7 Dirty Things in Your Bathroom You Need to Clean ASAP

by Maria Konou

Your bathroom is one of the rooms in your home that symbolizes your organization and cleanliness. But it is also the room that often gets dirty the most, the fastest. Germs and bacteria are a fact of life, and there is no way to completely eliminate them. However, if you are only cleaning places like the shower, sink, toilet, and floors, you are definitely missing out a lot of dirty spots. There are other parts of the bathroom that also need attention and a thorough clean every now and then. That is why, in this article, we will show you which dirty things in your bathroom you might be forgetting to clean. After all, your bathroom should be a relaxing sanctuary where you can relax after a long day, and not a breeding ground for bacteria. So, if you want to know which things might need your attention and cleaning power, just continue reading:

The bathroom is one of the places in our homes that gets dirty the fastest

what is the dirtiest thing in your bathroom

But, we are here to show you which dirty things in your bathroom you might be forgetting to clean

dirty bathroom cleaning hacks

Dirty Things in Your Bathroom You Need to Clean More Often

#Bathroom curtains

Did you know that Martha Stewart suggests cleaning your shower curtains once a week? That might surprise you, considering you probably don’t remember the last time you cleaned your. If you only clean your shower curtain when it starts looking really dirty, it might be high time to make it a routine. The good news is that shower curtains are machine washable, so you can easily throw it in the washer and forget about it. In addition, you can also clean shower curtains by hand with a mild detergent, while you are in the shower!

Martha Stwerat actually suggests washing your shower curtain once a week

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#The toothbrush cup

Fun fact – Research shows that the toothbrush cup is the third-dirtiest place in your home. And since it is something you put in your mouth every day, it is definitely worth cleaning it much more often. To do so, soak your toothbrush cup or holder in warm water and sterilize it with boiling water and some white vinegar. Also, it is very important to not place your toothbrush holder in the open. When you flush your toilet, billions of bacteria go flying in the air. And, if your toothbrush is anywhere in the open, they stick to it! So, make sure to keep your toothbrush holder somewhere hidden to avoid as many bacteria as possible. In addition, always put the toilet lid down when flushing. This is what the lid id for!

Don’t place your toothbrush holder and toothbrushes out in the open

things you need to clean a bathroom

#The bath sponge

Your bath sponge has the ability to trap dirt and bacteria, and this is not exactly the thing you want to clean your body with. So, make sure to change your sponge regularly, not just when it starts to smell different or if the color changes and fades. In the meantime, there are ways to keep your sponge cleaner for longer – drain it well after each use and let it dry. This will limit the moisture and the spread of bad bacteria. What’s more, you can also invest in a bath sponge made of natural materials that doesn’t trap as much excess moisture and bacteria.

Get a bath sponge made of natural materials that don’t trap moisture and bacteria

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#The door handle

Bathrooms and bacteria basically go hand in hand. And what is the first and last thing your hand touches when you go to the bathroom? The doorknob. If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your doorknob (this goes for the rest of the doorknobs in your home too), it is definitely time to do it. You can use cleaning wipes or a cloth and cleaning spray, and it will only take a minute. You can also use rubbing alcohol to clean the doorknobs and light switches in your home in order to kill the most bacteria.

Do you actually remember the last time you cleaned your doorknob?

what to clean in bathroom

#The lighting keys

Just like with door handles, the light switch is one of the first and last things you touch when you go to the bathroom. And, as we already mentioned, this makes the light switch one of the most dirty things in your bathroom. If you don’t clean your lighting keys regularly, bacteria builds up on your hands even after thoroughly washing them. So, make sure to pay this area attention when you are deep cleaning your bathroom.

The light switch is one of the first and last things we touch in the bathroom

dirty things in bathroom

#The toilet brush holder

You might be using the toilet brush to scrub the toilet, but how often do you actually clean the brush itself? Also, when was the last time you cleaned the toilet brush stand? If you can’t remember, then this area is definitely in the need of some cleaning and disinfecting. Just disinfect the toilet brush and the stand with some bleach and spray the handle with a disinfecting spray. Then rinse everything with boiling water or dip it in a white vinegar bath. Voilà!

The toilet brush and the stand also need some cleaning and disinfecting

list of things to clean in the bathroom

#Behind the toilet

The space behind the toilet is often inaccessible, but that does not mean that there is no room for bacteria to accumulate there. Wiki How recommends using a brush or a broom to clean away any dirt and debris. Then spray with a disinfecting solution, and wipe the place with a cloth or a mop. Make sure to do is at least once or twice a month!

When cleaning the toilet bowl, don’t forget to look and clean behind it

things to clean in the bathroom

These were the most dirty things in your bathroom that you need to pay special attention to. Our advice is to deep clean your bathroom every week, so no dirt and bacteria even has a chance to accumulate there. During the week, keep things tidy, clean the surfaces, and the bathroom floor, and you are good to go!

Now that there are no more dirty things in your bathroom, take a relaxing bath!

things to clean in a bathroom

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