you can use hot-tub pads.

You should ensure that the hot tub is located near a drain. If there is no drain available, then you can install a new one or use the hose that comes with the hot tub plug to drain the water directly in the garden. There can always be an overflow when you use it, so ensure that the flooring is not damaged due to the water.

If you plan on placing it indoors, you will have to ensure there is adequate ventilation. You can install exhaust fans that will help circulate the air around the hot tub. This way you can also control the humidity and thus prevent any damage to the walls and floorings of your home. You can use a humidistat to regulate the moisture in the air and turn the exhaust fan on automatically when required.

Another thing you need to consider is the power supply. You can either connect it to a wall socket or directly attach it to the central circuit breaker. You can contact an electrician to ensure you are safe from an electrical hazard. You should plan for additional fencing or safety locks if the hot tub is placed at a distance from your home. This way, you will prevent small animals from wandering in accidentally. You should always keep it covered if you are not using it. So, before you get a hot tub, you should know if you have a suitable location to place it.

Carefully select the placement of the tub

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3.   Cost

Many people only consider the cost of the hot tub itself and not how much it might cost them to run it. Do you know how much electricity they use? If you use your hot tub three to four times a week, your electricity bill increases four to sixfold. If you don’t want your electricity bill to give you heart failure, WhatSpa? advisors recommend getting energy-efficient hot tubs. It all depends on the heater, pumps, volume of the water, insulation of the hot tub cover, and the filters. The electrical components of the hot tub need to be energy efficient. Check with the seller to see how much electricity each of them uses. The volume of the water should be around 200 to 250 liters capacity per bather.

The insulation of the hot tub cover determines how long the water remains warm. High-density foam insulation saves you a lot in your utility bills. Another cost is maintenance and servicing. If you don’t maintain it regularly or adequately, the filters will get dirty, and the hot tub will not work efficiently. On the other hand, the maintenance itself will cost you. This is the reason you should consider a good quality hot tub from a great brand that also provides maintenance and other services at affordable rates.

A hot tub is a good investment so set your budget beforehand

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4.   Chemicals

Do you need some kind of chemicals for your hot tub? If you want your hot tub to stay clean and hygienic, then, yes, you need chemicals. You will need pH controllers and a sanitizer. The pH of the hot tub should remain around 7.2 to 7.8. If the pH is higher or lower than these values, it will become too alkaline or too acidic. This can make the water cloudy and even cause skin irritation. You will get a mild acid and an alkali to balance the pH. The hot tub will come with instructions on how to check and how to maintain the pH. If the pH is acidic, add the alkali ( like sodium hydroxide), if the pH is alkaline, add an acid (like acetic acid) to ensure the pH is within the recommended range.

To sanitize your hot tub, you will need chlorine or bromine. Chlorine is more effective and less expensive than bromine. However, chlorine sometimes causes skin irritation for people with sensitive skin. Bromine is safer but costs a little more. When you are starting up, you will need a higher dose of your chosen sanitizer. You shouldn’t allow anyone in the hot tub until you have a minimized quantity (around 3-5 ppm of chlorine) in the tub.

If you have a wood-fired hot tub, you should avoid chlorine-based treatment. This is because chlorine easily damages wood-fired hot tubs. Use any non-chlorine shock oxidizer to ensure the hot tub remains clean and hygienic.

Check these 4 hot tub installation tips before you start

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You can’t get a hot tub on a whim. You will need adequate space that’s free of hazards for the installation. You will need a permit from the local government if they require it. You will also need to consider the energy costs that will increase once you begin using your hot tub. You will need to schedule a time to keep it clean and hygienic. You should consider all the things given above before you think of installing a hot tub.

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