5 Things in Your Bathroom You Should Update Every Year

by Maria Konou

Your bathroom is the place where you get ready for the day ahead. Not only that, but this is also the space where you relax and unwind after a busy day. You might think you have everything you need to keep yourself and your family clean and comfortable, but you will be surprised. There are certain items in your bathroom that you should actually update more often than you realize! From toothbrush holders to shower curtains, these bathroom items are an important part of your daily routine. If you do not replace these items as often as they need to, they can impact your hygiene and health. No matter if you are a bathroom minimalist or someone who loves to update their bathroom, you should keep these items in mind. So, let’s take a look at the common things in your bathroom you should update every year to ensure that you are living your healthiest life!

There are many bathroom items that play a crucial role in your daily routine

bathroom items you need to update annually

Let’s take a look at the common things in your bathroom you should update every year

updating bathroom fixtures

Things in Your Bathroom You Should Update Every Year

#Bathroom Curtain

Over time, a soapy coating will appear on your shower curtain, and due to the high humidity in the bathroom, even mold can form. That is why it is actually recommended that you replace the shower curtain at least once a year with a new one. You should also make sure to clean it periodically: vinyl and polyethylene curtains can be washed with any detergent, and fabric curtains can be machine washed. If you take good care of your shower curtain, you might not have to change it as often!

Make sure to deep clean and change your shower curtain periodically 

things in bathroom you should update

#Bottles and Dispensers

Bottles and dispensers for cosmetics and cleaning supplies can also accumulate traces of hard water and soap on them. This cannot always be cleaned, and can even become covered with an unpleasant film on the inside. So, make sure to keep an eye on your bottles and dispensers and update them if needed.

Change your bottles and dispensers when they accumulate hard water stains and soap buildup

items in your bathroom you need to update

#Toothbrushes and Towels

It is recommended to change your toothbrush every three months – after that, the toothbrush becomes useless or even possibly dangerous for your health. When you use it every day, the toothbrush itself deforms and loses and flattens its bristles. Secondly, bacteria easily accumulate and multiply on it, which can lead to issues. The same applies to your bathroom towels: synthetic and natural towels should be changed every six months. The life of your bathroom sponges is even shorter – no more than a month!

Make sure to keep track of your items to know when it is time to change them

updating your bathroom

#Bath Mats and Rugs

Bathroom mats and rugs can easily become moldy over time. To prevent this from happening, you should always let these textiles dry thoroughly after each use. In addition, you should wash your bath mat at least once every two weeks. But even if all precautions are taken, sooner or later your bathroom rugs and mats will lose their look. So, update them every year!

Don’t forget to take care of your bathroom mats and rugs

how often should you update bathroom

#Tap Seals

If your bathroom faucet is more than ten years old, it is worth checking it once a year and replacing the rubber seals, even if everything seems to be working fine at first glance. This will ensure that your faucet is working properly at all times, and the water flow is good. Also, make sure to clean your bathroom tap often so that no deposits have the chance to buildup.

Check your faucet at least once a year to replace the rubber seals

how often should you update your bathroom

#Medicine Cabinet Contents

No matter if you have a trusty medicine cabinet or a big drawer near the sink, this step is crucial! Take your time to go through all of your cosmetics, makeup, cleaning solutions, medicine, and other things you are storing in your bathroom cabinet. Throw away things that have expired, move things around, clean and organize. This cabinet deep clean is a must at least once a year, but we suggest doing it more often. That way you can keep track of your products and make sure you are using them fresh!

Go through your bathroom cabinet and replace the things that have expired

things in bathroom you should update every year

In Conclusion

Your bathroom and everything it in is an essential part of your daily routine. By updating certain things in your bathroom, you can ensure that you and your family are in a healthy and safe environment. So, take your time and pay attention to your bathroom, and turn it into a relaxing and rejuvenating environment for your whole family!

Now you know which are the things in your bathroom you should update every year

updating your bathroom tips

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